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What do successful people do before going to work

Morning mediation


Like it or not, rising early and utilizing the morning hours before going to work could be the key to a successful and healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that many CEOs and influential people have a common trait of rising early. From research results it is evident that people who rise early are far more proactive and productive. So what are most common things successful people do before going to work or during the first half of the work day.

Exercise – The vast majority who take the time to work out do it in the early morning. Whether it is taking an hour run or a session at the gym, exercising in the morning will give you an energy boost for the rest of the day and a sense of accomplishment. Early morning workouts also eliminate the possibility that you will flake out after a long day at the office. Even a 30 minute workout of stretching and pushup has huge advantages and long term benefits.

Take the time to map out your day – Planning and mapping your daily schedule will ell help to maximize your potential This includes all your daily goals and to dos. Given that the early morning hours is probably one of the only quiet times you have for yourself it is a good time to map out your day. Early morning allows you to reflect on your day and prioritize all your daily activities. The quiet time allows you to problem solve and fit everything into your daily schedule. Never forget about your mental health and take a 10 minute break for a walk or mediation. And never forget to nourish your brain with healthy food.

Always eat a healthy breakfast – We have all heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most people are always in a rush in the morning and leave home after a cup of coffee and go to work on an empty stomach. By mid morning you already start thinking about what you are going to have for lunch. If you take the time before work for a healthy breakfast will provide your body and brain with fuel for the day. Breakfast is not only beneficial for your health, it is a good time to socialize with your partner and family.

Meditate and visualize – Not only do we need to take care of our physical health, it is important to take care of your mental health. Early morning is the perfect time to make use of the quiet time to massage your brain with some meditation and visualization. Visualization and positive thinking can lift your mood and outlook for the day ahead at the office.

Avoid stress and take on least desirable task first – We all have that one task on our to do list that we dread and try avoid all day or week. To avoid stress, it is recommended to take on and complete your least desirable task first. By doing this, it will help you to avoid the stress and get it our of the way, thereby opening the rest of the day or week to be more productive. Not only will you feel a sense of accomplishment, it is during those early morning hours when you have more energy and avoid the stressful anticipation of completing the dreaded task.

Source: forbes.com



South Africa personal wealth and quality of life is declining

Legatum Global Prosperity Index 2013-1


South Africa slips 5 places to 77th most prosperous country in the world, hampered by poor health and education levels and a low sense of safety and security. Over the past 5 years, South Africa’s ranking has continued to decline. The majority of the lowest ranking countries in the Prosperity Index all come from the sub-Saharan Africa region.

The Legatum Institutes annual prosperity index ranks 142 countries across the globe in terms of income (GDP, economy, wealth) along with well-being (quality of life, governance, sentiment). The index utilizes thousands of datapoints from global data sources, tracking close to 90 variables as well as an average of over 1,500 interviews with people in each of the 142 countries covered.

Over the last five years, South Africa has dropped 33 places to 82nd in the Personal Freedom sub-index because of a decrease in civil choice. Fewer individuals in the country feel satisfied wiht their freedom of choice.  Due to an increasing perception of social support and volunteerism rates, South Africa has risen in the Social Capital sub-index to 65th position.


Legatum Global Prosperity Index 2013-2

The top performing countries in the index are Norway, with the strongest economy and highest level of social capital; followed by Switzerland in 2nd and Canada in 3rd.

The highest ranking country in the sub-Saharan Africa region is Botswana with a ranking of 72 followed by South Africa in 77th position. The highest ranked countries in the sub-Saharan Africa region fill out most of the middle and bottom reaches of the index, with plenty of countries slipping in the rankings.

When it comes to entrepreneurship and opportunity, South Africa performed well. This is the country’s highest rank when it comes to sub-indices. South Africa ranked 41st in entrepreneurship and opportunity and governance (53rd); however, education (91st), health (105th) and safety and security (106th) drag on the country’s rank.

The overwhelming majority of individuals that were interviewed (82%) believe that government corruption in the country are widespread and 73% do not feel safe in the country. South Africa has fallen.

Overall, Personal Freedom across the sub-Sahara regions has decreased significantly over the past 2 years. Countries such as South Africa , Ghana and Mali dropped out of the top 50 in the Safety & Security sub-index to 82nd, 79th, and 61st, respectively.  The main reason for the decline is due to the perceived freedom to choose the course of their lives in all 3 countries.

To view the 2013 Legatum Institutes annual prosperity index – CLICK HERE

Source: Legatum Institute