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DTI finalises training programme designed for B-BBEE


The Department of Trade and Industry (dti), in conjunction with three universities, is finalising the creation of a Standardised National Training Programme for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment verification.

“Since the creation of the Codes of Good Practice for B-BBEE, the department has attempted to coordinate the verification sector as well as set benchmarks on B-BBEE verifications,” explained the department.

In 2009, the dti gazetted sector charters as sector codes in terms of Section 9(1) of the B-BBEE Act. These represent the tourism, forestry, construction, transport, and chartered accountancy sector codes.

The dti said precisely the same rating guidelines applicable in the measurement associated with the generic score-card can be applied when it comes to sector codes. Furthermore, it is the obligation of each and every verification organization to acquaint themselves with the sector codes.

“The dti, jointly together with the government departments in charge of the gazetted sector codes, has set out on an information campaign to additionally acquaint verification agencies with the imperati