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Resolution agreed to at the Lead SA rhino poaching summit

Various bodies have united in the fight against rhino poaching at the Lead SA Rhino Summit held at Primedia Place on Monday 23 August 2010.

Coming out of the rhino summit is a coordinated effort between all the stakeholders to address the problem of rhino poaching in South Africa and to look at what can be done to tackle the demand for rhino horn.

It was agreed that urgent interventions need to be looked at and it was resolved to set up a committee to tackle the rhino poaching problem.

The intention of the committee is to improve communication and coordination among the anti-poaching initiatives by SAN Parks, government, police and security agencies, private game reserves and rhino owners as well as other conservation and wildlife organisations.

The initial priorities of the committee are:

Agree on a national anti-rhino poaching reporting number to allow the public to blow the whistle on poachers.
Coordinate the provision of intelligence from all groups to the National Wildlife Crime Reaction Unit.
Coordinate a national fund raising campaign for specific anti-poaching initiatives.
Run an information campaign about rhino poaching and the use of rhino horn.

The resolution was endorsed by the following representatives of organisations who attended the summit.

South African National Parks, The Hawks, South African Police Service, Identipet/ID Africa, Space for Elephants Foundation, 50:50, NSPCA Wildlife Unit, Spots, Wildlife ID, Phasa, African Outfitter, Wessa/Taylor Environmental, Entabeni LGSR, Legend Lodges, WESSA, GRAA, Private Rhino Owners Association, Vaalkop NR, Endangered Wildlife Trust, SANParks hon rangers, Mission Rhino, Mango Groove, Crimeline, Shout, EBlockwatch, Maquba Ntombela Found, CAA, StopRhinoPoaching.com, Yellowwood, Grey SA, Wildlife Ranching SA, Wildlife Group/SAVA, South African Veterinary Association, Department of Environmental Affairs, Conserv Security, Aquavision, Working Wild