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Training voucher to the value of R3,500 from Papillon Training

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Papillon Training is a successful international Outcomes Based Education provider offering affordable, effective skills development to office staff.

Our mission is to develop people by providing simple, effective and practical training solutions throughout Africa.


Service SETA SETQAA 2320
BEE Status Level 4  Certified Micro Enterprise.
100% Procurement Recognition

Membership to Professional Associations

SACBW – South African Council for Businesswomen
APICSA  Association of Professional Image Consultants of SA
SAWEN  South African Women’s Entrepreneurs Network
WiBiA  Women in Business in Africa (President)

Managing Member

Natalie Soinè

· CEO, Facilitator and Qualified Assessor
· 18 Years experience as a Corporate Executive Assistant
· 11 Years in the field of Education and Training
· President of WiBiA (Women in Business in Africa)
· Winner of the Businesswomen’s Association Regional Business Achiever Award 2000

Course Information

Secretaries and Administrators Seminar  Bloemfontein        Aug 17 – 19
Project Management                             Johannesburg       Aug 17 – 18
Writing Skills                                        Bloemfontein        Aug 30 – Sep 2
Cape Secretaries Convention                 Cape Town            Sep 6 – 9
Finance for Non Financial Managers        Cape Town           Sep 15 – 16
Finance for Non Financial Managers        Johannesburg        Sep 22 – 23
Event Planning                                     Cape Town            Oct 5
Event Planning                                     Johannesburg       Oct 12
Frontline Excellence                              Cape Town            Oct 6 – 7
Frontline Excellence                              Johannesburg        Oct 13 – 14
Event Planning                                     Durban                 Oct 19
Frontline Excellence                              Durban                 Oct 20 – 21
Cape Secretaries Convention                 Cape Town            Oct 25 – 28
MS Office Skills                                    Cape Town            Nov 1 – 4
Business Accounting                             Johannesburg        Nov 7 – 8
Business Accounting                             Cape Town            Nov 10 – 11
Secretaries Skills Development Conference        Midrand            Nov 15 – 18
Secretaries Skills Development Conference        Cape Town        Nov 22 – 25
Secretaries Skills Development Conference        Bloemfontein    Nov 29 – Dec 2

All training courses are available as in-company training at your office for your staff. You may also custom-design your own seminar/conference.

To view Company Profile and CoursesCLICK HERE


Keybase Training Solutions

Keybase Training Solutions is a state of the art training institution that takes pride in the service they offer their learners.  They offer hands on tuition, small classes and have amazing facilities. Their facilitators are very experienced with years of training which ensures that your course expectations will be met. Keybase Training Solutions is an ISETT Seta accredited center with both Assessors and Moderators and course are aligned to the NQF Unit Standards

The institution offers workshops for all people in management roles:


This 1 day workshop will give you skills to build a team, manage your workload and time effectively, and cope with stress and other related issues for people in Leadership roles.

Date:  9 September
Investment:      R1 700 + VAT per person
Call Candice on 011 894-2077 to book now – seats are limited.


Keybase is 19 years old, and Cheryl Oelofse, one of the founding members, still runs the Benoni Branch.  They also have a branch in Pretoria, but also offer on-site training nationwide.  Courses can also be customised to suit your needs, or you can attend a public short course.

Contact Cheryl Oelofse at Keybase Training Solutions directly if you need any other information – cheryl@keybase.co.za or 011 894-2077


Academy of Learning


You have finished school, partied and enjoyed a couple of months holiday. What now?

You look for a job, but few employers want to employ you without experience, but you cannot get experience without a job. It’s a lose-lose situation.

One option is to further your studies in the occupational field of your choice. However, after sitting in lecture rooms for 6 or 12 months twiddling your thumbs, you still don’t have actual experience in the subjects for which you have studied.

One solution is to study at Academy of Learning where most courses are “hands on” or theory and practical. This means that you acquire “experience” from day one. It means that you have to actually do that which you are studying. For example, if you are studying word processing level 1, you will actually be using the word processing computer program at the start of your course (courses are also known as “programs” nowadays – confusing?).
Our unique Integrated LearningTM System is an exercise-based method in which each new step builds upon those already mastered.

Audio instructions are used to explain concepts, guide students through some initial skill-based applications, and provide an opportunity to practise additional applications that are featured in the course workbook. CD’s are customised to keep pace with each book.

Lessons are presented in two-hour modules, which build level-by-level, so that students achieve competence and confidence as each one is mastered. As students are not reliant on lecturers or set timetables or classes, they can commence with their qualifications at any time during the year. At this stage, it might be advisable to clarify the difference between studying at school, adult training and development:

Education is the range of activities aimed at developing moral values and understanding.  The purpose of education is to develop students intellectually and to provide them with the base for further learning.  Education is the basic knowledge rather than the applied skills and it has little implication to a specific job.  Education is received at schools and universities and it is of value throughout life. A couple of important aspects of education are that it is generally one-way communication, from teacher to student. This means that you merely sit and listen, with little feedback to the teacher. Secondly, there is no motivation for the student—you go to school, or else!
Training is a deliberate effort to teach specific skills, knowledge and attitudes to serve a specific purpose.  The purpose of training is to enable the learner to apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes (“competency”) in order to achieve the objectives of the organisation.  Training should result in the trainee’s ability to do the job better. You will notice the words “deliberate” and “specific skills”. This is different to education. In training, you are trained “specifically” in a certain skill required for an occupation. Another reason why training is different to education is that the communication is two-way (lecturer or computer/audio-visual to student and vice versa). Training differs from education as motivation already exists, as the student decided which course (program) to study and paid for it (or was it the parents?).

Development is more specific than education.  It is the process whereby people gain experience/knowledge, skills and attitudes (“competency”) to become (or remain) successful within their organisations.  It refers more to the development of the whole person rather than the training of specific skills to perform a single task. Development also entails two-way communication between employee and lecturer/senior staff member and vice-versa.

To summarise, education is usually carried out at school, training at a college after high school and development during employment.

Career courses offered include Information Technology, General Business, Secretarial, Tourism and Management.