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UCT and Wits business school ranked best in Africa and Middle East



Both UCT and Wits business schools have once again excelled and both institutions have been included in the top “emerging global schools” in the the Middle East and Africa according to the recently released  survey of the world’s top business schools  by Quacquarelli Symonds.

The University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business claimed top position in Africa followed by University of the Wits Business School. 3rd was the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and 4th the American School in Cairo, Egypt.

The QS Global Business Schools Report 2013/14 main objective is to value MBA programmes from around the world based upon their qualification’s end-consumer : the MBA employer. The survey is largest of its kind and includes 4,318 responses from recruiters who actively recruit and hire MBAs.

The survey includes over 200 business schools from around the world and both Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business and Wits Business School placed in the second highest “emerging global” category. Both schools boast an established reputation for excellence beyond their region according to the survey.


QS Top MBA 2

It is also stated that that these schools are the top business schools in Africa, however, they are still no match for the global elite. Despite this fact, it is expected that both these schools will improve over time. There are numerous business schools in Africa but, as stated in the report, management education is still in its infancy and it will take many years in order for business schools in Africa to achieve any form of prominence in the international stage.

The average expected salary for graduates of UCT MBA programme is roughly R840 000 which is amongst the highest in the world and the highest in Africa. Given this earning power, UCT can compete with the global elite. Students who have graduated from UCT business school, 75% are South African, are currently amongst the top earners in the world. According to the report, graduates are earning more than $130 000 three years after completing their studies.

The leading schools in other regions surveyed are: Harvard and Stanford lead North America; INSEAD in France and the UK’s London Business School top the Europe table, while INSEAD in Singapore leads the Asia-Pacific region. These five schools received the maximum score for employer recognition.

Source: southafrica.info, topmba.com


5 Reasons to Enroll in Graduate School


Graduate school is not right for every individual, however it does offer its advantages. Listed below are 5 reasons why you should take a look at graduate school and receive an MBA. See whether any of them are suitable for your own personal, educational, and professional set of goals and objectives.

Show me the money: Generally, MBA graduates tend to be more marketable to companies for management positions. Management positions in most cases pay more in salary when compared to other staff positions. Furthermore, as considerably more companies are making an MBA a requirement for employment. By earning your MBA could possibly suggest that you will end up “seeing more money!”

Professional growth & development: A great number of individuals enroll in an MBA program after working for many years. Consequently they have attained real-world experience after obtaining their bachelor degree. Returning to grad school could simply be regarded as a personal or professional goal that you may have set for yourself. By merging your real-world work experience with the enhanced skills and training that graduate school will offer you, it can certainly help you grow both personally and professionally.

Develop into a specialist: Numerous graduate schools enable you to select a area of expertise when you are earning your MBA. This enables you to further advance your general business skills and at the same time evolving into a specialist within a specific field. By way of example, chances are you may at present be employed in the marketing department of your organization as a marketing assistant. You would like, however, to develop into a marketing manager for one of the divisions of your organization and one of the prerequisites for marketing managers is that they will need to have an MBA. It is possible to go back to graduate school and earn your MBA which includes a special focus in marketing. Regardless of whether or not you are given a marketing management position in your current firm, it could possibly land you a job in another firm.

Opens up doors of opportunity: Receiving an Master of business administration degree can throw open doors of opportunity that could possibly not have been opened without having one. Statistics don’t lie and the numbers reveal that MBA graduates come with an increased probability of accessing the position which had been beyond their reach prior to earning their degree.

Establish a network: In some cases achieving success in business and in life in general is all about who you know versus what you know. In grad school you will encounter many different kinds of people coming from all different walks of life. Your colleagues and professors are fantastic resources for you in the business world. Graduate school enables you to develop your own framework of a support and contact system to build solid business relationships.

Whilst these are 5 excellent reasons to enroll in graduate school, its possible you have reasons of your own which are not mentioned above. Take the time and make a list of reasons why you think you would like to go to graduate school, and just how attaining your MBA will benefit you. Come up with an old fashioned pros and cons list and discover which argument has more reasons, pros or cons. Chances are you will most likely identify more positive reasons to earn your MBA degree as opposed to reasons not to attend grad school.


Choosing the ideal MBA Specialty area

The majority of students obtaining their MBA in popular fields for instance finance, marketing, and management, however, these are not the sole specialization of MBA programs which are available from colleges or universities. You will discover considerably more specializations in MBA offered for individuals in a variety of industries; virtually any fields that you can think off, you will encounter an MBA specialization for it. Simply by being familiar with the wide range of MBA options, you will have a considerably better chance to decide on the most suitable MBA that best matches your career goal.

Generally in most career paths, individuals are intending to accomplish their highest career achievement in managerial positions or become entrepreneurs who are planning to run their own business. Despite the fact that an MBA is not the ultimate prerequisite for managerial positions, companies in general opt to promote or hire individuals with an MBA degree for higher position for the reason that MBA degree holders usually have superior leadership and communication skills which happen to be crucial in managerial position. MBA programs in addition prepare students to have the skill to think analytically and strategically. For this reason, for anyone who is combining their undergraduate degree or non-business degree with an MBA in your career field specialization, will acquire higher marketable skills which are desirable for employment in your career field.

Listed below are a few of the most common MBA specializations:

MBA in Health Care Management

Health care industry is regarded as one of the highest growth fields. This suggests a good career opportunity for anyone who is interested to launch their career in the health care field. An MBA specialized in health care management will equip you for mid- to upper-level management positions in health care facilities, pharmaceutical firms , insurance companies, long-term care facilities, and public health agencies.

MBA in Marketing

For those who are gainfully employed in marketing, advertising or public relations, you already know that these fields are extremely competitive. You will need to have excellent marketing knowledge and skills to ensure that succeed in this challenging career. MBA with marketing specialization could possibly boost your knowledge and improve your skills to ensure you are well equipped to face the challenges along your marketing career path.

MBA in Communication

In the event you are employed in communication fields along the lines of media & advertising, journalism, public relations and you’re simply seeking to boost your career to next level, an MBA that specialize in communication will certainly prepare you for mid- to upper-level management positions within these communication career fields.

MBA in Entrepreneurship

Don’t get confused and assume that that an MBA in Entrepreneurship is only for individuals that wish to be an entrepreneur. A large number of organizations particularly companies in dynamic market sectors such as technology and media need to have degree holders with MBA in Entrepreneurship for their managerial positions to steer the companies in the direction of continued development. Essentially, this MBA courses will concentrate on business administration strategies that promote and encourage innovation and flexibility.

MBA in Hospitality & Tourism

Alongside the health care industry, service industries that include hotels, restaurants and tourism focus areas are flourishing as well. The substantial demands in these fields call for individuals with skills that can make use of management techniques at all levels of management. MBA in Hospitality & Tourism will probably be your opportunity to to shift your hospitality or tourism career to a higher level together with improved income.

MBA in Human Resources (HR)

Personnel happen to be the most crucial asset for a business. The HR department is in charge of selecting, recruiting, training as well as focus on the needs of employees. For this reason, management personnel in HR department need to have excellent people management skills, effective communication with employees, along with good labor relations.

An MBA in Human Resources will probably blend the generic MBA with specialized human resources training along the lines of employee training & recruitment, planning and mediation. Additionally, you will figure out how to integrate HR strategies with the company overall human resources allocation plan.

Bottom line

You need to pick the right specialization in your MBA program in order for your MBA degree to hold the most value which will help your career. By understanding the options of MBA program’s specialization, you will have a far better chance to pick out the most effective MBA program that best suits your career goal.


South African business schools rated the best in Africa


South African business schools continue to keep shining and are generally thought by many as capable of producing employable MBA graduates in Africa and the Middle East, based on the latest Quacquarelli-Symonds (QS) report on the World’s top 200 business schools.

In the most recent QS Global 200 Business Schools Report, which rates schools from around the globe determined by MBA employers’ and recruiters’ views, UCT GSB was ranked in first place, the University of Stellenbosch third, and the University of Witwatersrand fifth.

At the same time the American University in Cairo (second place), and the Suliman S. Olayan School of Business in Beirut (fourth) were among the top five.

The most recent QS Global 200 Business Schools Report is made up of 82 schools in North America, 67 schools in Europe, 36 schools in Asia-Pacific, 10 schools in Latin America and 5 schools in Africa and the Middle East.

The report is compiled using the thoughts and opinions of MBA employers, no other piece of MBA research encompasses this sort of geographically diverse set of schools. In 1999, only 15 schools beyond the borders of North America and Europe appeared in the research, as compared to 51 schools in the most recent report.



This signifies the widening global perspective that MBA employers are developing, as the globalization of business exposes a dependence on international managers with local talents.

Director of the GSB, Professor Walter Baets, acknowledges the value of multiple top ratings and states that it demonstrates that the school has positioned itself in a manner that remains relevant locally and internationally.

“The UCT GSB is delighted concerning this ranking. Once again it testifies to the high quality of our programmes, the remarkable impact we have on students and the exceptional quality of our MBA in particular,” says Baets. “The ratings also show that the country is putting out world class business leaders who can compete with the best in the world. What makes the business schools in South Africa unique is being located in an emerging economy that is characterised by complexity and diversity.”

As outlined by Baets, UCT GSB’s mission has been to differentiate itself as a business school with formidable and distinctive capabilities in emerging market business education and applied research.

“Our aim for some time now has been to always ensure that all our programmes are relevant in the context of new global business, in the context of new leadership development and in the context of emerging economy business,” says Baets. “This is further encouragement for us that Africa is able to develop its own models of business schools that will be more relevant to the local context without sacrificing internationalism. We don’t need Harvard in Africa we need something better.”

Marketing Manager at the GSB, Cherry Burchell, suggests that this ranking will go a long way towards expanding the belief that the GSB is the most desirable business school in the South Africa as well as on the continent, particularly when put together with the school’s NRF ratings, FT rankings and EQUIS accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development.



As indicated by Burchell, South Africa stands to gain from the international interest which will be generated by having three local universities’ business schools within the top five of the entire continent by way of encouraging investors and international students.

At the same time, the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) has also ranked in the top three business schools. As indicated by Professor John Powell, director of the USB, the university has demonstrated year-on-year improvements, ascending from fifth to third place in this survey in a matter of two years. “We are very proud to have been selected in a report that rates business schools worldwide focusing solely on MBA employers’ and recruiters’ views of MBA graduates, as it benchmarks us against the best in the world.”

As stated by Powell, the USB has enhanced its initiatives to position the business school on the global map as well as in the hearts and minds of corporate leaders throughout the world. The School continues to be widely recognised with numerous awards, including an A-rating together with a Five Palms award by EDUNIVERSAL. The USB continues to be ranked in the top 100 leading business schools in the world at number 65, based on the Aspen Institute’s 2010-11 edition of its annual Beyond Grey Pinstripes survey – the only African representative within this exclusive list.

To view full report and country rankings – click here


What MBA Program is best for you


You are probably not aware of it, but there are numerous kinds of different MBA program choices available to choose from. Regardless of where you are in your career and what your ultimate goal is for your education, you are likely to discover that there are several alternatives available for you to take part in a set of coursework that will assist to boost your skills and elevate your career along the way.

For instance, for those who are employed and require a program to provide you with the education you require, without the need of upsetting work and even a home life, then a part time MBA program can certainly be a fantastic choice. This will likely place you in a constrained period of time when it comes to performing the things you need to. As this is a part time program, it will require longer for you to complete the requirements for your degree. Having said that, some great benefits of moving at a slower pace will also help you to take more away from it.

On the other hand, you have the full time MBA program that you could choose. This is going to have you investing more time in the class room as you end up receiving the degree that you require. Upon successful conclusion, you will end up prepared to go out into the workforce and you will have the opportunity to experience all the positive aspects of the business world inside a shorter time period.



A number of people would rather complete the program faster mainly because it will assist them to give a boost to their career. For this purpose, you may need to think about the accelerated MBA program that you can enroll in. In one to two years, you could have the opportunity to obtain the degree you would like. You can then get back to the working world and make use of the time that you took by having the capability to earn more money over the long haul.

There are not surprisingly other people who may wish to enhance the MBA that they end up with. For these people, an executive MBA generally is a beneficial tool. This really is suitable for executives that are thinking about advancing their higher level careers. The extra information and facts with this program was created to boost their skills as well as have an understanding of other areas of the business world which will help them to reach the next level.

For each and every facet of life, you are likely to discover that you do have alternatives with regard to the MBA program. Regardless of whether you are fresh out of college or seeking to advance your career, you will encounter an option available to choose from which is going to meet your needs. Make absolutely certain that you do spend some time to investigate the whole set of alternatives that you have and come up with a program which will satisfy all your basic needs. All things considered, a number of options might possibly not have everything you need for a successful experience in the MBA program.