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Ways To Charm Anyone


First impressions count. Making a great first impression at any professional networking event function or social function  can be a daunting task. Seven seconds is all it takes for us to judge someone we’re meeting for the first time. To make the seven seconds count, you’ll need an elevator pitch.

Keeping these seven proven tips below in mind, you’ll confidently conquer any networking meeting.

1. Punctuality – The best way to show you’re reliable is if you arrive five minutes before your appointment.  Create time management habits like setting alarms or calendar reminders so you’re on top of everything.

2. Be Engaged- Once you’re in the thick of it, be attentive to the people you’re chatting with. It should be as if they’re the only people in the room.

3. Smile – Nothing says I’m open for business like a smile. It’s the best ice breaker, gives off an upbeat vibe and people will know you’re fun to be around.

4. You Catch More Bees with Honey – Lead with positivity, put a positive spin on negative subjects and don’t engage in trash talk!

5. Make Yourself Memorable – Your introduction should be as interesting as you! An intriguing introduction leads to curious conversation as people will want to hear further explanation on your job title. Any job title can be punched up to match your great personality.

6. Know the News – When attending an event where you’ll be encountering people for the first time, get your head in the game. Know the event you’re going to and the types of people that will be there.

7. Have a Sense of Humor – People who don’t take themselves too seriously come off as charming and more likable, which is critical if you’re trying to make that first impression stick.

Most of all, have fun networking



Is your LinkedIn Summary as good as it should be?

2014.08.01 linkedin-tips

First impressions are critical in today’s world. The second after you meet someone, know they are going to google you! This makes your virtual brand critical. It means you must be able to tell your story online creating a complete picture of who you are.

Your professional summary is the place to tell your story. Read your summary as though it was the first time you were seeing it. Read slowly; don’t skim. Then rate yourself, track your rating, so you can add up at the end and see for yourself!

  1. Is your top line catchy?
  2. Is your profile accurate, real and precise?
  3. Do you stand out?
  4. Is it relevant?
  5. Is it compelling?
  6. Does it tell people how you add value?
  7. Does it share your personal brand attributes?
  8. Is it well written?

Now, total your score. You should be getting over 80% for your answers, if not, you have some work to do!

Now identify a few people who will provide you with honest comments:

  • a colleague
  • a mentor
  • a personal friend or family member

This is a great way to keep everyone current on the brand called you.



Your LinkedIn Profile – The DO’s and SEO Optimization

2014.08.01 linkedin-tips

In today’s world, most of us have profiles at the very least on LinkedIn social media platform. It must be emphasized how important your public image is and how you send out the right message. Here is how to take full advantage of LinkedIn.

SEO (search optimization) words – The right words in your profile will ensure that you are present when the right people search this on line portal. There are more than 10 places where you can represent your skill set and experience. Be creative. Make sure that the right people are looking at your profile.

Here are a few areas where you need to use those WORDS to improve being discovered.

Your Headline – This is NOT your title at work. After your normal Headline, Use the “|” (shift the ì\î key), then place 2 phrases that describe your core competencies.

Your Summary – It is so important to place your Headline Key Words throughout this summary, this must tell who you are today!

Job Titles – Make sure that this is a commonly used title. If your one at work is off the beaten track, use 2 titles here.

Job Descriptions – Most people make the error of cut and pasting their CV here. Wrong! It is a summary of your respective roles. Also this is a great place to reuse those catch words from your headline.

Publication paragraphs – The only paragraphs here that are important are ones describing what you do today. Again use your key words.

Companies you have worked for or still are with – It is here that you tell and share about organisations that you are a member of. Again if these organisations have key words, use them.

Recommendations – When you approve a recommendation, make sure your specific key words are included, you can ask that individual to include these.

Education Descriptions – Once again use your key phrases here, make them apply to use educational qualifications

Skills – What by now you have heard is how important key words are You get to have 50 skill words here. Use them strategically here. Hopefully you will be endorsed by your network will endorse you with specific key words, it is vital to ensure success on LinkedIn.

From the above, you can see how those specific words are important to the successful use of LinkedIn. Enjoy this powerful tool and make it work for you.


How to use LinkedIn Apps and maximize its value and stay ahead

LinkedIn social network


LinkedIn social network has grown and developed into an incredible resource for building your professional identity online and is no longer just a platform to market your skills and resume when searching for employment.

Many people might not be aware that LinkedIn has a number of different app to assist individuals who care about their professional network. LinkedIn app allows you to stay abreast of industry news, help you prep for meeting, or add connections on the fly.

Here are a few, of the many tools, you can use to optimize the true value of this app.


Link your calendar to app and find out about someone before entering an interview

You can sync your phone’s calendar with the app, and the app will provide you with the profile of anyone who you have penciled in on your calendar providing you with useful information about the person you are about to interview with.


The app allows you to follow specific companies

Once you follow a specific company, LinkedIn will show the the company profile so that you can view any new updates and browse the company profile and see if there are any new job posting.


LinkedIn now allows you to apply for jobs directly from the app.

The linked app now allows you to view a list of employments positions via the ‘Jobs” section of the app which are tailored to your personal customized data on your profile. If you find something that you are interested in, then all you need to do is submit your profile. Browsing the job listings can save you a lot of time.


Make use of your news streams to build and grow your personal brand and strengthen your connections.  

The news stream allows you to scroll through and view any new updates from your connections and view content being shared by companies and individuals, as well as view any updates and news about new jobs of your connections. You can also interact and add to the conversation when you have something to say. ‘Like” a comment and nurture your network.


Never overdo your comments.

Never follow the strategy whereby you just say something for the sake of it. When you make a comment, this will reflect upon you and your expertise / insight into a specific area. Remember that LinkedIn is social but a professional network. It is not Facebook. Check your grammar and sentence structure and avoid slang.


Upload any professional photos on the go.

You can now upload images via the app. I don’t have to warn you not to post any pics of wild office parties. Research has shown that comments with images are more likely to get comments and ‘likes’. Upload images from live conferences or networking events for example.


To view a personalized selection of articles and news about topics related to your industry then use the Pulse tab.

Via the Pulse tab, the app will recommend that you follow specific categories related to the industry you work in. You can also browse and read articles from a variety of publishers and LinkedIn influencers.


By sharing articles and content on your network you can become a resource for others on your network.

You can share articles on your own LinkedIn profile as well as other social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter with just a few taps. By posting articles and developing a reputation as a thought-leader will help you to build upon your network and help you when it comes your next job interview.

Source: businessinsider.com



How to prepare yourself now for 2014 and find your ideal job

Job Search


Now that spring is with us (in the southern hemisphere) and you might be starting to think about the summer and new year’s vacation plans, it is also a good time think about the year ahead and your career plans and objectives. If you are looking for a new job for 2014, it is an excellent time to start your prep work in finding that ideal job or perhaps you are contemplating making a career change and switching career fields completely next year.

The good news is that the world economy appears to be doing better and if all goes well, hopefully the job market and hiring will also pickup in the months to come. During the past few years and economic downturn, companies have done all they can to increase productivity with a leaner workforce. If the global economy continues to show improvement, companies will need to start hiring in order to keep up with demand spurred by the new business investments and expansion.

Here are some tips and advise to assist you in your new job search or career change.



Take some time to get yourself organized, take a deep breathe and ask yourself exactly what you want in your new job or career. Be honest and ask yourself the following questions:

What am i looking for? Take an honest look at yourself and think about the types of employers, industries, career fields and jobs you contemplating to target. When answering this question, remember to take into account factors like location and family commitments. You might be at the stage of life where you would prefer to work from home full time or part of the time and spend , for example. Be aware that until such that you can define and describe the perfect job or career that you are looking for, nobody can assist you in finding that job or hire you to fill it.

What are the financial implication of a new job or career change? Whether your are searching for a new job with higher salary, thinking about semi-retirement, or looking to work form home; you need to think about the what effect a new job or career change will have on your finances, obligations and responsibilities.

Will you need additional training prior to searching for a new job or career change? It is possible that you have been working for many years and missing a few key skills or certifications for the current job market that would significantly improve your marketability. If this is the case, you should think about going back to school and continuing with your education with a few courses to upgrade your current skills. Even if you are unable to complete a course or certification by the time your start looking for a job, at least you will be able to say in the job interview your are currently enrolled.



The next step is to go through your little black book and update all your contacts information and prepare your career marketing material. This is the time to work on your networking and start your search for potential employers you intend on targeting.

Without a doubt the most powerful tool you have in your job quest is your contacts, friends and family given the fact that a referral is the best accreditation you can get when looking for a job.

Like most people, your contact information is most likely in a number of different places ranging from business cards, personal email address book, social media networks, or old work files. Consolidate and organize your information into one place to make it easily accessible.

Most likely recruiters or hiring managers who show an interest in you and your resume will immediately go to the world wide web and do a search for your name. So prepare yourself and do a personal search on Google and update any information that you thinks needs to be updated or removed. If you have a professional profile on Linkedin, for example, it would be a good idea to update your profile and participating in online forums and blog that are related to your industry and career field. You don’t want your online presence to appear to be outdated to the person looking to fill a specific position.

Take the time to update your resume and make sure that your recent accomplishments are added to your resume. There are numerous website and blogs on the internet that can offer advise and tips to update your resume to make sure it is ‘fresh’.

Think about joining one or two networking groups in order to make yourself known. Don’t just attend the monthly dinner or function, but rather make meaningful connection and volunteer for one of the group;s committees or offer your time to asset at an event. You can also attend job fairs in your area to get a better idea of the companies who are hiring and understand what they are looking for.

Track news and events of the potential places your would like to work at. Create Google alerts for these potential employers and keep track of opening or news of business expansion plans. You can create alerts for companies, nonprofit organizations,  as well key executives. Alerts will also keep you up to date about market trends.



You might think that the end of year holiday season is a bad time to search for a job. Research has shown that many recruiters find placements for numerous employees over the holiday season. It is a time when hiring managers have more time to focus on resumes that have been sitting on their desk and not have to deal with their daily functions and duties.

Holiday season is a good time to arrange meeting  up with your contacts who might know of leads. In general, businesses go into a slow down mode over the holiday season, so this might be a good time to arrange to meet your contacts for a cup of coffee or lunch.

Sending our holiday greetings is also another way to reconnect with old friends and colleagues but don’t mention that you are searching for work. This can help to make sure that your contact details are up to date current and they can easily contact you after the holidays.

Source: Forbes.com