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Benefits Associated with a Higher Education Learning Environment

It’s well known the fact that continuing higher education can certainly help educate oneself to acquire the distinct skills you will require for your chosen profession. At the same time higher education will also help you in numerous unforeseen ways. Learning in a higher education institution and atmosphere enables students to start preparing for the real life in many different ways.


Leadership Skills

The leadership skills you will employ in the future could very well be uncovered in the classroom today. Take control the moment team projects are delivered in class. Become a member of a group and work your way up the chain of leadership, or alternatively create a group of your own which does not exist at this point. Take this chance to grow your leadership skills and competencies so that you can implement the skills acquired once you are part of the labour force in the future.


Organizational Skills

Keeping up with classes, exams, studying, social activities, family in addition to a job quite a bit of effort and work. To be able to keep everything from slipping through the cracks, students really need to acquire and cultivate time management skills. Additionally, you’ll want to get acquainted with deadlines along with the repercussions that come in the event that you do not meet those deadlines.


Dealing with Life Outside of your Comfort Zone

Attending a higher education institution could possibly be the ideal option when it comes to dealing with issues you would never get the chance to in any other case. For example, for anyone who is shy, take a risk and express yourself in classroom. Give some thought to taking a class that is of interest to you but has absolutely nothing to do with your major. Become a member of a group or club that you may have always been enthusiastic about but never done anything about. You have the chance to explore outside the box, and you ought to take it.


Developing and Growing your Network

When you attend a higher education learning institution, there is a strong possibility that you will meet and interact with a number of very intelligent, successful individuals. Whether or not they are successful now or will be in the longer term, it is a wise decision to establish a connection with these people and bring them into your social network. Down the road, these people will be the individuals who mentor you, coach you, and assist you in finding success.


Team Building Skills

In a number of ways, the classroom to a large degree is similar to an office in the workplace. You work with the exact same people every day. You are all aiming to be the best, however , things are usually less complicated and a lot more efficient whenever you function as a team. The classroom environment is the ideal place to assist you to realise how to work with your colleagues as well as cultivate a team environment to ensure that every person gets a an opportunity to succeed.


Brand-new houses for low-income families


Habitat for Humanity’s annual Corporate Blitz Build week has produced new homes for 44 families in poor communities all around South Africa.

The Blitz Build is a mutual project of the South African chapter of the global humanitarian NGO Habitat for Humanity (HFH), the national Department of Human Settlements and a wide variety of private companies.

Having an preliminary objective of 50 houses in total, the building project was held from 3 to 7 October in Orange Farm in Gauteng province, Mfuleni in the Western Cape and Umbumbulu in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Volunteers coming from the Industrial Development Corporation, Nedbank Home Loans, Microsoft South Africa, 3M, the Deutsche Bank Africa Foundation, ArcelorMittal South Africa and many others, provided five days of their time to build brand new houses for needy households.




They were helped by professional builders, who made certain that the houses went up inside the designated time, and were actually of an acceptable standard.

The big event coincided with World Habitat Day, which this year fell on 3 October. In 1985 the UN declared that the first Monday of October each year should be earmarked as a day of reflection on the need for adequate housing for all.

In acknowledgement of the work done by HFH in South Africa, the UN presented its 2009 Habitat Scroll of Honour to the Gauteng project, which in that year took place in Alexandra, east of Johannesburg.

Up to now the housing organisation, which commenced its local operations in 1996, has assisted 3 143 families in 34 communities across Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape.

This year will also see the completion of the 500 000th HFH home worldwide – this accomplishment is going to be commemorated in Kenya.


The wait is over


The majority of the construction took place in Orange Farm, a sizable informal settlement located in between Johannesburg and Vereeniging on Gauteng province’s southern border.

Here, 34 houses, of the 39 initially planned for the community, took shape inside the five days, while the balance was built in the two other provinces.

Jethro Mashile and his family happen to be the recipients of the Nedbank Home Loans initiative in Orange Farm. Having resided for 12 years in a very small two-roomed house, family members were ecstatic to have additional space.

“We are happy, happy, happy,” said Mashile’s wife Wendy.



Both of them are out of work and survive on a miniscule social grant as their only regular income. To support themselves along with their two children, they take no matter what temporary employment they can find, which includes collecting metal cans, that can bring in a small amount of cash as soon as the cans are handed in for recycling.

The Mashile family has been on the government’s low-cost housing list for six years. Today, with an all new four-roomed house with electricity and running water, the parents believe they can offer their children a significantly better future in a respectable home.

“We’ve been associated with Habitat for Humanity since 2004,” said Eugene Drotskie, the GM of Nedbank Home Loans. “We think about this exercise to be a natural extension of our day-to-day work of being able to help individuals to acquire a home, and we discover that it makes a contribution to team-building at the same time.”


Nedbank Home Loans staff took part in all three building initiatives in 2011.

“People in our Cape Town and Durban branches were starting to complain about being left out,” said Drotskie.

The project at the same time falls in line with the banking group’s corporate social investment policy, which happens to be led by the Nedbank Foundation and focuses primarily on challenges such as health, job creation, community development and education.


To get involved contact Habitat for Humanity directlyclick here


Source: mediaclubsouthafrica.com


Wickedfood Cooking School Corporate Team Building Sessions

Wickedfood Cooking School Corporate Team Building Sessions

Wickedfood Cooking School has identified the 10 participating soccer teams with the most interesting cuisine and drawn up a representative 6-dish menu for each national team.

The class is divided into two groups, each representing one of these national teams, and cooks the relevant menu. We supply the ingredients and recipes for each team. Apart from the fun aspect, this is also a novel way of entertaining clients, a great form of team-building, or ideal opportunity of assessing various staff members’ abilities to work together and solve common problems.

Once all the dishes are cooked, our judging panel, will choose the winning team and then the participants sit down and enjoy the 2 respective meals they have prepared.


ART-CAFE CORPORATE creative team building workshops

Words can be limiting in terms of self expression and communication. Art-Café’s workshops present a uniquely developed and researched methodology utilizing practical, creative and experiential learning rather than the traditional ‘learning from lecture and notes’ approach.

People are unique and have different needs and expectations. Bringing various experiences, personalities and cultures into a group environment may be challenging. This dynamic limits the capacity of a team to perform at its maximum potential.

Through our Art-Café experiential Workshops, these differences are creatively respected and explored. These differences are therefore experienced as strengths and assets within the team thereby enhancing each person’s unique potential performance in the workplace. Team morale, motivation and communication are thereby improved. This vastly benefits both the individual and the team in using the IMAGINATION – which stretches the mind far beyond the verbal capacity.

According to Einstein, “Imagination is far more important than knowledge!”

Absolutely NO artistic skill or experience is required to participate in our workshops.