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How to be a Great Manager when you are Shy!

The Fixer

Are you a manager or supervisor with a shy personality Can shy leaders truly be effective? Shy leaders definitely face some challenges. If you are on the management career path but think your shy personality is limiting you, here are a few of tip to confront these challenges and guide to become a better leader.

Getting To Know Your Team: Set up individual one-on-ones with my direct reports. By setting up the meetings in advance, both my employees and you have the chance to prepare. Email out an agenda with set topics to talk about. Then, use a skill that come’s naturally to you… listening.

Having Tough Conversations: These kinds of conversations don’t come easily to most managers. supervisors, or leaders in general;  but for shy bosses, they can be absolutely unnerving.It helps to have a mentor or boss who can guide you through these conversations until you feel confident initiating them on your own.

Speaking Up With Authority: There will be times you need to confront an individual employee about a particular issue; but the rest of the time, you need to be a boss plain and simple. You have to lead meetings, assign projects, set goals, and encourage your team to meet those benchmarks. And for a timid personality, simply speaking to your team with boldness and authority can be a daunting task.

1. The first was simply getting comfortable with my team.
2. Preparation is key.

Dealing With All Of The Above: Yes, it will be painful at first. But if you want to be a leader, stick with it. Because the good news is, it gets easier. Once you know your team of employees and feel comfortable around them, you will find you feel more empowered to lead them. Tough conversations will get easier. You will be able to confidently coach and train your team, The path to some of the most rewarding things in life are painful and scary, but that makes it so much more fulfilling when you reach the point where you can look back and see how far you have progressed.


Some important Life Lessons to attain happiness

happy peopleYour personal approach to your professional and financial matters, as well as your way of dealing with your own problems, will take you to even higher heights than any amount of knowledge can.

So here are some points to help you on your journey.

1. Know that  what you focus your mind on grows bigger.
2. Don’t take things personally.
3. Express gratitude — daily.
4.  Stand up for yourself but don’t act entitled.
5.  Ask for 100% of what you want from 100% of people 100% of the time.
6. Learn to like rejection.
7. Recognize that money gives you freedom.
8. Always negotiate.
9. Start investing early.
10. Do one thing at a time.
11. Accept and enjoy where you are right now.
12. Get a regular dose of nature.
13. Sweep your side of the street.
14. Know that people who talk about other people behind their backs are also talking about you behind yours.These people aren’t real friends. The world has plenty of
non-gossips from among whom you can choose true friends.
15. Don’t hold a grudge.
16. Always put in your best effort, so that you never have regrets or wonder ‘what if.’
17.  Lasting change in life starts with daily habits.
18. Ask yourself, “Will this matter in a year?”
19. Treat others with kindness and understanding.
20. Know that  how you use your mind is in your power.

Every moment, you must realize you have a choice as to how to use your mind, and that, gives you control over the course of your life.



How to increase your personal motivation and take control of your life

How to increase your personal motivation

Over the years we have all heard people say, we can create the life you want. What you seldom see, is simple and easy steps to achieve this.

Step 1 – Get up in the morning with appreciation, write a journal. Put 5 points on paper that you are grateful for. Focus on the positive in your life.

Step 2 – Do one thing that morning that makes you smile. You are special and should do something each day that makes you happy.

Step 3 – It is so important that you acknowledge yourself for what you have done with the above 2 steps. Self acknowledgment is not something we have been taught. We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves for affirmation. Start now. Make it a habit.You have to make this choice. It is up to you to do the work.

Step 4 – There are precious few things in life that you can control. However you are in 100% control of your attitude. Being motivated means you are in control of your life. You must control thought negative thoughts, writing in a gratitude journal will aid this.

Step 5 – Know yourself. Know your strengths and areas of development. Know what gets you out of bed in the morning, with a YES attitude. This is your driver. Be aware of it and live it to the full!

Step 6 – It is so important to have your own quiet time each day. Reflection is part of your success. Be clear on where you are headed, this is your life! Exercise self-motivation every day.

Step 7 – In life, you must be clear on your personal goals and dreams. If you have written these down and made them a priority, you will achieve them. The road may curve a little on route, but knowing your destination is critical.

Step 8 – Goals and dreams are part of your daily review in your journal. It is your personal motivation. Review these, plan these and focus on these.

Step 9 – Know what you have to do to make your goals come true. Make a plan so it can be accomplished. Write it clearly, break it down and sign it for yourself.

Step 10 – Now you need to put this plan in motion. Just do it! Do not procrastinate.

By prioritizing these steps, you are taking control of your life and you will set yourself up for a fulfilled and happy life.


8 Leadership Lessons in the School of Life


The beauty about life is that each day we get another chance to do things differently. Our errors from yesterday are an integral part of our success in life.

Here are a few guidelines to help you along the way, in the School of Life:

Run like there is no tomorrow

We only have the certainty of today, so make it count. Live up to your potential. Stop sweating the small and unimportant things that happen daily.  Put your blinkers on and focus straight ahead. Get it done and know you are more than capable.

Work – Life Balance

Over the years you hear in work, this is not personal BUT…Of course work is personal. To retain objectivity is the key. Learn to take your team on the journey of self discovery with you. You have a core set of values that should be aligned to the organization that you work for. Live this and lead with this. Do not negotiate it.

Look at the long term picture

When one runs a long distance, it takes planning, training, unique skills and time. One must make informed decisions for this race. This is a metaphor for your life. Take stop, know your direction, it will help you stay on course and make wise decisions in your day to day life. Great leaders look forward and know what is coming.

Identify a coach or expert on your journey

It is imperative that one has an individual that one can go too for an objective perspective and for guidance. Often this person has more experience than you and will guide you to better decisions. This person may change and that is OK. Find a mentor that you trust with your career. Approach someone you know and admire. Seek expert guidance. This must be done with respect. This is proven and it really works. Remember the only stupid question is the one not Asked!

Titles actually don’t matter

Whatever your role is know strive to operate at one level higher, leaders are identified as they go the extra mile. This means leading by great example, have a brilliant work ethic, in essence ensure that you really SHOW UP!

It is important to consciously grow your Business Network

As we go through life there are growth stages, so earlier on one has great friendships, nurture these as in the long term some of these friendships will grow into critical business alliances. Be aware of this and start surrounding yourself with top class people and will help you effectively grow your business network.

The blunders in life

You must know that we all mess up. It is how you come back from it that shows what you are truly made off. Sending a positive message after a glitch and growing yourself in self knowledge is key to becoming an accomplished leader. This will ensure you CHOOSE success over failure time and time again.

Being knocked down and getting up

You have to think long term, you have to keep getting up again and say to the world, ”Is that all you have?”  Leaders are made of tough stuff. Leaders can be grown, remember where there is will, there is always a way!


What do successful people do on the weekend

family gardening


Do you ever wonder what successful people do on weekends in order to achieve and maintain their success?  Most will use their weekends to unplug from the day-to-day commitments and use the time to take a step back and take a broader look at their company and industry. Weekends are a great chance to reflect and be more introspective about bigger issues. Weekends can be a secret weapon in professional success. To succeed you need to rejuvenate your mind and body and be able to start the new week full of energy and ready to go. So what exactly are “successful people” doing on weekends?

Here are a few things successful people do on weekends:

Make time for family and friends. For those individuals who do not have much time during the week, weekends are a good time to catch up with friends and spend quality time with family. Especially those of you with children, remember you cannot make for lost time.

Exercise. We all know that to maintain a healthily body and mind we need to exercise. For those that cannot workout during the workweek, it is important to use the weekend and downtime to to make up for lost exercise time. Exercise is the perfect tool to clear your mind and think about fresh ideas.

Pursue a passion. In order to succeed, you need balance work and play. Following a passion or hobby can assist you to unwind from the day job and add to your life balance.

Gardening/crafts/games/sports/cooking/cultural activities. This is especially important for those cooped up in an office all week. For example, gardening is the perfect thing to do and can also involve the whole family.

Take a weekend vacation. One of the best ways to detach from your high pressured job and work commitments is to get away for a weekend.

Disconnect. Most successful people will try to avoid checking their email messages for a period of time. This is not to say avoiding to check your messages at all. For example, taking a walk without your phone can provide your with a liberating feeling. Take a ‘tech Sabbath’.

Volunteer. Volunteering can you break away from all the stressors of your job and work commitments and provide you will a sense of personal fulfillments. Helping out at a fund raising event, for example, not only helps a specific cause but also allows you network with people with similar interests and brands you as a philanthropist.

Avoid chores. We all know that weekends are a good to complete those to-dos that we could not get around to during the week or have been avoiding, however, try demarcate a specific time to complete all your chores and errands.

Plan. Take time to think about the week, month or year ahead and make a plan. By planning will help you to be more effective and productive. Getting swamped and bogged down by short lists will not allow you to accomplish and see the the big picture.

Socialize. Humans are social creatures and research has clearly shown that socializing adds to one’s happiness. Spend time with your family and friends , or get involved in the local community. Giving back to your community or industry will also give you a sense of satisfaction.

Network. Networking is a job requirements rather a lifestyle of successful people. Whatever you do or go, try to network and connect with people.

Reflect. Take the time to appreciate what you have and reflect on your life, happiness, and accomplishments. Weekends are the perfect time to reflect and be more introspective about the bigger issues of work and life.

Recharge. We live in a highly stressful and competitive world, and optimum performance requires that we take control and manage our downtime in order to recharge our mind and body. If you can master this then you are on the road to success.