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You can do better with your CV cover letters

Cover Letter

If you are writing another cover letter, “To Whom It May Concern” may feel a little tired. Well, that is because it is. Here are several ways to spruce up the letter and show you are putting in more effort than your average job seeker is.

Try these instead:

Dear [hiring manager’s name]. With a little digging online, you can probably get a sense of whom the position reports to. Will the executive be the first person to open the cover letter in the applicant tracking system? Not exactly. Will it look like you did your homework? You bet.

Dear [recruiting manager’s name]. Again, with some online research, you can find out who is opening each résumé and cover letter in the system. Although calling the company may not always do the trick, you might as well try. Ask to be connected to the experienced hire recruiting team or someone in talent acquisition. Be honest: Say you want to personalize your cover letter and aim to connect with the professional managing that specific job requisition. At that point, you can also ask for the company’s formula for employees’ email addresses.

Dear Recruiting Department. If you hit some dead ends during your research, save this precious time for networking and go generic instead. Therefore, while the content matters most, even saying “recruiting department” will show a nice touch. They will not have time to wonder why you did not call the department to get a specific name, but they will see you went an extra step that goes a long way.

Dear [name of the department you are pursuing]. If you are pursuing a position in marketing, you cannot go wrong by addressing your letter, “Dear Marketing Department.” Even a small step like this will be noticed positively. In addition, your cover letter will likely reflect your marketing skills and experiences, thereby tying in the greeting nicely. The first course of action would be to find the name of the director who’s doing the actual hiring as mentioned above, but when all else fails, address it to the department.

Dear [name of referral]. Your networking has been paying off! If your neighbour or friend from Toastmasters or yoga offers to forward your résumé internally, then use his or her name in the letter. The email will definitely be read, because a referral has influence and stands apart from the thousands of generic résumés in the system. If the string of emails is separated but the cover letter and résumé are reattached elsewhere, at least you are referencing the referral in the letter and your introduction mentions it as such, too.



How to BOTOX your resume and land your dream job

Botox your profile and resume

Sometimes in our careers, when one is tenured, one needs to BOTOX your profile and resume. To remove certain history on your resume is not dishonest, what you are ensuring is that what is in your resume is relevant to the job that you are applying for. In today’s world, No one wants a 20 page resume.

A definite don’t, is to make the very first line something like this….”More than 30 years Experience”, a young hiring manager sees this as OLD, not Experienced. Remember most of the Generations X and Y are now in the working populations. So age proofing your cv is critical. This has been tried and tested, BOTOX your resume and you will see how much more interested you will be appear to be.

Here are a few things to do quickly:

  • Remove the decades ago jobs, they are no longer relevant in todays world.
  • Think of your CV like a personal advert, keep it short, sharp and exciting. This document is only a door opener.
  • You do not need to put your birth date, nor the year you completed high school. All you need to do is show your highest qualification and the date on that one.
  • You do not need to list your career aspirations and personal goals, they are only interested in what you are going to do for them.
  • Omit the 6 months stint jobs or part time roles, they are not interested in these either.
  • Type you CV in a font size of no less than 12, no one want to read tiny font.

These are your CV essentials:

  • You personal details, but not your address.
  • Make sure your email address is professional.
  • Summarize your career with bullets points.
  • Take the key words from the job description and sprinkle them through out your CV.
  • Include your professional skills, and not too much details.
  • Hobbies/Interests: These make you stand apart and tell a lot about you, do not go into too much detail though.
  •  Add your LinkedIn link as well as any other social media links you have.

In closing, when you send your CV to a prospective employer, make the job title your subject line with your name. Now go get to work, and have fun with re inventing yourself in this regard.


How to Create the Perfect Cover Letter and Resume

Research and analysis by ZipRecruiter of over 3 million resumes and cover letters has determined what constitutes the perfect 5 star resume.

According to their research, they have concluded that a good resume and cover letter consists of a number of different  and strong parts: how it describes past experience, how long it runs, what it includes, and what it leaves out. The main thing to remember, is to keep your resume and cover letter short and relevant, with a sections identifying your objective, a summary, Work history, and training.

When writing your resume resume and cover letter, take note of your written language skills and avoid using words that have negative effects on the way you are trying to present yourself. “We found that words that made the jobseeker seem like an inexperienced work-in-progress, like ‘first,’ ‘need,’ ‘hard,’ or ‘develop,’ had a very negative effect.”

Be aware of the keywords you use and how they effect the perceived resume quality. From the research, it was found that there was a strong correlation between keywords and resume quality.

It was found that approximately 24% of the resumes analyzed had a lower likelihood of getting a 5 star rating when including languages, personal interest, accomplishments, and hobbies. These were section to avoid.

Simple tips to improve your resume is to include phrases like  ‘thank you’ and try to display self confidence that you are the perfect candidate and will get the job done.

Finally, the last point is for those individuals who are new to the workforce or a particular profession and consider themselves a “work-in-progress”. Even if you do not have that much work experience, by showing confidence can overcome this.

The perfect resume

Source: ziprecruiter.com


Tips on how to make your resume successful

Lets imagine that you have not yet commenced on that New Year’s resolution of reworking your resume, that is if you made a decision to edit your resume. Working with an up-to-date and well written resume is definitely the single most sensible thing that you can do for your own benefit, in the event that you are considering shifting to a different job or career, or maybe you happen to be looking for ways to return to the workforce following a long layoff.

As is the situation with many different similar projects; which can be very easily be dropped down a person’s priority list, the most difficult part is in fact how to get started. When you finally do take out that old resume you will probably find that the spin and rewrite job appears to be about as exciting as performing taxes. And for a large number of us, it is. Plus there is the question of what in fact really should be performed to make your resume a winning one. Could it possibly be just updating the contact details and work history, or perhaps is there more to it than that? This is often a writing exercise and is often challenging and frustrating. You might find that yourself contemplating about putting off this resolution until next year.


In order to make your resume rewrite easier let us concentrate on what really needs to be performed to insure that it is extremely readable to hiring managers and recruiters, that happen to be the types of people more than likely to look at your resume someday. Consider them as your audience. Understand their world. It is made up of a great deal of scheduling, running reference and background checks, carrying out interviews, debriefing clients or managers, communicating with their network, and under all sorts of constant time-pressure. They just do not possess the time or interest to read your autobiography, nor will they be interested in a boring chronology of your past jobs with nothing substantial to set you apart from the huge crowd. You have approximately fifteen seconds to make a good first impression. Think about the following questions when rewriting your resume:

What is your functional and industry expertise? You should not make the reader have to infer your skills by taking a look at work history. Have a very good lead section or summary that instantly conveys and stresses what value and talent you would probably provide the employer. Categorizing core competencies and special technical skills ahead of any list of previous jobs will enable you to be in or out of the hiring ballpark.

Where are you on the work-level hierarchy? It needs to be identified immediately whether you happen to be a laborer, assistant, manager, executive, or contracting consultant. This certainly could be featured in the lead summary and by bolding or capitalizing current and former job titles. It is advisable to make it simple for the reader to position you where you wish to be positioned.

Precisely what have you been doing over the past ten or twelve years? A clearly written chronology of your most up to date and appropriate past employment needs to be highlighted. And yes, interruptions in your work history certainly are a problem. Not necessarily what laid-off workers would like to hear. Consequently, what can you do when it comes to employment gaps? With any luck , you will have a way to demonstrate that you attempted to continue to be current and viable with your profession while you were out of work or taking care of an ill or elderly family member. Maybe you received further education and training, or volunteered, possibly interned, in an effort to continue keeping up with and developing expertise. Additionally, in many instances, what you did before, say 1998, is not going to be that crucial to someone hiring in 2012.

What have been your significant accomplishments? Within this chronicle of your employment you need to highlight precisely what you have done which has made a real contribution. Make reference to tangible measures for instance revenue and profit increases, lead generations and conversions, savings in costs or resources, or anything else that demonstrates you have improved upon processes. Consider it as putting together your greatest hits.

Source: William W. Ryan


Four Essential Tips to Building Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is most definitely a highly effective job search tool not to mention an excellent channel to publish your resume, however it needs to be handled with care! It is most likely the ideal way to communicate your personal brand, but it’s at the same time extremely visible and can leave you exposed in the completely wrong way if you are not careful. Make certain that your profile represents you in the manner you would like potential employers to view you, but in addition keep in mind the way your current employer might possibly view your profile while you are on the lookout.

1. Turn Off Activity Broadcasts. For anyone who is currently employed, make sure that you turn off activity broadcasts before commencing to make changes to your profile. You probably know how you receive updates on the activity of all the individuals in your network which include changes to headlines, experience and specialties? This kind of activity is undoubtedly an instant tip-off to employers or coworkers that you may be looking for alternative employment. To turn off broadcasts, sign into your account and access account settings. This will be found when you mouse over your name as it appears in the top right hand corner of the page, above the search bar. Within the settings, below your profile menu, simply select the option “Turn On/Off Activity Broadcasts” and make certain that broadcasts are off.

2. Customize your URL. LinkedIn will automatically generate a URL for your profile, however, you have the choice to personalize your URL. Customizing your personal URL without a doubt looks better, in addition it truly is simpler and easier for people to remember and retype, both of which are a benefit in your job search. To modify the URL, first select Edit Profile under the profile menu. Towards the end of the snapshot area you will find your current public profile url – simply click on the small edit button next to the url. From the screen that opens, search for the Public Profile URL widget around the bottom right of your screen. Choose the option to customize your URL and decide on something that is unique to you, for example your full name or your full name with middle initial.



3. Modify your headline. Your headline will automatically default to your current title. If you’re searching for a job, your headline ought to make reference to the job you are looking for, definitely not the job you currently have! By way of example, Strategic Marketing Executive as opposed to Marketing Manager at ABC Company. This is your opportunity to really brand yourself and present yourself as an expert within your field! Modifying your headline is straightforward. Go to Edit Profile within your profile menu, then simply select the Edit option alongside your name. Your professional headline appears beneath your name.

4. Skills, skills and even more skills! Skills are a tremendously powerful new feature in LinkedIn and you can now add up to 50 to your profile! These skills are just like keywords in an applicant tracking system which enable it to assist employers find you for the skills you would like to be found. Make sure that you submit all your key skills here. To add skills, in the Edit Profile area, scroll down the page below your experience until you find the skills area. Click on add skill and add away!