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Training in this Economy



In these uncertain economic times companies tend to bemoan the cost of training courses and the time taken out to complete them (with staff out of the office often for an entire working day), but at Staff Training we believe the overall benefits of skills development far outweigh these complaints.

Of course as a training provider we’re likely to say that, but the benefits speak for themselves…


1. Training as a means of Performance Management

When employees are sent on training courses managers become able to hold staff accountable for their individual and team performance. What training does (besides up skill our workers) is provide a baseline for managers to set expectations for their staff, allowing employees’ performance to be managed in a more structured and measurable way.


2. Training for Increased Productivity

Staff who are knowledgeable in their field of expertise, are confident in what they are doing and who know how to effectively listen and communicate, tend to operate at a higher level of productivity, motivation and efficiency.

For companies this higher level of individual productivity and efficiency almost always leads to a direct increase in profits and output.


3. Training for Staff Retention

Companies who invest in their staff through training experience lower employee turnover.

The reason for this is that staff who are trained are shown that their company values them, thus providing them with a sense of loyalty and belonging. People who feel as though their companies have a vested interest in them as people, and would like to see them perform better at their jobs (and make provision for this through training), typically work harder and are more motivated.

In addition to staff retention, training workshops like Customer Care Training can also be linked to customer retention as employees are better equipped to deal with a myriad of situations more effectively.


4. SETA Refunds

Every company that contributes towards the skills development levy (SDL) – which, according to SETA, is, “All employers who are registered with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) for PAYE and have an annual payroll in excess of R500 000” – are entitled to claim back a percentage of the costs of staff training from their SETA.


5. Training to Stay Ahead Technologically

We’re living in the digital age and our employees and companies have to keep up with the times or face being left behind. Employees and employers who are able to adapt to the fast-paced changes of the business world have the best chance of success.

Fortunately you don’t have to spend all your time researching new trends and technologies – your training provider will take care of this by incorporating any new developments into their workshops, so all you have to do is attend!

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SA to use OECD as learning tool to improve performance

Government is to use the upcoming Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) 3rd World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy as a learning tool to improve its performance.

Minister in the Presidency responsible for Performance Monitoring and Evaluation, Collins Chabane, said this forum would help government gain knowledge and learn from other countries.

“We view this forum as an opportunity, as we work towards charting the way forward in measuring performance in our country, to gain knowledge and learn how the rest of the world is and has been approaching this function and what experiences can we apply in South Africa, ” said Chabane.

Collins Chabane

The minister will lead a South African delegation of senior government officials to the conference to be held in South Korea from Tuesday to Friday.

Under the theme “Charting Progress, Building Visions, Improving Life”, the forum seeks to better understand the potential for new visions to address the current economic crisis.

It will further explore ways of improving people’s lives and discuss the role that evidence-based debate among citizens could play in fostering societal change.

Oecd Members

The minister is expected to present the South African Green Paper on Performance Monitoring and Evaluation at the conference for discussion and debate.

According to the ministry, the paper will be presented at a high level plenary session on new policies, new behaviours and new institutions.

In his address, Chabane will also highlight the policy rationale, aims and challenges of the Ministry for Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation and seek input and partnership with global institutions in carrying out this function in South Africa.

“The conference will be an opportunity for the ministry to find best practices and also find out what challenges has the rest of the world been confronted with to enable us to take them into consideration as we carry out our mandate,” the ministry said.

The forum is being run as part of the Global Project on “Measuring the Progress of Societies” hosted by the OECD in collaboration with other international and regional organizations.

The Global Project brings together, in a network, thousands of people around the world working in different disciplines, to exchange ideas and best practices to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of understanding, measuring and promoting progress using evidence.

The forum is expected to be attended by 200 authoritative speakers and some 1500 high level participants from more than 130 countries.

Delegates will include politicians and policy makers, opinion leaders, academics, statisticians, journalists and representatives of civil society from all regions of the world.

The conference is co-hosted by the OECD and the Government of South Korea in cooperation with the European Commission, the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, African and the Inter-American Development Banks and Organisation of Islamic Conference.

Source: BuaNews, oecd.org


Ignite business services

Ignite business services offers energized facilitation and training services which are customized according to a companies needs, focused on enhancing the sustainability of the program and the learning. Ignite is passionate about making a difference and adding value to your business.

They specialize in communication, sales, customer service.

The Team

“Sacha has provided the solution by strategically breaking down the problem to the most basic form and creating a practical, easy to use, step-by-step programme that is fun, enjoyable and easy to adapt to; at any level. I would recommend her to any organisation trying to get their staff motivated and productive. She assisted with staff retention and record breaking sales months.

The workshops have been priceless” Momentum 2007

Sacha Traub has spent the last decade conquering and mastering the sales and service industry. Identifying a gap in the market, Sacha devised training materials to aid the development of staff and management to assist in creating a holistic, productive and powerful work force. Sacha is successful in empowering individuals to learn, improve and take pride in every aspect of what they do. By providing people with accessible skills and knowledge she has enabled many to open doors of opportunity and hope, while helping to dispel any possible fears and low self-esteem. Sacha gives people the awareness to pioneer change, both personally and professionally.

Her overseas work experience has given her great insight into a 6-Star customer service culture, acknowledging the importance of achieving optimum sales productivity. These results are achieved through interactive, fun training that is simple and practical providing immediate an impact within your business.

‘Phenomenal, inspirational, powerful’ are all words that are often used when describing Sacha Traub and her facilitating techniques/workshops.

“Sacha’s presentation skills are excellent. Her attention to detail and getting the message across are great strengths. All staff were complimentary about her knowledge and confidence. She has been instrumental in equipping our staff with necessary skills to increase retail sales and guest communication”


Focus areas:

Delight your client
Ignite your sales
Time management
Supervisory skills
Performance management
Ignite your interactions
Telephone and Admin skills
Motivational workshops
Cultural diversity
Change and conflict management

Most popular new course this quarter: Cultural Diversity
Most requested existing course- Ignite your interactions
Most popular basic skills course- Telephone skills

Discount Policy : They also have  discount policy for every 3 people booked the 4th is free.

Why are they different:

Their personal relationships with clients
No minimum number of people to train
Fun and interactive training
Cost effective
Onsite or offsite
Discount policy