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MEC Donald Grant launches website to assist matric pupils

Western Cape Education Department comes to the aid of matric students with the launch of a brand new website to help and assist matric students for the upcoming national senior certificate final exams. The new website is informative, engaging and entertaining. Some user have described the new website as not your average maths, science and geography lessons.

Education MEC of the Western Cape, Donald Grant,  launched the new website to support matric students with their studies and preparations for their final exams and is filled with lesson videos for  number of subjects, past papers for students to practice exam techniques and past questions, the upcoming exam timetable, as well as numerous tips, advise and suggestions to ensure that students succeed in the forthcoming finals exams.

Lessons in numerous subjects, although not all, have been uploaded via YouTube and as more lessons are completed in other key subjects, they will be uploaded. The lessons have been created and presented by experienced teachers to aid students in their preparations.

The Western Cape Educations Department formed an alliance with the University of Stellenbosch back in 2009 with the objective of broadcasting lessons in selected subjects to high schools via satellite. this year, for the very first time, lessons have been uploaded and can be view via YouTube.


Western Cape Education MEC Donald Grant
Western Cape Education MEC Donald Grant

Donald Grant stated that “Now the WCED is producing the videos by editing recordings from the telematics programmes. The department now has many hours of recordings available which are now been made available on YouTube. The WCED has posted over 180 recordings.”

Approximately 60 000 student have already registered for the 2013 matric exams which start on the 28th October. The Department of Education in the Western Cape estimated that that the vast majority of students writing this year matric exams will access the new website via their cellphones. Initially, the education department had planned to broadcast directly to high schools only towards the end of 2014 and be far more accessible for all pupils and teachers.

The website was designed and created to help the Class of 2013 and assist all students in their preparations for the national senior certificate. The launch of the new website now provides students with additional assistance, resources, and support for the upcoming exams.

The lessons and videos that have been uploaded also include discussions on previous exam papers and has focused on topics and questions which students have struggled with in previous years.

“The matric support site lists 11 topics for mathematics, ranging from equations and inequalities to trigonometry. The physics videos cover five topics, while chemistry covers four. The geography videos are classified under seven topics ranging from climate to map work and geographical information systems.

“Candidates can access the videos from drop-down lists that appear when they click on any of the topics. There are 79 videos on mathematics, 39 on physical science and 62 on geography.”

There is also a section on the website dealing with frequently asked questions. There are currently 57 FAQ’s covering six categories:

  • results
  • supplementary examinations
  • re-marking
  • certification
  • information for immigrants
  • teacher inquiries

There is also a section providing tips, advise and suggestions to assist students when it comes to time management, exam preparations, studying techniques, exam writing techniques, as well study guidelines for every matric subject.

MEC Grant encouraged all students to create and develop a personal study plan and to stick to their plans. He suggested to students to approach their teachers if they require assistance developing a study plan. He also suggested that all students access the new website and take advantage of the resources and tools available to them. Also, given that the September results are due to be released, it is a prefect time for students to focus on those areas and subject that they did not perform as well in and struggling.

To access the Matric Support Site,  CLICK HERE

More information is also available from the Western Cape Education Department’s website – http://wced.school.za/


Western Cape Class of 2013 growing for this years NSC exams

Western Cape Education Department


The Western Cape Education Department is proud of the growing number of students registering for this year’s National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams. Thus far, 48 954 full-time candidates formerly registered for the 2013 exams, an improvement of 3393 students from the previous year.

There is still roughly 2 and half months to sign up and the Western Cape Education Department (WECD) is offering assistance across the province. The government is committed to assisting and help to create the best environment for students to write and pass their NSC. The government has organized additional tutoring services and lessons at some schools to help and assist these individual schools and their students.

Western Cape MEC for Education, Donald Grant, visited Esangweni Secondary in Khayelitsha and spent time with students along with their tutors who are taking part in the winter school programme. There are 216 high schools around the province taking part and offering students assistance over the winter school break.

The vast majority of tutors are selected by the WCED and in some schools there will be curriculum advisors assisting and supporting individual programs. Supplemental resource material will also be made available from WCED to enrich the lessons and programs on offer.

The main objective of the winter programme is to reinforce the existing programs being offered at the schools, in addition to improving upon the performance of a few individual schools who are currently under performing.

The campaigns and efforts of the Western Cape government over the past 4 years have revealed remarkable results and the province has managed to decrease the total number of under-performing schools from 85 in 2009 to 26 in 2012. All efforts will remain in place and the education department hopes to continue this trend.

“To this end, and in the interests of the learners at these schools, we will continue to implement our plan, which includes a targeted and sustained strategy to support under performing and struggling schools,” said Education Department spokesperson Bronagh Casey.

Source: SAnews.gov.za, westerncape.gov.za