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The Finer Points of Frontline Reception


As the frontline reception you are often responsible for setting the tone of your company and providing first impressions, so when you’re having a bad day, the whole company ends up having a bad day!

This, for obvious reasons, is something you can never let happen – you’re the ‘shop window’ for your company and always need to be at the top of your game, with a smile on your face, or your clients are likely to walk away.

In a sense it’s like being a celebrity, you’ve always got to look and dress and act your best or people will notice, and talk about it, and remember.

Tips for the Best Impression:

Always consider what message you’re sending out through your appearance, and I don’t just mean what you’re wearing! A disorganised desk and environment speaks louder than you might think.

Take a clean and simple approach to your reception area; have little or no make up or paraphernalia lying around your desk. Barriers between you and the client could be PCs, filing trays or floral arrangements.

Set the tone of the company by being upbeat and ready with a smile.

Take responsibility for the front desk, which means never leaving it unattended. Create a roster for relief staff and set the tone for professionalism and punctuality for these individuals.

Dress appropriately, but don’t over do it!

Keep your emotional stuff separate from work. This means if you’re going through a rough patch with your boyfriend and you’re upset, arrange for a 10 minute break to go and do some serious cold water patch ups!

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