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SAVE on yoga …March Madness specials with Haum of Yoga


We at Haum of Yoga are excited to be offering you the following specials starting in March!



GET A MONTH OF YOGA FREE WINTER SPECIAL: Massive savings when you commit to 6 months of yoga for R3000 upfront – at R500 a month. This is a saving of R500! Special runs from 1 March – 31 August only! T&C apply.


GET 6 months of unlimited yoga at a savings of R300! Pay R3000 upfront and you save! Special runs from 1 March – 31 August!




We have also teamed up with some therapists that are working to help you get massaged from the inside out with yoga and from the outside in with massage!


Kahuna and yoga SPECIAL OFFER for R975, saving you R225!
Purchase a 10 class package at R650 (a R100 saving!) AND get a kahuna massage also at R100 off! The one is only redeemable with the other. Massages redeemable in Bryanston.

Redeem your voucher prior to March 31! Activate your 10 class package in March, this has a 3 month validity, Kahuna massage redeemable until 30 April!


SAVE when you purchase a March Madness R700 package: get a month of unlimited yoga and a neck and back massage saving you R200!

Package applies for March only.


We hope you will take advantage of these special offers!


Candice, Kerry and the Haum of Yoga team


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Jing-An specialized Asian Thai Massage


The word, Jing-An, literally translates as “Source of Serenity”, which was exactly what Dr Michael Lan envisioned to offer South Africans when he started his business.

Jing-An – The Asian Wellness Experience, was established almost 14 years ago, and continues to offer natural healing solutions, based on the ancient Chinese practices he was trained in.

Dr Lan saw the need for Western Cultures to embrace a NEW level of awareness within themselves by discovering their Chi (inner strength) and wanted to encourage people to incorporate the ancient art of Chinese Medicine Healing into their lives and to find a balance between Eastern and Western philosophies. Jing-An – The Asian Wellness Experience has done exactly that.





How to Choose Your Perfect Massage

Reading through a Spa menu can be confusing when it comes to massages. Options like Swedish, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone and Sports massage are tagged with all sorts of wonderful effects like relaxation, de-stress and rejuvenation promising to be invigorating, calming or balancing. But what does all this mean and how do you choose the best treatment suited to your individual needs?

Join me for a journey of discovery into the world of massage. Learn about the basic styles popularly available in Spas or Salons and know what to expect when you book yourself off for a treat. A good Salon will offer at least two or more massage variations. Lately, the trend is to offer as wide a variety as possible to ensure all client requests are covered. This could include a chakra massage, special sound or lighting effects, a four hands massage, an executive massage – most Salons have their own signature treatment. Although there are many different variations, massage has incredible benefits. Hands-on pressure improves the blood and lymph flow. By manipulating the body tissues, fresh nutrients reach the cells and metabolic waste products can be removed faster. This explains why muscles relax so deeply and when the session is finished, you feel like a new person.

Swedish massage is the most widely used. It forms the base of almost all the other massage types and is usually the first massage beauty students are taught. If you are trying out a massage for the first time, go for Swedish. It doesn’t require any strange oils or movements and the pressure can be adapted to suit you. After your first experience you will have an idea of the parts you enjoyed most and what you would like in your next treatment. Make an assessment and ask yourself a few questions. Was the pressure too hard or too soft? Do you prefer a full body massage or a back, neck, head and shoulder? Do you prefer a male or female therapist? Is an afternoon or morning massage better for you? How long do you like your massage to be, is a thirty minute one fine or is an hour better for you?

There are two main differences between an aromatherapy massage and a Swedish massage. Firstly an aromatherapy massage uses oil on the body. Oils are concentrated plant and flower oils chosen for specific therapeutic effects. Secondly, because the oils magnify the effect of the massage, the pressure used is generally lighter. This ensures the circulatory system is not over stimulated bringing on unwanted side effects. For example if the client has a high toxic level in the body, oil that stimulates a detoxification effect could result in a headache. Qualified Aroma therapists will blend a massage oil to suit your specific need. All kinds of conditions are covered from relaxation, detoxification, and stress to sinus, hay fever, muscle tension and insomnia. That means alongside the benefit of the massage you also have the long lasting effect of the oil in your system. Book an Aroma therapy appointment for an effective, relaxing and enjoyable massage or for a massage where you need a specific therapeutic outcome.

Where Aromatherapy massage is regarded as a more gentle massage, Deep Tissue and Sports massage have a different reputation. They both use very firm pressure which is sometimes even painful and is more popular with male clients. Deep Tissue uses the same form as Swedish but with added pressure working on the deeper fibres and tissues of the body. Working so deeply into the tissues can sometimes cause discomfort. Deep Tissue is a full body massage. Sports massage concentrates on a specific area of the body and is often used as part of a training or rehabilitation programme. Movements are much faster and more intense with much more pressure than any of the other massage types. It is a relaxing massage but often the best way to correct injuries and achieve specific results.

Finally we get to my personal favourite: the Hot Stone or Hot Rock treatment, a treatment I feel is highly underrated. Because it uses heat, it is generally offered in winter time. Heated flat volcanic rocks are used to massage the whole body. The heat warms the muscles and increases the beneficial effects more quickly and with less pressure. This is a perfect option if you want the benefit of a Deep Tissue massage without the intense pressure. Hot Stone massage provides a particularly comforting and pampering experience.

I hope you have gained a little more knowledge of some of the basic and popular massages available. From here on, I leave it to you to experiment and play with the unending options our beautiful industry provides.

6 Month Aesthetics and Entrepreneurship course

AN EXCITING CAREER IN WELLNESS in just 6 months. If you love working with people and wellbeing is important to you. If you need an exciting career that will earn you money. If you want to travel the world while working. Or perhaps you aren’t sure which career path to follow…..Maybe you need something to do in your gap year. Or you might be looking for something to do from home in your own time. Courses start in July 2011 and January 2012. Contact us now, limited space available


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Potchefstroom Academy Holiday School

Come visit our beautiful campus from 11-13 January 2011 for a holiday school and get a taste of student life and exciting careers. It promises to be an enriching learning experience and will help you  to make an informed decision about your future studies.

Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST enjoy international recognition and comply with National Education Legislation. Ms Tina Schöltz, the Managing Director, established the institution in 1981 which has since grown into one of the largest private tertiary institutions of its kind in this country. The academy is situated in Potchefstroom, a vibrant student city.

We are known for training excellence in:

Beauty Therapy
Spa Therapy and Management
Therapeutic Reflexology
Therapeutic Aromatherapy
Therapeutic  Massage
Interior Design & Decorating

Student Life

Potchefstroom is synonymous with student life, as the North-West University (PUK campus) and a variety of colleges are also situated here.  Potchefstroom Academy’s Student Representative Council and House committees make sure that organised activities are part of a vibrant student life, creating precious memories. Highlight events include the annual formal and informal dinner-dances, crowning of Miss Academy, get-together-program, graduation ceremony and the First-year concert but there are much more! There is more than enough opportunity for sport and social interactions with students from other institutions.

Date: 11-13 January 2011
Contact: Marie Phillips at 082 889 9754

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7 nights spiritual detox programme

Nurture your body, renew your soul and discover your inner strengths with my spiritual detox programme. Whilst the relentless pursuit of success can leave you feeling contaminated, a Soul Space Holistic Workshop will assist you to remove harmful practises emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, purifying you with ancient healing arts to facilitate self-enlightenment.  Using a combination yoga, meditation, reiki, reflexology, shiatsu massage together with my intensive group therapies you will begin to clearly see your life path and be able to focus on positive outcomes for your health and well-being.

Located in unspoiled natural beauty, the residential detox programmes provide the right conditions for your  body to heal itself. You will discover that the answers you seek to a healthy, happy, lifestyle  lie within.  Each of our specialists are chosen for their sincere appreciation of your welfare and for their ability to share their knowledge with you.

For thousands of years it has been known that by cleansing  emotionally, mentally and spiritually you will cleanse your physical body. A Soul Space Holistic Workshop will bring your goals into realization by helping you confront emotional, psychological and spiritual blockages. The intensive detox workshop is a place of purification, renewing inner strength, learning about yourself, emotional release, centering the mind and connecting with God and the spiritual world.

There are many reasons for attending our holistic workshop at Soul Space including the desire to cure a stubborn ailment, physical detoxification, emotional release, spiritual connection, personal growth, physical and emotional and mental healing, dealing with change, dealing with loss and grieving, to gain inner strength, to feel invigoration, spiritual fellowship and community, emotional nurturing, prayers for specific help, quieting the mind, opening the heart to name a few outcomes.

Holistic healing works because we are a body with a mind, emotions and spirit; and what affects one will ultimately affect the whole. For this reason, we ask that your Doctor’s letter of consent to agree to holistic treatments is a pre-requisite of the programme. Soul Space spiritual detoxworkshops assist spiritual cleansing by enabling you to find clarity and insight, emotionally and mentally. In this way, the physical body is purified enabling self-healing on all levels.  The opportunity to clear your thoughts and clarify emotions is done in an environment of peace and support to enable you to release any negativity which will prevent you from attaining your full potential and good health.

For those willing to confront their inner demons and commit to taking responsibility for their own health and well-being my workshop can be truly transformative.

7 nights spiritual detox programme @ R20950 per person sharing

Whats INCLUDED with spiritual detox programme:

1.       Inclusive yoga course
2.       Group psychology workshops
3.       Five Trust building exercises at local venues
4.       Twelve  holistic therapies for each person
5.       Drumming evening
6.       Seven nights’ accommodation
7.       All meals and refreshments (no alcohol served)
8.       Set time group transfer to and from Lanseria airport
9.       Unlimited use of leisure facilities


personal insurance
any extras such as extra therapies etc

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