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Benefits associated with Vocational Training and Trade Schools

Trade schools are institutions that students sign up for so that they are trained to be able to attain technical knowledge relating to specific fields. Students get the opportunity to boost their understanding and education with regards to the innermost specifics of their subjects of study as well as broaden their scope of professionalism. As opposed to being trained on general things like they do on campus, students experience an intense instruction linked to a specific specialty. These schools are efficient, productive and cost-effective to attend.

During global economic recessions or downturns, trade schools offer students the opportunity to upgrade their skills and expertise. The cost of trade schools, in general, are far cheaper than larger institutions who offer 4 year degree programs, including universities and colleges. With intense and focused training at trade schools, it provides students the ability to receive practical knowledge and experience and enhance their likelihood of employability once they graduate.

Trade schools are have their advantages given the fact that they allow students to study exactly what they desire and need to know regrading their speciality of choice. Trade schools courses are also shorter thereby reducing the total expense of further training and education. Its also provides students the confidence and security to manage their careers and enter the workforce far sooner. Trade schools provide training in areas that cannot be overtaken by mechanization of companies and factories. Training and courses such as driving, masonry, and artisan cannot be mechanized.


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Given the cost of degrees offered by universities and colleges, trade school offer students low cost options to be trained in specific fields and specialties and give them the opportunity to enter the labor force sooner. At the same time, given the fact that trade school courses are generally shorter, students are able to continue their education and training while they are working or on part-time basis.

Numerous research studies have been carried out comparing the success of trade schools students as compared to their traditionally-educated and trained peers. Virtually without exception, studies have proven that vocationally trained employees earn more, earlier in their preferred careers as compared to four-year college graduates within the same field, and in addition match them in salary and advancement years later. Despite the fact that these findings do vary somewhat dependent on the profession involved, the general conclusion remains to be the same – trade school degrees and certifications definitely provide those who earn them an advantage over their competitors.

Trade schools provide a more practical education rather than theoretical. For anybody who is the kind of person who does not take pleasure in listening to lectures and memorizing academic material, however , excelled at learning practical solutions to “do” things, you are definitely going to prosper with vocational training. The conventional trade school course instructs students whereby they require students to practice the tasks which will be essential in their profession, as opposed to asking them to read about them in a textbook.


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For individuals who either battled academically in high school, or who failed to graduate, gaining admission to a trade school is less difficult than a traditional university. Even though many accredited trade schools do want applicants to possess a high school diploma, many will recognize relevant work experience, letters of recommendation from managers.

Prior to making the choice to enroll in a trade school, you need to examine the disadvantages and advantages of vocational training. Additionally, it is recommended that you do as much research as possible into your career goals, and decide if a vocational education is regarded as being the most effective way to get your foot in the door. What you will find out is that employers in certain career fields have a preference for hiring graduates with trade school degrees, while others give preference to university students or people who have worked their way up as an apprentice.

All things considered, trade schools can without doubt get you ready for a thrilling, successful career in a wide variety of fields. It is essential to remember, however, the fact that vocational programs are neither the only approach, nor necessarily the best way, to reach your goals in every field.


Is College Education Really worth the Expense?



Given the fact that college educational costs are dramatically escalating, an increasing number of students are wondering whether or not it is worth choosing to continue with a higher education. The truth is, a college degree continues to be an intelligent investment decision.


Greater Earning Opportunity


It is a known fact that for every dollar an individual spends on college or higher education, will definitely enjoy the benefits of a far higher income return over their lifetime. Ask any investment broker or advisor and they will all agree the fact that the cost benefit analysis is a positive one. In a similar fashion, individuals with a bachelor’s degree generate, on average, 1.6 time more income over a lifetime compared to those with simply a high school diploma. Given the competitive world and current job market, the average earnings of individuals with only a high school diploma is falling. Given this reality, you simply cannot afford not to continue your education a pursue a college or other higher education degree.


Superior Employment Prospects and Rewards


College or university graduates are certainly not just more prosperous – they possess a more expansive selection of careers from which to choose.

The sheer number of work opportunities that necessitate a college degree is growing. On top of that, a number of employment opportunities demand a specialized college degree. The fact remains that employers basically value college graduates higher simply because they possess the skills and knowledge base that high school graduates do not have.

Aside from that, the whole process of enrolled in college generally exposes students to subject matter and areas they otherwise would not have taken into consideration as a consequence opening avenues for rewarding and fulfilling careers.

Acquiring a college degree is an advantage, no matter what major you ultimately choose or industry you intend to enter. And in many cases, should you seek out a job which does not necessarily require a college degree, your training will most likely net you far better pay and benefits when compared with a person with a lower educational background.

As a final point, careers available to college graduates tend to be more prestigious, offer higher salaries, and provide excellent benefits along the lines of health insurance, life insurance, and retirement benefits. These types of benefits are essential to accomplish financial security and stability, particularly if you have a family.


Significantly better Quality of Life


Many studies have revealed that college or university graduates, without a doubt, benefit from a significantly better health and quality of life, and as a consequence, pass these positive aspects onto their children.

As opposed to individuals with merely a high school education, college graduates have longer life spans, superior diet and health, significantly better access to healthcare, superior economic stability and security, far more prestigious job opportunities, considerably better job satisfaction, far more self-confidence, a great deal more savings, and a lot more time for hobbies and leisure activities. College at the same time has a tendency to produce individuals who are more rational, open-minded, consistent, and cultured.

Aside from that, the offspring of college graduates reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, perform considerably better in school, and are generally more likely to attend college, when compared to the children of high school graduates.

Last but not least, we simply cannot overlook the fact that college can – and ought to be – fun! Enrolled in college offers incredible opportunities to come in contact with new people, acquire new skills, and enable you to discover your own personal areas of interest.

College can also be a terrific environment in which to grow personally, culturally, as well as intellectually. College students, more often than not, also have the chance to study abroad or perhaps to take part in other exciting learning experiences. Aside from that, the college environment encourages students to discover academic disciplines, join student organizations, interact with professors, share ideas within a safe environment, and deal with challenging problems. All of these prepare students to be productive citizens.




Are you currently pondering just how you are going to afford college? Perhaps you should be asking yourself if you can afford not to go, given every one of the benefits associated with a college education.

With the help of grants, scholarships, and financial aid available, college is accessible to just about anyone. And given today’s technology and internet, distance learning or online degrees can be earned whilst working full-time.


Logic behind why a University Education is highly recommended

The modern world in which we live is continually changing. People are demanding much more from our citizens than previously and in order to live up to the demands of the world we end up needing a sound education upon which to base our skills and knowledge.

There are numerous options available to obtain an education nowadays, which happens to be fantastic news for people who have not yet been able to obtain a four-year college degree. In all honesty, that degree will be the main difference in literally hundreds of thousands of rands over the course of a lifetime than not having a degree.




Four Reasons For A Four-Year Education


The very first explanation why you should think about a university degree would be the fact it is going to significantly boost your earning potential. If nothing else is of interest to you, this is usually the one reason why the majority of people return to college following numerous years in the work place.

If you happen to be in high school and have not really had to take care of the bills and burdens that the majority of adults face it is difficult to describe just how crucial any edge with regards to earning ability genuinely is.

In spite of this, you ought to know that you must select your major sensibly in the event that money is your sole motivation. You cannot assume all professions pay equally when when compared with the education necessary to enter them.


This will likely appear to be an unusual term to use when speaking about why you should obtain a university education but this is in all likelihood the most beneficial insurance you will discover when it comes to employability.

Possessing a university degree will provide you with a competitive edge over individuals that do not. More often than not you will notice that education is starting to trump experience as employers are searching for employees with more rounded skills as opposed to individuals with very specific skills.

The present day university generally demands a brief exposure to a myriad of information and coursework that is not necessarily associated with your major. This offers graduates with a broader understanding of the world.


Contrary to popular belief, individuals with degrees tend to be more employable as opposed to those that do not have them. There was a time when the tendency was to employ individuals that had experience over those who had education.

That trend is quickly evaporating as businesses would prefer employees that are able to fill multiple roles more and more often. The limited exposure to specific ideas or ideals and principles that the majority of people receive as part of their university education enables you to be a far more employable candidate simply because you ought to be able to adapt and adjust, given that was required during your educational process.


You’ll find nothing that is comparable to believing in yourself. Obtaining a four-year education is a sure way to build confidence not merely on a personal level but additionally on a professional level. Irrespective of whether you realize it, this might be the ideal reason behind pursuing a university degree.

This reason, as a matter of fact, will in reality have an impact on the rest of the points mentioned previously. For those who have significantly more confidence in their ability will undoubtedly be far more prepared to go out there and get the job done. Consequently, you will earn more money and you will insure that you are an asset to your company by proving yourself to be just that.

Whatever the case, your own personal rationale for pursuing a university degree; you will find a small number of wrong reasons to get your degree.


Why you should enroll in college or university

Attending college is amongst the most important choices in a individuals life. The expensive cost of obtaining a college or university education can certainly make it an overwhelming possibility, however, with plenty of financial aid obtainable in the form of loans or grants it is sometimes not out of the question. Listed below are a a few reasons to go to college.

1. Simple fact is that it is the best investment decision any individual can make. The vast majority of graduates receive a substantial return on the cost of college throughout their lifetime. Furthermore, the value of a college degree under no circumstances diminishes and that means you will always have it to fall back onto when searching for employment.

2. College or university graduates are by and large a lot more rounded people as a result of experience they obtain. Nothing compares to the college experience when it comes to building social skills that will be valuable wherever you go and whoever you interact with.

3. The opportunity to interact with and network with individuals who share similar likes and dislikes. This really should not be undervalued. Establishing contacts can certainly help tremendously down the road when you find yourself looking to get a job, in addition to offering a stepping stone into various industries.

4. University or college assists a student to develop into an expert within their field. This enables them to contribute to their subject’s long term future in a purposeful way while you are learning about the area of interest you love and relish.

5. The social skills acquired at college are utilized during the entire student’s life. Having the capacity to interact with new individuals is certainly one skill that will be beneficial regardless of what field of work you choose to go into.

6. College helps to make students far more mindful of the country they reside in and provides them a sense of exactly what is right and wrong. College graduates are generally far more prepared to stand up for what they believe in due to this fact.

7. The opportunity to connect with and make friends for a lifetime. Once again, this should not be undervalued. In order to be completely happy we all need friends around us and college is a fantastic place to come across a few. The reason being that the majority of the individuals you encounter will probably be enthusiastic and share precisely the same interests as yourself.

8. A college education is certainly one investment that will only ever rise in value. It doesn’t matter how many years elapse, your college education will continue to be of value throughout the world.

9. A college education opens up many doors in the workplace that in any other case would most likely have been unavailable. This is especially valid nowadays when many more people are going on to higher education.

10. Attending college is without a doubt making an investment in a student’s own future. When you attend college or university you happen to be providing yourself the most effective opportunity to succeed.

There are many additional reasons for attending college, these are merely a start. A few are financial, some social and a few personal. Attending college is for many individuals one of the best choices they will ever make. The list above are just a few of the factors prospective students ought to take into account when deciding on whether or not to go to college.

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BP roll-outs cutting-edge fuel lab in South Africa

Global fuel giant BP unveiled a cutting-edge fuels laboratory in Johannesburg. The center is just one of only four throughout the world owned by BP, and is also anticipated to assist the organization provide an even more diversified selection of fuels to the domestic market.

Even though the company’s brand and image appeared to be negatively impacted throughout the world in 2010 because of the 87-day Deepwater Horizon oil spill throughout the Gulf of Mexico, when it comes to South Africa the brand name continues to be the most widely used amongst the many consumers, as indicated within a Sunday Times’s annual customer survey of leading brands.

British Petroleum seems to have topped its group on the opinion poll over the past several years, and it is the only fuel manufacturer endorsed by the Automobile Association of South Africa. The organization employs approximately 2 000 individuals throughout the country, the majority of them within the network of some 600 service stations.

The Fuels Technology Centre in Kyalami, north of Johannesburg, is without a doubt even further proof of BP’s dedication to long-term investment decision directly into South Africa.

The company recognizes South Africa as being a crucial growth market and to date has sunk many millions directly into infrastructure, refining and fuel delivery capacity.

Last year alone, BP’s expenditure of money totalled in excess of R500-million (US$72-million). The brand new facility was in fact constructed at a price close to R40-million ($5.8-million), and additionally contains a fuel-quality diagnostic testing research laboratory as well as customer engagement and staff education and learning resources.

BP’s most beneficial for customers

BP Africa’s CEO Sipho Maseko proclaimed at the opening the fact that the company promises to make its finest readily available fuel technology as well as highest possible fuel quality accessible to South African customers – an objective that is to be realised along with the introduction of the hi-tech centre.

BP Africa CEO Sipho Maseko

“It will in addition make it possible to encourage skilled fuel scientists and technologists to work within this highly specialised field,” said Maseko, “and presents completely unique business opportunities when it comes to industry working closer with academic institutions as well as motoring bodies, much like the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa”.

In addition to a centre that employs “very intelligent people”, said Maseko, the research laboratory is furthermore accessible to schools and universities.

The organization anticipates that its standing as South Africa’s most widely used brand of fuel will probably be further entrenched mainly because of the facility’s establishment, simply because it has the ability to continue to keep its excellent quality benchmarks and in addition come up with cutting edge fuels tailored for the regional marketplace. It will likewise have the capacity to perform an effective part in assisting to push the government’s cleaner fuels program.

Ongoing belief in South Africa

South Africa’s Minister of Energy Dipuo Peters was also present for the unveiling and in addition conveyed her appreciation and gratitude of BP’s ongoing trust in South Africa, in addition to the company’s dedication to educating and training its employees as a result of the new state-of-the-art facility.

Minister of Energy Dipuo Peters

“I believe that BP will take advantage of this to provide a springboard when it comes to various other investments and technologies available in this region of the world,” she pointed out.

As outlined by Tufan Erginbilgic, BP’s UK-based COO for refining and marketing, this type of center would definitely be considered to be a significant investment decision in any country.

“The South African centre will most likely function under a very similar model as those in Germany as well as the US,” he explained, “focusing directly on quality assurance, technical service and marketing support when it comes to the local market”.

Tufan Erginbilgic, BP COO for refining and marketing

Erginbilgic added the fact that the level of quality of BP’s scientific and technological know-how, not to mention having access to expertise throughout the world, will most likely make it possible for the company to continue developing hi-tech fuels for the region.

“This is truly one of our best-performing market segments and we also forecast continued growth,” he explained. “Next yea we will spend about R624-million ($90-million), mostly in South Africa.”

Source: mediaclubsouthafrica.com, timeslive.co.za, energy.gov.za, bp.com