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Google’s top trending search for 2013 is Nelson Mandela

Google Top Trending Searches 2013


Google has released its list of top trending searches for 2013. Two year-end deaths resonated most in the ranking charts given a year that was full of major news events, new products releases and buzzwords.

This year, Google surveyed 72 countries and their search results is the largest sample the company has ever undertaken. The two top trending searches globally were : Nelson Mandela” and “Paul Walker”.

Even though searches for “Nelson Mandela” were extremely strong before the passing away of the South African icon, after his death at 95 on 5 December Google experienced a flood of searches for information about the a man who fought and brought about the end of Apartheid after spending 27 years in jail.

Following Mandela was the search for the late “Fast and the Furious” actor, Paul Walker who ironically died in a motor vehicle accident. Apple’s iPhone5s took the number 3 spot followed by the Glee celebrity Cory Monteith who died of an accidental drug overdose.

5th place went to Harlem Shake followed by Boston marathon, Royal Baby, Samsung S4, Playstation 4, and North Korea rounded out the top 10 list for global trending searches on Google.

Google analyzed roughly 1 trillion searches to complete its annual Zeitgeist list and also offered information about how individuals made use of its services in different part of the world.

Google’s top trending searches, South Africa:

1. Nelson Mandela
2. Oscar Pistorius
3. Paul Walker
4. Defencex
5. Vuyo Mbuli
6. OLX
7. Standard Bank Internet
8. BBM for Nadroid
9. Reeva Steenkamp
10. Royal Baby

Google’s top trending How to.., South Africa:

1. Twerk
2. Fight
3. Survive
5. Drawing
6. Massage
7. Dance
8. Skip
9. Kickflip
10. Code

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