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Is Fashion Design a Career for You

Where there is an interest, talent usually follows.

If you are just out of school, or in an existing job wanting a change, becoming a fashion designer through CRE Fashion Design School can become one of the most rewarding career opportunities for you.

The fashion designer profession has recently emerged as one of the most sought out careers among both young adults and people looking for a mid-career change.

So how do you know if you have what it takes?

Firstly, you should have a creative flare and be artistic. If you have design ideas and a certain vision of style you are definitely on the right path.  We will teach you to express your ideas through Fashion illustrations and plan the production of garments through Technical drawings. In depth study of History of Costume, Textiles theory, Pattern making and Garment construction follow.

As a designer you don’t have to be a fine artist, but a visionary who is able to work with shape, colour and detail.  If you have the visual imagination and the ability to think in three-dimensions to translate into garments, we will teach you everything else.

Certain students are more technical minded and they usually exceed in Pattern making, Garment construction and Business in general.

You should also be fashion conscious and must be aware of market requirements. In order to have an international perspective, you can read international fashion journals and books on history and art.

Lastly, as a designer you should be a good communicator who is able to work with people – clients, suppliers, clothing factories, media etc.

Of course, while raw talent is important, equally important is tuning your creativity into a set of skills that are both marketable and professional.  CRE Fashion design school’s various programs help you achieve that.

Note that apart from Fashion designer other career opportunities include Art director, Fashion brand manager, General manager of a fashion company, Retail manager, Retail General manager, Fashion stylist, Fashion Journalist etc.


If you wish to see how CRE Fashion design school’s online fashion distance programs will get you on the road to a lucrative career in fashion design, send 1 sample Fashion design illustration to info@studyfashiononline.com in JPEG / GIF or PNG format (maximum size per picture: 250Kb), along with your Skype address.

This drawing does not have to be perfect Fashion illustration or Technical drawing – just your own creative expression of a design idea.

A tutor will contact you and provide you with a 30 minute free evaluation of your drawings, and give you an honest opinion of whether you have what it takes to be a fashion designer.  The tutor will also answer any questions you have about a fashion design career and the programs offered by CRE Fashion design school.

Discover your unique talent, develop your signature style and launch your fashion design career today!


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