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Easy and painless money saving tips

Money Management

No matter where you are on your financial journey, it is possible for everyone to turn their financial life around and save money. Often all it take is a few steps in the right direction but, like most things, the first step is always the hardest.

I have created a list to help you get started. None of the money-saving tips will be life-changing steps on their own, but over time they can make a huge difference if you are capable of implementing more than one. Some are easier to adopt, while others will take a bit more effort and discipline on your part.

Not all the money-saving tips will apply to everyone, but if you select a few and apply them to your lifestyle spending habits, you will quickly find that you will be saving more money than you thought possible.

Here goes:

  • Transfer banking accounts to a different institution and take advantage of perks, reduced fees, and earn more interest.
  • Save all your change and be surprised how much money you can accumulate at the end of the year.
  • If you are a hoarder of things, then stop collecting and start selling your things on websites like Craigslist.
  • Sign up with every free customer reward program and get rewarded for shopping.
  • Instead of buying gifts rather make them yourselves. Use the web for ideas and suggestions.
  • Implement the 30-day no purchase rule. Before buying anything, give yourself 30 days to decide before making any purchase.
  • Before going grocery shopping you should make a list and stick to the list.
  • Instead of eating out with friends rather entertain at home.
  • Don’t toss that shirt with a broken button, rather repair it. Basic sewing jobs can be done by anyone.
  • When you spring clean your closets and home, instead of dumping everything rather have a yard sale.
  • Drink more water. Not only does this have great health benefits, it is also a financial benefit.
  • Avoid convenience and fast foods at any cost.
  • For those smokers out there, for heaven’s sake (and your health) QUIT SMOKING.
  • When you cook make more than one batch which you can freeze and eat another day.
  • When you leave a room turn off the lights.
  • To save on the electrical bills install CFLs or LED lights.
  • Install a programmable thermostat, keep your doors closed, and make your windows are well sealed.
  • Make sure you service your car and change the air filter.
  • Stop using your credit cards.
  • When you plan your grocery-shopping look for daily deals or coupons.
  • Compare prices at different grocery store and see which store gives you the best value.
  • Avoid those spending sprees after a stressful day. Don’t purchase things to make you feel better.
  • Cancel all those unused subscriptions. How many of you are actually making use of your gym membership.
  • Buy used good when you can. Often, with a bit of clever shopping, you can buy things from reputable used equipment stores.
  • Avoid getting sick and wash keep your hands clean and avoid medical bills.
  • Do your holiday shopping after the holidays and find those deals.
  • Instead of buying name brands rather buy generic store brands.
  • Stick to reliable, full-efficient vehicles when purchasing your next vehicle and save on fuel.
  • Avoid going to the mall and window-shopping to avoid temptation.
  • When purchasing an item, take a few second and ask yourself if you really need it or not.
  • If you have an extra room think about renting it out on say Airbnb.com. Also a nice way to meet new people and culture.
  • Cancel all this magazine subscriptions.
  • Eating a healthy breakfast will provide you with energy for the day and curb your desire for big, expensive lunch. It is also very healthy, quick and inexpensive.
  • Don’t feel that leftovers are just inferior rehashed of meals.
  • Instead of going out to eat each day at work, rather make a healthy lunch at home and take it to work.
  • Instead of hiring contractors to fix things, try to do it yourself.
  • Use your freezer and buy those special 2 for 1 offers.
  • If you are looking for entertainment try check out the free events in your neighborhood and town.
  • Regularly check your vehicle tire pressure and save on fuel.
  • Start a herb and vegetable garden. Nothing better than being able to eat your own homegrown food.
  • Instead of driving make use of public transportation and save on full and parking costs.
  • Instead of waiting for something to break do your own home maintenance.
  • Buy in bulk when shopping for your staple non-perishable goods.
  • If you are going on a road trip rather pack food for your journey instead of stopping ate restaurants along the way.
  • Go through your cell phone bill and cancel the services you don’t use.
  • If you are thinking of buying a car, it is a good idea to look for a used model in good condition. Remember a new car loses value the minute you drive it out of the show room.
  • Spend time with you HR department at work and learn about the benefits your company can offer you. you might be surprised.
  • Don’t speed when you are driving. Rather leave a little earlier and improve your time management skills.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask to waive any fees when signing up for anything. Worst that can happen is that you get a no for an answer.
  • Be humble and use brutal effective coupon strategies. You will be surprised how many rich people use coupons these day from shopping to restaurants to entertainment.
  • Protect your home, appliances, and electrical devices with surge protectors.
  • Cancel all those cable and stiletto channels you don’t watch or need.
  • Get off the couch and do more exercise like walking or jogging.
  • Use online banking to for paying bills and other banking services to avoid spending on stamps, checks, and unnecessary teller fees.
  • Most of all never give when you are struggling with debt. Search the web for personal financial articles for advice and suggestions.