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Rubyfish Health Risk Solutions

Rubyfish health risk solutions provide interventions to assist companies to increase productivity, employee well-being and staff retention. We achieve this through education aimed at primary prevention and early disease detection, psychosocial and medical assessments as well as individual and company status reports.

Rubyfish Health Risk Solutions are registered health professionals specialising in training and promoting awareness in the fields of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Hypertension, Diabetes and Stress.
Rubyfish offers the following services to companies:

1. Health and wellness educational courses

The primary goals of wellness and education courses are to prevent, detect and manage health risks through increased knowledge of various chronic lifestyle related illnesses. The following two-day courses to empower management (HR, personnel, equity and skills development managers, supervisors, peer educators and community leaders) are available:

HIV/AIDS & Related Diseases
HIV/AIDS Counselling Programme
Stress Management
Short courses aimed at health and life skills development amongst the workforce include:
HIV/AIDS Part 1 & part 2)
Sexually transmitted diseases
Healthy lifestyles
Financial Management
Interpersonal Communication
Leaving a Legacy

All courses can be tailor-made to suit company needs.
2. Psychosocial assessments

The aim of psychosocial assessments is to identify psychosocial stressors impacting a person in the following areas of life:


3. Medical assessments

Voluntary HIV Counselling and Testing
Blood pressure and pulse
Body-mass index
Blood glucose
Cholesterol test
Kidney function tests
Urine tests (bladder and kidney)
Snellen eye chart test
And more…

4. Statistical integration, recommendations and referrals

A written global health risk report on the assessed individuals will be made available to companies in order to empower management to make informed decisions with regards to future planning. Based on the health risk findings, Rubyfish will provide management with appropriate recommendations.


Dr Ingrid Artus

Ingrid is a counselling psychologist who has worked in a variety of contexts such as university, schools, companies, community clinics and in private practice. She is a previous PEPFAR fellow who is passionate about assisting people to live life to their fullest potential. She envisions positively impacting our society, specifically through imparting health related knowledge and life skills.


Sr Trudy Geddes

Trudy is a professional nurse and proponent of primary and preventative health interventions. She is specifically inspired to encourage people to know their HIV status sooner rather than later. In acquiring health knowledge and understanding of their condition, people will be empowered to maintain optimum quality of life, remain employed and make informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones.