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Mental and physical benefits of yoga

Benefits of Yoga

I am often amazed that with most people, including myself, the yoga practice bliss doesn’t reach our faces…a smile might be going on in the body, but we fail to let it express through our most vocal parts of our body – our head and our hearts. When did we stop expressing truth? Even when asked in a yoga class – allow the corners of your mouth to turn up, 1 in 10 will do so (sometimes with an uncomfortable giggle), and when asked to tweak the pose to make it feel delicious, the same ratio of people will let that deliciousness rise to their faces!

Maybe are we taking our yoga asana practice too seriously? Yoga speaks of “chitta vritti nirodha” – stilling the fluctuations of the mind which is serious business, but it never says lose your joy – in fact, yoga is the path to bliss – and we can have this still mind; a still mind doesn’t mean a flatline life. So I invite you to be open enough to let that wellspring of energy move from the earth up to your faces! In spring, this energy is in huge abundance so plug in and play!

In a yoga practise, every time we choose not to do a pose because we don’t have the confidence or believe we aren’t ready or can’t, we set up a sub-conscious (behaviour taught reality) paradigm of lack of confidence in ourselves, of a deep-seated distrust in our bodies, which will persist into your eternity. The easier mindset to work with is the one where you do the pose, despite your internal dialogue, and whether you do it well or just get one toe closer, just taking the steps to doing it is what keeps your mental liberation and faith in the power of yourself! Only we can emancipate ourselves!

I am really excited about a few things we are offering at Indie Yoga coming up.

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Namaste (all that is joyful in me, bows to and honors all that is pure joy in you!)
Meet you on the mat!
In-joy, Kerry

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Why should you do a Yoga workshop?

Indie Yoga LOGOWhy should you do a Yoga workshop?

Simply, because you will learn something. It may be what was intended, or completely by accident, but you WILL learn. You will learn something physical or philosophical. You will learn something abstract or personal. You will learn and grow.

Our classes and workshops will give you the benefit of the doubt, the benefit of new found freedom in your body, the benefit of tools to work with in your regular practice that will develop exponentially.

You will learn something for your body, your mind, and your Spirit. You will learn as much as you are prepared to PULL from the experience.

Whether you are a beginner, first timer, lifetime practitioner, seasoned or new teacher, or the reincarnation of Shiva himself, there is something for everyone! The idea of a “Masterclass”, is that you get to learn some of the tools that you can then master for yourself and develop into your own practice.

We will have fun, we will learn, we will share.

Indie Yoga Workshop
If you are yoga teacher, or serious yoga practitioner you can really improve your teaching and or practice by coming along. With this type of practice that we can:

– improve flexibility without feeling intense stretch
– improve strength without feeling tense or stressed
– become more relaxed without needing to be completely passive
– improve energy levels without having to breathe more than normal
– promoting circulation without needing to make your heart beat faster
– improve the intelligence of your bodies cells without having to over-think
– satiate your appetite and feel nourished without having to eat
– feel rested and rejuvenated without having had to sleep

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Ways that yoga can make work life improve


An hour a day of yoga is what many fortune 500 companies insist on their employees do. Not only this, but they offer it at work. So know that it is proved that staying quiet for an hour while practicing yoga is definitely beneficial to your career. It turns out there are some major career benefits that happen as a result of practicing yoga.

Here are some of the major benefits of yoga at work:

1. It helps improve your relationships with co-workers.
Yoga helps clear your mind, which allows you to be more understanding of your co-workers’ intentions. And then you are better able to choose your actions to align with
those intentions.

2. You can accept change better.
A big part of yoga is changing the position of your body. These transitions can be very challenging at first and require a lot of deep breathing, but eventually you
will stick it. This will help when there is shifting at work or new procedures being rolled out. You will be able to find that inner stability faster because of yoga.

3. It makes you more ambitious.
When you first started yoga and your teacher suggested doing an inversion, you went running for the door. But after a couple of months, you could do them or at least
you wanted to try to do them. You quickly realized you were capable of more than you ever thought you were. This will overflow into your career as well. The possibilities are endless!

4. You will learn to block out distractions.
Yoga is great because it is all about learning to center yourself and block out all those distractions during your practice. Then you take that power of meditation
into everyday life. Meditation increases your ability to work through interruptions.

5. It reduces stress.
Yoga helps you become less of a stress mess in a few ways. It really helps you focus on the value of your work, rather than obsessing about the outcome. This will carry over into work and help you realize you can’t always control the outcome, so why stress? The other benefit is more physiological. Because yoga ends with a meditation period, you enter a state of relaxation that can literally keep you that way through the rest of the day, meaning nothing will stress you!

6. It improves memory.
Doing yoga will give you a sharper memory which is super helpful for work and life in general. The practice of meditation correlates with memory improvement. Better
memory leads to decreased distraction which will therefore help with productivity.

So if your employer does not offer yoga, ensure you find a studio near you and make it a life habit.



SAVE on yoga …March Madness specials with Haum of Yoga


We at Haum of Yoga are excited to be offering you the following specials starting in March!



GET A MONTH OF YOGA FREE WINTER SPECIAL: Massive savings when you commit to 6 months of yoga for R3000 upfront – at R500 a month. This is a saving of R500! Special runs from 1 March – 31 August only! T&C apply.


GET 6 months of unlimited yoga at a savings of R300! Pay R3000 upfront and you save! Special runs from 1 March – 31 August!




We have also teamed up with some therapists that are working to help you get massaged from the inside out with yoga and from the outside in with massage!


Kahuna and yoga SPECIAL OFFER for R975, saving you R225!
Purchase a 10 class package at R650 (a R100 saving!) AND get a kahuna massage also at R100 off! The one is only redeemable with the other. Massages redeemable in Bryanston.

Redeem your voucher prior to March 31! Activate your 10 class package in March, this has a 3 month validity, Kahuna massage redeemable until 30 April!


SAVE when you purchase a March Madness R700 package: get a month of unlimited yoga and a neck and back massage saving you R200!

Package applies for March only.


We hope you will take advantage of these special offers!


Candice, Kerry and the Haum of Yoga team


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Haum of Yoga Valentines Day Special

Workshops and events galore….Haum of Yoga is committed to bringing you experiences that pull you deeper into all styles of yoga, different approaches that might resonate with you a little stronger and move you to take the steps deeper into yours Self – toward liberation…moksha…personal freedom – yoga is a tool for dealing with suffering, an attitude for living life, a connection to a community to make the path easier.


One could treat this day, just like any other…but then why would you do that and miss out on all the play that is available at Haum of Yoga:

Step 1: any Fourways or Bryanston class on February 14th – bring a friend or partner for FREE.

Step 2: Arrive at the correct time on Feb 14: as evening classes at Bryanston are reduced to give time for romantic dinners….Bryanston 4.30pm class is 1 hour. 6.30pm class will START AT 6pm and end at 7pm. Fourways classes will stay the same.

Step 3: Bryanston – Enjoy a class with BOTH Bianca and Kerry facilitating the evening classes. We will bring in fun funky poses to play in. In Fourways, enjoy Caroline’s fun lighthearted playasana class!



Please note that there will be schedule changes (dates, times, or teachers, or length of class as well as additions) from today, for all 3 studios!

For more information and bookings for our classes and events, please send us an email to info@haumofyoga.co.za

Thank you!

Kerry and the Haum of Yoga team