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Survey suggest that most pupils do not complete high school


Two out of every three pupils in Grade 10 do not go on to pass matric, a survey has found.

“Most pupils who drop out before completing high school do so as a result of a lack of funds,” SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) researcher Jonathan Snyman said.

“Other common reasons that pupils leave school are to look for work or because of family commitments. There is also a common view that being at school is not relevant to their lives,” he said.


The SAIRR survey found that fewer than half of those who enrolled in Grade 10 in 2008 sat for the 2010 matric exams.

Only 34 percent of all 2008 pupils went on to pass matric in 2010, and only a third of those passes were good enough to gain admission to university to study for a bachelor’s degree.

Those who did not complete high school along with those whose highest qualification was matric, accounted for 81 percent of all unemployed in the country, the survey found.


Only six percent of the unemployed were people who had completed a tertiary education.

Mr Snyman added the fact that ‘the most significant concern is that students who drop out of school more often than not never go back to complete their education. As much as one third of all 15-24 year-olds typically are not in employment, education, or training’.

The survey was based on data released by the department of basic education and will be officially released next week.

Source:  SAIRR