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Eskom and Special Investigating Unit collaborate to battle corruption

Power parastatal Eskom has recently partnered with the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to battle corruption.

“All of us are making it a strategic imperative that Eskom needs to be a high-performance enterprise. Our collaboration together with the SIU will allow us to to accomplish this, and moreover will guarantee that Eskom is ethical, well governed and possesses suitable fraud detection and prevention measures in place,” Eskom’s CEO Brian Dames explained.

Through the partnership between Eskom together with the SIU – which happens to be formulated by statute – Dames pointed out that each and every loophole that is uncovered is going to be shut down and this includes criminal prosecution in cases where it is warranted. The alliance will run over time span of no less than three years.

Eskom CEO Brian Dames

Eskom stated the partnership was in fact in line with its responsibility to government’s anti corruption initiatives.

Leader of the SIU Willie Hofmeyr stated the parastatal seems to have exhibited it’s determination to do something about corruption and maladministration situations. “This sort of ground breaking collaboration to develop capacity to combat corruption is critical if we are planning to do something about corruption effectively and efficiently,” he was quoted saying.

The terms of the contract are now being finalised between the two based on which the SIU is going to set up a team of specialist investigators to undertake a systematic investigation of all Eskom’s divisions.

Willie Hofmeyr

A primary emphasis of the investigation will most likely be probity assessments on Eskom’s procurement agreements. The utility invests R90 billion annually on purchasing goods and services, and this includes its capital investment programme.

The investigation will look to uncover and expose any kind of corrupt practices and also conflicts of interest. Dames claimed this certainly will reinforce and improve the company’s internal audit function. “All of us expect it will eventually play a role in the reputation we are developing for honesty, efficiency and transparency,” said Dames.

“A suitable application for a proclamation by the President happens to be in progress and, once gazetted, will confer special investigative powers on the SIU engagement,” said Eskom.

Source: BuaNews


Advanced Certificate: International Residential and Hotel Butler

This programme is ideal for those who wish to build a new career or those who want to invest in an international qualification to fast-track their current career in the butler service industry.  This six-month internationally accredited certificate from the American Hospitality Academy, in collaboration with the International Institute of Modern Butlers, is the best preparation to steer you towards a promising and challenging career.

The extensive curriculum includes:

(i)    Theoretical Training: Butler Mindset, Guest Relations, Body Language, Administration, Culinary & Menu Terminology, Alcoholic Beverages, Tea, Cigars, Coffee, Etiquette, Personal Hygiene, Food Hygiene Management, Dealing with Challenging Guests

(ii)    Practical Training: Guest Interaction, Deportment, Butler’s Etiquette, Table Service, Alcoholic Beverages, Cigars, Valet Services, Housekeeping Skills, Traditional Butler Duties and Introduction to Chauffeuring.

Aimed at any individual who wishes to get ahead in the butler profession, the course is suitable both to candidates wanting to work in the hospitality industry and also to those seeking a private service position. The material has been designed to be challenging and to produce high-quality candidates within a restricted time-frame. However, it has been structured in a progressive fashion, manageable even for complete novices, providing the student is willing to put in the required effort.

For those candidates who already have experience in the hospitality or private butler fields and are wishing to hone their skills or receive recognition for their experience, the course has sufficient depth to provide new insights and challenges. For these students the material will serve as a refresher on the more traditional aspects of the trade and is sure to offer new insights as it covers a broad range of subjects. Since the course must serve a variety of career choices, students whose interests lie in a particular direction, or who show an aptitude for a particular subject, will be advised on how to further their studies in their chosen field.

All candidates will be provided with printed training material.  Practical tests will be based on skills which will be demonstrated in class. Students will have the opportunity to duplicate these skills under the guidance of an instructor before being tested on them.

Since the course material is printed in English, students are required to be proficient in this language so that they may keep up with the classes and answer written exam papers. It must be stressed however, that we will be testing content and that marks will not be awarded for spelling or grammar. Students will be required to meet minimum averages throughout the course, but are welcome to discuss their progress with either their trainer or the Private Hotel School Management.

Additional research may be required in order to complete assignments. Students may elect to do this research online, in libraries or by consulting local bookshops.

Prospective students who have questions about the course, its application, or its content are welcome to contact The Private Hotel School.

The programme offers students a balance of academic knowledge and practical skills, built on a foundation of strong work ethics, a positive attitude, values and a desire for excellence.  It integrates professional development and cultural awareness skills in onsite work-based learning.

On successful completion of the course, students will be issued an internationally recognised certificate and will be offered membership in IIMB.

Duration:  6 Months
Course Fee:  R 32 800 (this includes tuition fees, chef’s uniform and basic equipment, but excludes a black suit and text books)
Starting Date(s):  17 January 2011 and 11 July 2011

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