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South African Institutions and Companies offering Bursaries 3

The reality is that there is very little financial aid available from international and local sources for students in South Africa. International scholarships, grants, and loans for local studies is very hard to secure. The great majority of students seeking financial assistance need to search for  financial assistance from local government, or from local businesses, organizations, and foundations. Students should take take note that scholarships or aid from international sources may only be available to graduate students, students from a specific ethnic group, or students who have chosen a specific course of study. Financial aid and scholarships from these organizations are very competitive, so you need to start your search early.

Even though funding for local studies from international sources is difficult, listed below are few organization that do offer financial aid.

Eduloan – http://www.eduloan.co.za/

Oxford University (post graduate) – http://www.ox.ac.uk/feesandfunding/search/

Harvard Graduate School of Education – http://www.gse.harvard.edu/admissions/financial_aid/international/funding.html

HCI Foundation (various) – http://www.hcifoundation.co.za/bursary/

Africa Foundation – http://africafoundation.org/projects/education

CSIR (science) – http://www.csir.co.za/recruitment/csirburse.php

South Africa Geomatics Institute (Geomatics, Surveying, Cartography) – http://www.sagi.co.za/bursaries.php

Medical Research Council of South Africa (medical) – http://www.mrc.ac.za/funding/funding.htm

The Bursary Institute of South Africa – http://www.tbisa.co.za/

SAFCOL and Komatiland Forests (various) – http://www.safcol.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=72&Itemid=25

Merseta (engineering) – http://www.mersetabursaries.co.za/

Harmony (mining industry) – http://www.harmony.co.za/job-seekers/bursaries

Monash University (various) – http://www.monash.ac.za/study/scholarships-bursaries/monash-south-africa-bursary.html

AngloAmerican – http://www.angloamerican.com/careers/graduates

National Research Foundation (Bursaries, scholarships and fellowships) – http://www.nrf.ac.za/students.php

Sasol (engineering, science, commerce)- http://www.sasolbursaries.com/sasol_internet/frontend/bursary/bsr_index.jsp

South African Breweries Ltd – http://www.sab.co.za/sablimited/content/en/sab-bursars

Masakhi’ iSizwe Centre of Excellence (Transport, Engineering and the Built Environment) – http://www.westerncape.gov.za/eng/directories/services/27438/141473#whichbursary

Career Wise (various) – http://www.careerwise.co.za

Zawadi Africa Education Fund – http://zawadiafrica.org/wp/

The Funza Lushaka Bursary (teaching) – http://www.funzalushaka.doe.gov.za/


NOTE: My Dream Course does not offer any bursaries.  Please direct all inquiries to the individual organization and companies listed above. We encourage you  to follow and adhere to their deadlines for applications.


South African Institutions and Companies offering Bursaries Part 2

Colleges and universities, and many technical schools, have substantial lists of scholarships and bursaries, as do many private sponsors, companies and corporations.

In continuation with our previous article , South African Institutions and Companies offering Bursaries Part 1, we have expanded our list of organisations and companies offering bursaries, grants, financial aid and financial assistance to students and prospective students. Remember to direct all inquiries to the organisation in question. We encourage you  to follow and adhere to their deadlines for applications.


Volkswagen Group South Africa (Engineering) – http://www.vw.co.za/en/volkswagen_groupsouthafrica/careers/volkswagen_traineeprogrammes.html

Royal HaskoningDHV (Engineering) – http://www.rhdhv.co.za/pages/people-prospects/development.php

Altech (Information Technology) – http://www.altechacademy.co.za/bursary-information

Absa (Financial Services) – http://www.absa.co.za/Absacoza/About-Absa/Careers/Bursaries

Investec (Financial Services) – http://www.investec.co.za/about-investec/sustainability/people/people-south-africa/education-as-a-focus-area/tertiary-level/bursary.html

College of Cape Town (various) – http://www.cct.edu.za/content.asp?TopLinkID=12&PageID=21

Cape Peninsula University of Technology (various) – http://www.cput.ac.za/bursaries-and-scholarships

Sasol (Engineering, Science, Commerce) – http://www.sasolbursaries.com/sasol_internet/frontend/bursary/bsr_index.jsp?index=1&articleid=1

Gold Fields Business and Leadership Academy (Mining) – http://www.goldfields.co.za/careers_bursaries.php

Studietrust Bursary Organisation – (various) – http://www.studytrust.org.za/

Exxaro (various) – http://www.exxaro.bursary.drm-za.com/

PricewaterhouseCoopers (Science, Commerce, Information Technology) – http://www.pwc.co.za/en/students/advisory/bursary-programme.jhtml


NOTE: My Dream Course does not offer any bursaries.  Please direct all inquiries to the individual organization and companies listed above. We encourage you  to follow and adhere to their deadlines for applications.



South African Institutions and Companies offering Bursaries Part 1


A bursary is financial aid made available to a student to further their education and training. These are typically granted on academic merit and/or financial need. A considerable number of companies offer bursaries to academically promising students.

Bear in mind that bursaries  can vary significantly in their selection criteria, in addition to what they cover. A number of bursaries are extremely comprehensive and take care of tuition fees, accommodation costs, prescribed books and travel costs, while some may offer a comparatively small financial contribution towards your studies.

With some bursaries you may well be required to work for the company providing you with this opportunity as soon as you complete your studies in an effort to pay back the bursary.

Listed below are institutions and companies offering bursary opportunities which are relevant to your career choice and will also be continuously updated. For anyone who is aware or knows of any bursaries available , please make sure to send us the details so that we can include it in the list.

South African Government

National Student Financial Aid Scheme of South Africa – NSFAS provides a sustainable financial aid system for study loans and bursaries, allowing academically deserving and financially needy students to realise their potential and hopes for the future – http://www.nsfas.org.za/

Institutions and companies

Boston City Campus & Business College (various) –  http://www.boston.co.za/index.php/news/boston-city-campus-and-business-college-bursaries/

Liberty (Actuarial Science) –  http://www.libertyholdings.co.za/careers/young-talent-at-liberty/Pages/actuarial-bursary-programme.aspx

Transnet (Engineering)- http://www.transnet.net/Career/Bursaries.aspx

Vodacom (Information Technology, Information Systems, Computer Science,Electrical or Electronic Engineering (LC only), Computer Engineering – http://www.vodacom.co.za/personal/main/careers/bursaries

Old Mutual  (Accounting) – http://www.oldmutual.co.za/about-us/careers-centre/learners-and-school-leavers/accounting-bursaries.aspx

Old Mutual (Actuarial) – http://www.oldmutual.co.za/about-us/careers-centre/learners-and-school-leavers/actuarial-bursaries.aspx

SACTWU (Members and dependents) – www.sactwu.org.za/bursary

Auditor-General of South Africa (Chartered Accountant) – http://www.agsa.co.za/Careers/Bursaries.aspx

MIntek (Human Resources)- http://www.mintek.co.za/category/bursaries/

Metropolitan (Actuarial Science) – http://www.metropolitan.co.za/index.php/metropolitan-holder/careers/careers-and-bursaries.html

WITS Watson Edwards Bursary (Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical) – http://www.eie.wits.ac.za/bursary/watson-edwards-bursary

SAWISE (Chemistry, Physics, Metallurgy or Mechanical Engineering ) – http://web.uct.ac.za/org/sawise/scholarships.htm

Samancor (Metallurgy) – http://www.samancorcr.com/content.asp?subID=18

Clicks Pharmacy (Pharmacy) – http://www.clickspha.co.za/C_Bursaries.asp

Murray & Roberts (Engineering, Quantity Surveying and Building/Construction Management) – http://www.murrob.com/careers_bursaries.asp

Legalwise (Law) – http://www.legalwise.co.za/index.php/investing-in-people/bursary-application-form.html

South African Actuaries Development Programme (Actuarial Science) – http://www.saadp.co.za/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=13&Itemid=11

BDO South Africa (Accounting) – http://www.bdo.co.za/careers/bursaries.asp

Anglo American Platinum Limited (Platinum and mining industry) – http://www.angloplatinum.com/careers/careers_sub/bursaries.asp

Kumba Iron Ore (Mining) – http://www.kumba.co.za/careers_bursaries.php

South African Weather Service (Weather Observers, Meteorological Studies , Environmental Sciences, Technology Studies) – http://www.weathersa.co.za/web/Content.asp?contentID=197

Coronation Fund Managers (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Investment Management and Statistics) – http://www.coronation.com/doc-1-sc-2-6279/dc-2-7212


NOTE: My Dream Course does not offer any bursaries.  Please direct all inquiries to the individual organization and companies listed above. We encourage you  to follow and adhere to their deadlines for applications.



Guidelines and helpful hints when applying for a bursary


After you complete your high school final examinations with outstanding results and grasp that that you are in need of funds to continue your education, what should you do? This is actually the predicament facing a large number of students after graduating high school with the end result that the majority of the younger generation find themselves sitting at home possibly searching for employment or simply just becoming a burden to their parents . For anyone who is considering making an application for a bursary, be sure you apply prior to the closing date.


Precisely what is a bursary?

A bursary can be described as financial support granted to a student dependent on a mixture of academic achievements and financial requirements to further his/her education with a higher learning institution. The length of a bursary may vary from a year or may very well be given for the whole period of study. Extension of a bursary is dependent upon your academic accomplishment. Various large organisations, companies, governmental and non governmental organisations often fund bursaries for study in a specific field.


Bursary terms and conditions are different

The terms and conditions of bursaries can vary enormously based upon, in the majority of cases, the company/organization providing the bursary. Contract bursaries in most cases demand that you “pay back” the bursary by way of working at the company when you have concluded your studies and frequently they provide a bursary work experience along with a position subsequent to graduation.


Are you Eligible for a Bursary?

In order to be eligible for any kind of bursary you will need to satisfy their selection criteria which usually based on your academic results and apply to all candidates. Virtually all companies will likely not take into consideration anything below 60% on the specific subjects which you will be required to pass while some 50%. It all depends on the company/organization providing the bursary. Although many are able to offer bursaries depending on financial needs they will also take into consideration your academic progress.

Additional important factors which often can be pertinent to bursary candidates are: Your citizenship as well as your acceptance into a suitable study programme at an accredited higher education institution. Candidates also have to fulfill certain admission requirements of the institution and in addition they also have to satisfy the national election criteria for that bursary organization.


What do Bursaries take care of?

A number of bursaries will in some cases take care of just about all the recipients’ vital expenses. Expenses covered include things like tuition, full board and lodging in addition to meals, books and learning materials, along with a small allowance for monthly cost of living. Universities differ regarding their cost structures, consequently the total value of a bursary is different from institution to institution.


Guidelines when submitting an application for a bursary.


  •     Bursary application preparation should commence at school. Give your very best  in grade 11 and 12 to attain the best results  as a result it is possible to fulfill the bursary’s academic requirements.
  •     As the beginning of the year  start collecting information regarding companies and organisation that offer bursaries which deal with your field of study (bursary officer’s contact details, application process, application schedules and bursary criteria). This information and facts are, in most cases, published on the company’s website.
  •     While numerous companies and organisation will in fact advertise online or perhaps in various newspapers the moment their bursary programme is opened, it is advisable to take initiative and determine if there are any bursaries available.
  •     Companies will in most cases make clear the application process either in their advertisements or website. Pay attention to these details as this will enable you to plan the best way forward. In most cases, if the information is not on the company’s website, they will post/email it to you after you’ve applied.
  •     After you’ve collected all the companies’ details and received the appropriate information and facts with regards to the bursary application process look into the selection criteria to make sure you meet the requirements and are eligible for that bursary.
  •     Get a hold of every piece of information they could possibly want: your personal and family information, specifics of your proposed study, parent’s employment details, along with local community participation information, academic records, personal/academic achievements and so on.
  •     Be certain to make available all supporting documentation as requested. Nothing more nothing less. In most cases application forms will give you a space for your motivation, if not, it is advisable to include your own personal motivational letter.
  •     Submit it to the correct address by the due date, in addition make sure you provide your correct contact information as requested.
  •     Keep a copy of your application form given that they could possibly ask you on exactly what you wrote should they call you for an interview.
  •     Be mindful of the fact that  companies receive thousands of bursary applications annually as a result it’s critical not to expect any special treatment. So bare in mind you happen to be one in search of them and certainly not the other way around even if you have excelled in all your subjects.  No one automatically qualifies therefore do your very best to impress them in your application forms.

How to Spot a Scholarship Scam

Graduate school scholarships are quickly becoming significantly more valuable considering the fees of education and training are anticipated to increase in the forthcoming years. As a result, students who intend to move forward into graduate college or university are considering these types of scholarships or grants as being a appropriate choice to generate sufficient funding. In relation to your quest with regard to graduate school scholarships, you will discover just a few places to go.

Should you wish to carry on with your current undergraduate studies as well as acquire a higher level of education, you are in all probability conscious of the fact that it is going to be more expensive when compared with your initial college or university stint. There are numerous possibilities for that most notably more complex learning materials in addition to more qualified professors to offer you the quality of education you will need.

It’s possible you have additionally discovered the large choice of potential graduate school scholarships to choose from. Coming from loans, grants, fellowships, and many more. Having said that, finding the the most appropriate option amongst vast selections of graduate school scholarships end up being more challenging than it appears to be. The dilemma seriously is not around the availability of options for graduate school scholarships however in the selecting the most appropriate and beneficial one for you.

Considering the expense of enrolling in graduate school increasing continuously, it’s really no shock that the majority of individuals are attempting to find some sort of educational funding that is going to assist them to deal with the costs. Graduate school scholarships are among the most desirable educational funding aids that graduate students can request.

As opposed to financial loans, scholarships or grants don’t have to be reimbursed as soon as they complete their particular graduate program. Trying to repay a lot of money in education loans could very well be equally as worrisome as you might have in fact paid for your graduate degree. Student loans really should be the very last thing that individuals ought to be concerned about at this current time of economic recession.

Unfortunately, even during these crisis, there will probably continually be those people who invest on other individuals vulnerability. College and graduate scholarships are simply just one additional avenue which fraudsters and swindlers have ventured into for exploitation. Their modus operandi more often than not consists of mailing out a great deal of spam to emails and make it appear to be that you recently have been awarded a scholarship or grant and the only thing you need to do to claim it happens to be to pay the processing fee.

Claims, promises and statements such as these are generally scams. Scholarships or grants will never be automatically awarded. The organizations and private funders which often award the scholarships or grants frequently have a set of guidelines that they make use of to evaluate and determine an awardee. As an illustration, they have to fully understand to whom they are awarding the scholarship or grant to, precisely what the applicant intends to pursue in graduate school, the particular candidate’s financial standing, in addition to a host of other information and facts. Scholarships or grants are certainly not awarded automatically nor randomly. Furthermore, applicants are not required to pay for any kind of service charge to be able to process or claim a scholarship or grant.

Any kind of correspondence that declares that you have been automatically awarded a scholarship and additionally requests you pay a processing fee to claim should really be considered to be a fraud. Keep away from swindlers and charlatans like these.

Thankfully, you will discover numerous genuine scholarships available to choose from. You would be pleasantly surprised at the number of scholarships or grants that usually are not being awarded for the reason that nobody sent applications for them. Determine on what requirements these types of scholarships or grants are awarded and submit an application for all of them. You simply will not earn that scholarship or grant unless you work for it.

Source: collegetocareers.com, applicant.com, goodthiftshop.com