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Free Belly Dance Class with Charlotte

Free Belly Dance Class

valid 17-31 Jan only, booking on email in advance essential please!!!

“Own your Belly Wellness” Studio’s – since 1997!

With SA’s most widely acknowledged and publicized belly dancer and belly dance studio…what else could you ask for!

Entrance criteria:

Sense of humour and commitment to YOUR WEEKLY SESSION/self/ME time!
No previous dance experience is necessary!
Transform your life and create essential inner balance!
(Regret no space for negative EGOS please, as we believe we ARE all equal!)

“Align your actions with thoughts – guaranteed peace and harmony”  CDB

Email: charlotte@bellydance.co.za

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How to impress your boss and get promoted

When a boss has to make a decision to promote or to let someone go, he or she will consider three things.

•    How well does the person being reviewed get along with other co-workers?
•    What kind of image does the person present (appearance, hygiene, and dress)?
•    How well does the person perform their duties?

This combination of criteria will make or break a person’s career. Performance is not always the deciding factor, and usually is the least of the three. Not saying that if you can’t do your job you will be ok. You must perform the minimum requirements, the job requires. That said; let’s go over these review points.

How well do you get along with others?

In most cases, this is a must. If you are one that doesn’t get along with your co-workers, you will disrupt the working atmosphere and cause performance to go down. This will not only affect you, but others as well. You may be the best worker but disrupting the work environment is unacceptable.

The best way to get promoted is to be congenial. Always smile and be friendly to all the co-workers, even if you don’t like them. Positive and happy people make a better work environment and they always get attention in a positive way.

What kind of image do you project?

When you interviewed for the job, you probably put your best foot forward. This image was the starting point for your career. That first impression sold you, now you have to make a lasting impression.

Tattoos and Piercings

For those who have many body piercing and think that are ok, generally, it is not in the working place. You may not hear about what the boss thinks of your personal choices of appearance but believe me, he does have an opinion and it generally isn’t good.

Most bosses like clean cut, well groomed persons in his work force. This is not only his opinion, but also how clients and visitors think of you as part of the work force. Generally, the public doesn’t like public displays of body piercing and tattoos. While there is nothing wrong with them, there is a time and a place for them. Leave your body piercing at home and cover up your tattoos.

Clean clothes and a clean smell

Don’t over perfume. This will help you get along with your co-workers. They most likely won’t say anything to you but comments behind your back will reach your boss.

Job Performance

Lastly, your job performance should be average or slightly above average. Don’t show off if you can clearly out perform all the others. This will make them jealous and you don’t need that.

If you can easily outperform others, help them bring them up to you level. The boss will notice that and the work environment will remain stable. The worse thing you can do is to get your work done too fast and then goof off. The boss will notice the goofing off but not the work.
Keep these tips in mind and work on them daily. Pride is an acronym, (Professional Results in Daily Efforts). Keep pride in your work. You will be the last man standing and move up the ladder of success faster.

Source: Robert Wallace, youthsinaction.org, job-interview-techniques.com, job-a-thon.com


AFDA Promotion

AFDA (The South African School Of Motion Picture Medium And Live Performance)

AFDA is one of the leading outcomes-based film schools in the world and listed by the council on higher Education as one of the top six private universities in South Africa. Since 1994. Our achievements have been recognized both locally and internationally and our students work has won numerous awards, including a much-coveted Student Academy Award for Best Foreign short film (Elalini,2006)


Production Design
Sound Design
Animation Directing
Visual  Effects
Costume,Make-up & Styling
Media Music Production
Screen Acting
Live Television Production


Staff Training Promotions

The Staff Training Manager’s Special is indeed aimed at women this year. Our trio of workshops on offer being:

Women @ Work
Emotional Quotient for Growth
Assertiveness Training

This bouquet of workshops all stem from a self enrichment background and you will find the effects of this learning spilling over into your working and personal life.  The only way we believe it CAN be done.

3 days that can change your life forever.

Course content includes boundary setting, time management, recognizing the different intelligences and obviously how to implement.

Come and join us!  The workshops do not have to be undertaken in any specific order.  Sign up and pay for all three before 28th February 2010 and receive a 10% discount.


Design Network Associates Promotion


Most of us feel the stress and pressure of the 21st Century. We all make do with less, are on call 24/7 and have overflowing inboxes.  We get bombarded with guides on how to manage our time more efficiently…

How come we still feel frazzled and frustrated?

Most time management systems offer band-aid solutions to the life equivalent of a broken leg…or patching a flat tire with chewing gum. For real time management change, you have to consider these reasons…

“One-size fits all systems”, Ignoring what’s important to you, Doing things you don’t really need to do and, The ‘disorganised’ myth.

At DNA we have developed processes that target individuals, so that individuals can understand their individual challenges and how to develop individual solutions.

Many delegates have benefited from the personal attention and organisation and productivity processes that are taught in this workshop. This is a practical and informative workshop that will make a difference to the way you manage your time and yourself!


28 January 2010, hosted at the King George’s Guest House, Port Elizabeth
29 January 2010, hosted at Shanguni Lodge, Edenvale, Johannesburg
17 February 2010, hosted at Spinnakers on the Bay, Bloubergstrand, Cape Town

Special: R1550.00 per person excluding VAT. Call us now for more details and bookings!