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South African Institutions and Companies offering Bursaries 3

The reality is that there is very little financial aid available from international and local sources for students in South Africa. International scholarships, grants, and loans for local studies is very hard to secure. The great majority of students seeking financial assistance need to search for  financial assistance from local government, or from local businesses, organizations, and foundations. Students should take take note that scholarships or aid from international sources may only be available to graduate students, students from a specific ethnic group, or students who have chosen a specific course of study. Financial aid and scholarships from these organizations are very competitive, so you need to start your search early.

Even though funding for local studies from international sources is difficult, listed below are few organization that do offer financial aid.

Eduloan – http://www.eduloan.co.za/

Oxford University (post graduate) – http://www.ox.ac.uk/feesandfunding/search/

Harvard Graduate School of Education – http://www.gse.harvard.edu/admissions/financial_aid/international/funding.html

HCI Foundation (various) – http://www.hcifoundation.co.za/bursary/

Africa Foundation – http://africafoundation.org/projects/education

CSIR (science) – http://www.csir.co.za/recruitment/csirburse.php

South Africa Geomatics Institute (Geomatics, Surveying, Cartography) – http://www.sagi.co.za/bursaries.php

Medical Research Council of South Africa (medical) – http://www.mrc.ac.za/funding/funding.htm

The Bursary Institute of South Africa – http://www.tbisa.co.za/

SAFCOL and Komatiland Forests (various) – http://www.safcol.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=72&Itemid=25

Merseta (engineering) – http://www.mersetabursaries.co.za/

Harmony (mining industry) – http://www.harmony.co.za/job-seekers/bursaries

Monash University (various) – http://www.monash.ac.za/study/scholarships-bursaries/monash-south-africa-bursary.html

AngloAmerican – http://www.angloamerican.com/careers/graduates

National Research Foundation (Bursaries, scholarships and fellowships) – http://www.nrf.ac.za/students.php

Sasol (engineering, science, commerce)- http://www.sasolbursaries.com/sasol_internet/frontend/bursary/bsr_index.jsp

South African Breweries Ltd – http://www.sab.co.za/sablimited/content/en/sab-bursars

Masakhi’ iSizwe Centre of Excellence (Transport, Engineering and the Built Environment) – http://www.westerncape.gov.za/eng/directories/services/27438/141473#whichbursary

Career Wise (various) – http://www.careerwise.co.za

Zawadi Africa Education Fund – http://zawadiafrica.org/wp/

The Funza Lushaka Bursary (teaching) – http://www.funzalushaka.doe.gov.za/


NOTE: My Dream Course does not offer any bursaries.  Please direct all inquiries to the individual organization and companies listed above. We encourage you  to follow and adhere to their deadlines for applications.


South African Institutions and Companies offering Bursaries Part 2

Colleges and universities, and many technical schools, have substantial lists of scholarships and bursaries, as do many private sponsors, companies and corporations.

In continuation with our previous article , South African Institutions and Companies offering Bursaries Part 1, we have expanded our list of organisations and companies offering bursaries, grants, financial aid and financial assistance to students and prospective students. Remember to direct all inquiries to the organisation in question. We encourage you  to follow and adhere to their deadlines for applications.


Volkswagen Group South Africa (Engineering) – http://www.vw.co.za/en/volkswagen_groupsouthafrica/careers/volkswagen_traineeprogrammes.html

Royal HaskoningDHV (Engineering) – http://www.rhdhv.co.za/pages/people-prospects/development.php

Altech (Information Technology) – http://www.altechacademy.co.za/bursary-information

Absa (Financial Services) – http://www.absa.co.za/Absacoza/About-Absa/Careers/Bursaries

Investec (Financial Services) – http://www.investec.co.za/about-investec/sustainability/people/people-south-africa/education-as-a-focus-area/tertiary-level/bursary.html

College of Cape Town (various) – http://www.cct.edu.za/content.asp?TopLinkID=12&PageID=21

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (various) – http://www.cput.ac.za/bursaries-and-scholarships

Sasol (Engineering, Science, Commerce) – http://www.sasolbursaries.com/sasol_internet/frontend/bursary/bsr_index.jsp?index=1&articleid=1

Gold Fields Business and Leadership Academy (Mining) – http://www.goldfields.co.za/careers_bursaries.php

Studietrust Bursary Organisation – (various) – http://www.studytrust.org.za/

Exxaro (various) – http://www.exxaro.bursary.drm-za.com/

PricewaterhouseCoopers (Science, Commerce, Information Technology) – http://www.pwc.co.za/en/students/advisory/bursary-programme.jhtml


NOTE: My Dream Course does not offer any bursaries.  Please direct all inquiries to the individual organization and companies listed above. We encourage you  to follow and adhere to their deadlines for applications.



South African Institutions and Companies offering Bursaries Part 1


A bursary is financial aid made available to a student to further their education and training. These are typically granted on academic merit and/or financial need. A considerable number of companies offer bursaries to academically promising students.

Bear in mind that bursaries  can vary significantly in their selection criteria, in addition to what they cover. A number of bursaries are extremely comprehensive and take care of tuition fees, accommodation costs, prescribed books and travel costs, while some may offer a comparatively small financial contribution towards your studies.

With some bursaries you may well be required to work for the company providing you with this opportunity as soon as you complete your studies in an effort to pay back the bursary.

Listed below are institutions and companies offering bursary opportunities which are relevant to your career choice and will also be continuously updated. For anyone who is aware or knows of any bursaries available , please make sure to send us the details so that we can include it in the list.

South African Government

National Student Financial Aid Scheme of South Africa – NSFAS provides a sustainable financial aid system for study loans and bursaries, allowing academically deserving and financially needy students to realise their potential and hopes for the future – http://www.nsfas.org.za/

Institutions and companies

Boston City Campus & Business College (various) –  http://www.boston.co.za/index.php/news/boston-city-campus-and-business-college-bursaries/

Liberty (Actuarial Science) –  http://www.libertyholdings.co.za/careers/young-talent-at-liberty/Pages/actuarial-bursary-programme.aspx

Transnet (Engineering)- http://www.transnet.net/Career/Bursaries.aspx

Vodacom (Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science,Electrical or Electronic Engineering (LC only), Computer Engineering – http://www.vodacom.co.za/personal/main/careers/bursaries

Old Mutual  (Accounting) – http://www.oldmutual.co.za/about-us/careers-centre/learners-and-school-leavers/accounting-bursaries.aspx

Old Mutual (Actuarial) – http://www.oldmutual.co.za/about-us/careers-centre/learners-and-school-leavers/actuarial-bursaries.aspx

SACTWU (Members and dependents) – www.sactwu.org.za/bursary

Auditor-General of South Africa (Chartered Accountant) – http://www.agsa.co.za/Careers/Bursaries.aspx

MIntek (Human Resources)- http://www.mintek.co.za/category/bursaries/

Metropolitan (Actuarial Science) – http://www.metropolitan.co.za/index.php/metropolitan-holder/careers/careers-and-bursaries.html

WITS Watson Edwards Bursary (Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical) – http://www.eie.wits.ac.za/bursary/watson-edwards-bursary

SAWISE (Chemistry, Physics, Metallurgy or Mechanical Engineering ) – http://web.uct.ac.za/org/sawise/scholarships.htm

Samancor (Metallurgy) – http://www.samancorcr.com/content.asp?subID=18

Clicks Pharmacy (Pharmacy) – http://www.clickspha.co.za/C_Bursaries.asp

Murray & Roberts (Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Building/Construction Management) – http://www.murrob.com/careers_bursaries.asp

Legalwise (Law) – http://www.legalwise.co.za/index.php/investing-in-people/bursary-application-form.html

South African Actuaries Development Programme (Actuarial Science) – http://www.saadp.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=13&Itemid=11

BDO South Africa (Accounting) – http://www.bdo.co.za/careers/bursaries.asp

Anglo American Platinum Limited (Platinum and mining industry) – http://www.angloplatinum.com/careers/careers_sub/bursaries.asp

Kumba Iron Ore (Mining) – http://www.kumba.co.za/careers_bursaries.php

South African Weather Service (Weather Observers, Meteorological Studies , Environmental Sciences, Technology Studies) – http://www.weathersa.co.za/web/Content.asp?contentID=197

Coronation Fund Managers (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Investment Management and Statistics) – http://www.coronation.com/doc-1-sc-2-6279/dc-2-7212


NOTE: My Dream Course does not offer any bursaries.  Please direct all inquiries to the individual organization and companies listed above. We encourage you  to follow and adhere to their deadlines for applications.



Initiatives costing billions alleviates fee burden of university students

The Department of Higher Education and Training has to date established a variety of initiatives costing billions of rands to reduce the responsibility of fees from poor parents and students in South Africa.

Student loans and bursaries given by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) have already been increased substantially during the last three years and this has contributed significantly in aiding academically deserving and poor students.

“Funding the loans and bursaries has tripled from R2.375 billion in 2008 to R6 billion in 2011. Aside from that, the department has also made available R50 million for post graduate scholarships and R63 million for students with disabilities said,” said Higher Education and Training Minister, Blade Nzimande.


Replying to a letter of complaints received by the department from the South African Students Congress (SASCO) not too long ago, asking for free education, Nzimande stated he was wholly committed for the introduction of “fee-free” education for the poor growing to be a reality sooner rather than later.

Having said that, he mentioned that SASCO’s discontent with the launch of a Ministerial Working Group on Fee-Free University Education for the poor. He explained the fact that the working group was not replicating the work carried out by the NSFAS Review Committee, as SASCO’s memorandum claims.

“I would argue that the working group be actually allowed to complete its work in order to advise me on the content and scope of a policy framework within which fee free education should be implemented in South Africa,” Nzimande said.


Both SASCO and the department share common concerns pertaining to making improvements to the living and learning environments for students at higher education and training institutions, as well as the escalation fees at the institutions. Methods to address these issues were currently being investigated as an element of the work undertaken by the funding review committee.

Nzimande additionally reminded students that tuition fees charged by higher education institutions happen to be dependent upon individual university councils decisions and not by the ministry.

Nzimande called on SASCO to make submissions on all investigations which are presently underway in relation to Higher Education and Training in the country.

Source: BuaNews


Overcharged students to be refunded by NSFAS


About 34 000 students who were overcharged interest on study loans by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) in previous years will be paid back.

This has been disclosed by Higher Education and Training Minister Dr Blade Nzimande during the announcement of the results of the turnaround strategy carried out to deal with difficulties experienced by the NSFAS.

The interventions, which included the restructuring of the board of NSFAS in December 2010, has witnessed NSFAS move from an audit disclaimer to an unqualified audit.

Nzimande pointed out that when the NSFAS recalculated every student loan in its books, it established that it had overcharged interest on some student loans in past years.

“The annual financial statements show a provision of R77.8 million to refund former students. NSFAS is going to be getting in touch with each one to make necessary arrangements for the refund,” Nzimande said.

He was quoted saying that one of the primary tasks of the turnaround strategy was to correct the value of NSFAS loan book, where a comprehensive exercise was performed with the assistance of a team including accounting, auditing and actuarial experts.




He noted that the NSFAS loan book, which accrued irregular expenditure of R25.6 million over the last financial year, is now correctly valued at R5.2 billion.

“All the reasons for disclaimer have already been resolved to the satisfaction of the Auditor General,” said Nzimande.

The reasons for the disclaimer included the inability to produce scientifically compelling evidence to the Auditor General for writing off R589 million in interest on outstanding loans, along with the failure to provide evidence with regards to how management reached its estimate for doubtful debts.

The Auditor General has additionally pointed out the wrong calculations of interest income of R181 million, when it ought to have been more.

Nzimande further declared that R200 million has been made available to make it possible for NSFAS to grant loans to students who have finished their studies however have not yet received their certificates or graduated as a consequence of outstanding debt.

“This will make it possible for approximately 25 000 students to receive their certificates and enter the job market. All students who fulfilled the requirements for graduation between 2000 and 2010 and eligible for NSFAS loans can apply for this special funding through their student financial offices,” Nzimande explained.

NSFAS board member and executive committee member, Collette Caine, pointed out that every effort will be made to refund students.

“We are committed to track and refund all of them,” said Caine.

NASFAS Chairperson of the Finance Committee, Nathan Johnstone, said universities were in the process of finalising the list of students who have finished their studies and qualified for the grant.

“We are at present not able to provide the final figure of those students as the universities are still finalising the number of qualifying students.”


The hotline for students who have problems regarding access to NSFAS is 0800 872 222.


Source: BuaNews