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Sales lessons from my 3 year old – The best deal closer ever!

Sales Lesson from a toddler

Ever been sold into buying that toy that has no practical use, is an absolute piece of junk that will break within a matter of hours and is way over priced? Now before any of us met our super sales guy; We could stand our ground against the toughest and hardest sales guys. In fact the hard closers and those that pushed properly you and me into a corner got even worse treatment.

Now when you are a mom, you meet your worst sales nightmare. You have surely been sold into later bedtimes (and all it took was a “mommy I want a little cuddle”), we have all been sold into junk food during the week, and into that ice-cream you know will ruin the dinner appetite.

So, taking a step back a mom is not necessarily soft, but that he was simply a better salesman. Better yet there are a few lessons from this little sales giant that can be learnt!

Let me impart some of his practical wisdom to winning over the masses in your sales!

  1. Don’t give up on that first NO! Just because the client says no, does not mean the sale will end there. Perhaps that client is not ready at that time to buy your product, continue asking now and again. Eventually they will buy into it should the product have value to them. Now I am not saying going and push them into a sale. Try and stay top of mind through subtle reminders. As adults we are able to do that. A toddler can’t stop being in your face is their kind of subtle.
  2. Never forget a promise from a prospect and never forget the prospect. No toddler forgets anything. Remember when you tried to buy time and tell your little guy you will take him to the park after school. As sure as the sky is blue on the way home he reminded you to take him to the park. Now we can apply it and never forget a prospect that has said ‘call me back in April’. Call them back. You might take them aback with your memory, but they will appreciate the fact that they were on your mind. Everyone wants to be remembered! (Not always by the perky salesperson trying to sell a gym contract though, but hey, they were remembered).
  3. Be Sincere. Every word that has come out of a toddlers is sincere, from the I love you’s to the ‘here is my half eaten sucker I want to share with you – now eat it’. If we were sincere in wanting the best for our clients and sharing our best products for them, perhaps the sale would be that much easier. Just don’t sincerely sell them a half broken product you have already enjoyed so much!
  4. Persistence – have a suitcase of sales tools for the sale and use the best. When you cannot get the sale, perhaps your angle is wrong. Use what you can. My guy has a treasure chest of sales tools that will start with the straight matter of fact please can I have it, right down to the tilted head with a syrupy sweet smile and if all else fails a downright temper tantrum that can raise the dead in Pompei! Now an adult having a tantrum is just not cool, but perhaps there are ways for asking for the business that will have even the most discerning customer buying into the sale. Read your customer well.
  5. Overriding authority. Now dont necessarily follow this one, but perhaps first assess if the client has the buying power. In toddler terms they simply go to the other parent or better yet they go to the grand parent and get what they wanted. For the sales guy, perhaps it is wise to speak to the wife if she has the buying power. She might not have the money, but is the decision maker. The same goes for the companies etc. Always get to the decision maker and pitch for them. They will do the rest for you.

If you are a parent then you know what is being said is the truth! So now apply it in your working day as a Sales person.