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Thinking about a career change. Stop and perform a Personal SWOT Analysis

A personal SWOT analysis is definitely an effective tool and technique which can be used whenever you are on the lookout for a career change (as well as any kind of personal life one is going through). Keeping in mind your career goals and objectives, this analysis can assist you to identify and take advantage of your skills and abilities and shift your career to another level.

Its is simple. All you need to complete a SWOT analysis is a large piece of paper divided into four quadrants and label each area as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.



Strengths are your internal, positive attributes and selling points. Look at your strengths as you see them. Ask your colleagues, friends and family their opinion for a further source of opinion. You have a certain amount of control over these.

  • Identify what skills and capabilities you possess
  • Identify areas that you excel in.
  • What qualifications, accreditation’s or experience separate you from other individual and make you unique?
  • How do other people see you. What are your strengths in eyes of others.
  • Do you have qualities, values or beliefs which make you unique and stand out.



Give some thought to your own personal weaknesses and also the way you happen to be viewed by other individuals. Weaknesses are your internal negative attributes. It is recommended to list any facets you believe could possibly be stopping you from proceeding.

  • Consider some of the gaps in your capabilities and what skills are you looking to improve upon?
  • Identify what aspects you could improve on.
  • How do other individual see you. In their opinion what are your weaknesses?
  • In order to achieve your goals and objectives consider what personal difficulties do you need to overcome.



Opportunities are uncontrollable external events that you can potentially leverage. Opportunities may pertain to changes in technology, individuals who may have an impact on decisions, or training or development that could possibly help and support your aspirations.

  • What opportunities are currently available to you.
  • Are there any external factors which could have an impact and allow you to be a success?
  • Is there any individual who you look up to and respect that could possibly support and mentor you to achieve your goals and objective.



Threats are uncontrollable external factors that may work against you and require you to take protective action.

  • Identify what obstacles you are facing in your life
  • Identify precisely what external influences may hinder or slow down your ability to succeed
  • Who or what could possibly get in the way of you accomplishing your goals and objective


A personal SWOT analysis can assist you to have an understanding of yourself and help support the choices you make. The analysis could possibly identify areas you may not have thought about and as a result make it easier to realise an alternative perspective in each area.

It will provide you with the basic groundwork from where you are able to proceed with your goal and compliment your choice for a career change and take action. Evaluate your strengths, and make sure these are shown on your curriculum vitae or letter to a potential employer. Think about methods to deal with any weaknesses that you choose and would like to overcome or develop your skills and capabilities.

Do not forget to analyze your opportunities simply because these could be used to your benefit. Likewise give consideration to how your threats could possibly be minimised or eliminated.

These steps will allow you to take positive steps towards achieving your career goals and objectives.