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30% discount for Ashridge Executive Masters in Management



This is a practical qualification that will provide you with deeper understanding of the management practices of leadership, strategy, marketing, finance, technology and innovation, team and change management. The qualification is offered by Ashridge Business School (UK) and is delivered 100% online via a robust learning zone, an online virtual environment packed with learning material from thought leaders, business books, articles, case studies and webinars. It is built around a series of assignments which are related to the participants’ own organisation, delivering immediate benefits to the individual and their organisation.

Target groups: management teams, managerial talent, senior managers & executives

Registrations: The 2013 registrations are already open and ongoing throughout the year. Register now and be eligible for over 30% corporate discounts on your fees. Management teams or other related group registrations also get favourable executive education packages.

For more details to assist in your decision making, kindly email us on consultants@peoplecapabilities.com and we will send you the Executive Masters in Management (eMiM) brochure and the application pack.

The Business School: Established in 1959, Ashridge is one of the world’s leading business schools, with an international reputation for top quality executive education and management development. Activities include open and customised executive education programmes, qualifcation programmes, organisation consulting, virtual learning and applied research. Its approach is practical and results-driven, underpinned by insight and internationally-renowned research based firmly in the real world.


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Mindleap – Changing the Mind Set

Training and Developing Strategy

In today’s economic times we need people to be motivated, meet customer needs, and be productive  so as to stay ahead of our competitors.

In order to meet the demands placed on individuals in the workplace, and personally, it is important that people are developed to become masters of the “self”.  Organisations have recognised this in that people no longer only need the “hard skills” to do the job but that they also need to develop the “soft skills” or “life skills” to move the organisation to the next level.

Mindleap programmes address the above challenges in the following ways:

1.1    The individual team members – The importance of the individual as being the cog that makes things happen.  We will also demonstrate the importance of establishing and utilising individual strengths, of matching personal objectives to corporate objectives and the role of making mistakes in personal growth.

1.2    The customers and their needs – A discussion about the role of the customer in the formation of any business leads us to demonstrating the following key concepts around satisfying established customer needs and the creativity required, to be in the position to satisfy future unknown needs:

* Thinking outside existing patterns of behavior.
* Constant monitoring and improving products and service.
* Adaptability to change.
* Creativity as a prerequisite for success.
* Doing things better than your competitors.

1.3    The company as a whole

* Improve internal communication.
* Appropriate allocation of roles.
* Promote a sense of urgency.
* Develop team spirit.
* Establishing and achieving deadlines.
* The importance of thinking and planning prior to execution
* Competitiveness
* Economic growth

MindLeap strives to provide “soft skills” to various industries uplifting and continuously assisting through the development of individuals thus improving growth within companies. Keeping abreast of all new developments in the education and training field and seeking full accreditation from the ServiceSeta.

MindLeap aims at providing motivational learning, personal and organisational effectiveness through customised education and training programmes.

Their objectives as a provider of education and training are as follows:

* To inspire people and organisations to want to be better
* To provide people and organisations with the means to achieve this altered status
* To provide quality training programmes in order to grow the people

Mindleap are confident that they can effect visible, immediate changes in service levels.  They are committed to a brilliant training outcome and look forward to being able to partner your company in development.