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DVD-Based Training Seminars to enhance employee performance


Enhancing employee performance & effectiveness through DVD-based training seminars & bite-sized learning resources


1.    The business case

Our DVD-based training seminars are aimed at enhancing employee performance and effectiveness through highly engaging training DVDs and learning methodologies. The training DVDs showcase workplace-based scenarios dramatised by professional actors in USA, UK & Australia on different workplace themes such as managerial/supervisory skills, customer service/call centre excellence skills, recruitment/selection interviewing skills and managing diversity/conflicts in the workplace. The DVD-based training seminars are bite-sized, meaning there are no-frills (cost-effective), focused on results and targeted in approach. Participants are spared the long-winded theory that often doesn’t translate into measurable performance improvements. The focus is to close performance and competence gaps so that employees are effectiveness in their work roles.


2.    Learning intervention methodology

Here is how we transfer learning to the workplace to enhance employee performance & effectiveness.



3.    DVD-based training seminars

The DVD-based training seminars are run as DVD bundles (sets of DVDs on a specific topic). Our current range is shown below.


a)    Managing people & teams DVD-based training seminar:

This high-impact seminar is focused on developing supervisory & managerial competencies for effective organisational performance. The management training DVDs provide proven techniques that are guaranteed to improve productivity and people skills for managers and supervisors.


DVD Titles

What do you get?

1)     Building a winning team One day highly engaging session by a qualified facilitator   13 September 2011
2)     Be prepared to lead Watching a set of 9 training DVDs
3)     Be prepared for meetings Leadership & management style assessments- free reports
4)     Breakthrough listening Takeaway course material on CD format
5)     Criticism: giving & taking Tea/coffee, refreshments & finger lunch
18 October 2011
6)     Managing people Target audience: Middle managers, supervisors & team leaders
7)     Motivating your employees
8)     Performance Coaching  
9)     Time Management Cost: R1 890 per participant


Participants on this seminar have an option of getting a pack of 9CDs per each participant for our Professional Supervisory & Middle Management Development Programme (PSMDP). The PSMDP is our flagship competency-based management & supervisory development programme.  It consists of 9 CDs with 52 learning outcomes & 35 hours of learning time. Participants can learn at their own pace using these interactive audio based CDs. The 9 CD pack will be available at a cost of R1 990.


b)    Customer service excellence DVD-based training seminar

Keeping your customers happy is one of the most important parts of running a business. But sometimes your employees may not have the skills necessary to provide the best service possible. Whether it’s over the phone or in person, employees will learn how to be attentive, listen to customers’ needs, and handle tough situations in a professional manner.


DVD Titles What do you get? Dates
1)     The ART of customer service One day highly engaging session by a qualified facilitator 14 September 2011
2)     The Essentials of great service Watching a set of 7 training DVDs & takeaway course material on CD
3)     Creating the repeat customer Customer service/sales style assessments- free reports
4)     Customer service connection Branded customer service experience survey (in-house session)
5)     Dealing with the irate customer Tea/coffee, refreshments & finger lunch
19 October 2011
6)     Listening under pressure Target audience: Customer service, call centre & all front-office staff.
7)    Serving customers- helping people
Cost: R1 680 per participant



c)    Professional telephone & call centre techniques DVD-based training seminars

This highly interactive seminar is aimed at developing telephone communication and call-centre skills for frontline staff and call centre agents.


DVD Titles What do you get? Dates
1)     Telephone customer service One day highly engaging session by a qualified facilitator 15 September 2011
2)     When the phone rings Watching a set of 9 training DVDs & takeaway course material on CD
3)     Listening under pressure Customer service/sales style assessments- free reports
4)     The ART of customer service Branded customer service experience survey (in-house session)
5)     The Essentials of great service Tea/coffee, refreshments & finger lunch
20 October 2011
6)     Creating the repeat customer Target audience: Customer service, call centre & all front-office staff.
7)     Customer service connection
8)     Dealing with the irate customer  
9)     Listening under pressure Cost: R1 680 per participant



d)    Recruitment/selection interviewing DVD-based training seminars

This is a high-impact seminar focused on developing recruitment, interviewing & talent sourcing competencies of recruitment teams, both corporate and consulting teams. Our lead facilitator will share insights on both competency based recruitment & targeted selection methodologies.


DVD Titles What do you get? Dates 
1)     Hiring success: A step-by-step guide One day highly engaging session by a qualified facilitator 20 September 2011 
Watching a set of 3 training DVDs & takeaway course material on CD
1)2)     Safe hiring: How you can avoid bad hires Personality & leadership style assessments- free reports
Insights on competency based recruitment & targeted selection
3)     Avoiding the workforce crisis Tea/coffee, refreshments & finger lunch
12 October 2011
Target audience: HR/recruitment staff & line managers
Cost: R1 680 per participant



e)    Managing diversity & conflicts in the workplace DVD-based training seminars

Participants will be challenged to embrace diversity and equipped with tools on how to deal with conflicts in the workplace.


DVD Titles What do you get? Dates
1)     Conflicts in the workplace Half day highly engaging session by a qualified facilitator 4 October 2011 
Watching a set of 3 training DVDs & takeaway course material on CD
Personality & leadership style assessments- free reports
1)2)     Diversity in the workplace: We’re all different
Tea/coffee, refreshments & finger snacks
8 November 2011
3)     Getting ahead by getting along  
Target audience: Line managers, supervisors & team leaders
Cost: R780 per participant



f)    Managing employee performance DVD-based training seminars

This is a highly entertaining seminar aimed at equipping line managers, team leaders and supervisors with performance management skills and tools. Participants will learn that performance management is a continuous cycle of setting performance standards, monitoring performance, coaching performance and rewarding desired performance behaviours. The focus is to ensure that organisations achieve tangible bottom-line results through effectively managing employee performance.


DVD Titles What do you get? Dates
1)     The power of positive discipline One day highly engaging session by a qualified facilitator 6 October 2011 
Watching a set of 3 training DVDs & takeaway course material on CD
1)2)     Performance coaching Personality & leadership style assessments- free reports
Tea/coffee, refreshments & finger lunch
3 November 2011
3)     Performance appraisals- getting results Target audience: Line managers, supervisors & team leaders
Cost: R1 790 per participant


Seminar selection & bookings: Kindly send email to training@peoplecapabilities.com  to book for your seats on any of the seminars. Request your special discounts for group & early bird bookings.

Venue: Mercure Hotel, Randburg, near Brightwater Commons Mall

In-house DVD-based training seminars: this is where we come to you, say on a Friday (as you’re winding up the week) in your boardroom/conference centre, even on a Saturday morning or on any suitable dates that fit the diaries of your nominated employees. The seminars will target organisation-specific issues that you would have identified. The pay-off for this is that it’s cheaper; employees don’t have to be away from office for a long time and can be facilitated either as half day sessions or full day sessions.

For any additional details you may require in the interim, kindly contact the undersigned.

South Africa | Johannesburg Office
Wonder Jonamu, Consulting Director
Email: wonder@peoplecapabilities.com


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Master your Mind–Master your Life with our Ultimate Life Transformation Package

Work Your Wealth – Provides simple, easy to understand, practical implementation training in S.A. THAT IS SURE to unlock a life of choice!

Tired of not living your dream, life a constant nightmare battling to survive? Desperate to change your financial position? Locked in a rut you just can’t get out of? Relationships simply not working out?

Ever stopped to wonder why some people seem to have it all and for others it is a constant struggle with no progress? The answer are never the reasons we come up with in our conscious minds.

The start of living your life of choice lies in the discovery of what goes on in your mind at a subconscious level that you are not even aware of, yet that is what is standing between you and your desires!

We all have subconscious programming and beliefs, based on those beliefs, our reality is shaped and manifested in our lives, we look at our reality and we find we are not satisfied with that, then proceed all sorts of different actions to change that, yet those actions never deliver the required result. The main problem is we simply don’t know what is holding us back, as that is rooted in our subconscious minds.

Our training will show you how to break through to your desired life! Our simple, easy to understand, and very practical implementation steps & strategies, will get you to where you want to be in no time!

A life of choice and abundance is within your reach, you simply need to discover what is holding you back from living your dream, also, our training will teach you how to deal with your limiting beliefs, how to overcome limiting beliefs, and our training will provide you with the tools, know-how, and skills you need to build your desired life!

Our Ultimate Life Transformation package will enable you to understand why it is that you are where you are; and equip you with the know-how for lasting change in your life!

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Staff Training

You can send individuals or train your entire staff complement at once. They have regular training venues in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Limpopo and as from May 2009 Durban! Their trainers will however travel nationally to accommodate your needs. With approximately 20 soft skill workshops to choose from, Staff Training is able to assist you with most of your desired outcomes ranging from management training to frontline/reception. They pride themselves on keeping it real. Tell them your specific challenges and together they will find a solution for you.

Promoting Efficiency through investing in people (IIP), personal responsibility and improved communication skills

With South Africa definitely in a recession, 2009 is proving to be quite challenging for some. Sales people are demotivated, managers are stressed and tension is running high. The situation needs to be managed in order to provide support and knowledge enabling and empowering us all to move forward. The temptation and opportunities for staff to resent the pressure and for teams to passively (or actively) obstruct the company efforts and initiatives are huge. Friends are being retrenched, sales people are being dismissed, warnings are rife and management is changing. Do not get caught napping! NOW is the time motivate and empower your managers and teams.

Our Promoting Efficiency seminars are being hosted as inhouse as well as at the open hosted venues.


  • Putting the economy into perspective
  • Understanding the different personality types in a team
  • Team and departmental communication
  • Understanding generation X,Y and the Baby Boomers
  • Setting and applying continual goals and motivation
  • Differentiating between urgent and important
  • Accountability as a part of our future


Staff Training was started by Debbie Engelbrecht in 2000.  Her vision to keep it real and help real South Africans find real solutions to real problems.  This hasn’t stopped her making them smile though!!  Her main aim in life being to spread cheer , motivation and knowledge.


Apsol Computer Training Specialists

Apsol Training is a specialist computer training company founded by Jennifer and Leon Le Roux. Jennifer has been training Microsoft Applications for the past 15 years and has built up a reputation as an EXCELLENT TRAINER!!


Apsol Training objective are to provide clients with a professional, high quality standard of training at their premises in Durbanville or onsite at clients offices.



Apsol Training services consist of professional trainers equipped with professional training material and to deliver an above average quality of teaching. They are part of the Microsoft Research Program as well as a Microsoft Partner. APSOL is also a SETA and SAQA Accredited Training Institute.


•    Clients benefit from their professional approach and their quality service with professional trainers and courseware.
•    The development of their courseware content is unique and differentiates them from other computer training providers.
•    Their training materials are developed in-house, and is directed by Jennifer le Roux in the midst of her practical real world experience. (Not just “subject matter experts” or “technical writers”)
•    All their courses are based on real classroom experience – from active trainer led courses that have been tested and developed in a real classroom environment.



Their course ware is once again not sourced from generically produced suppliers, and by believing that South African markets are unique and does not necessarily align with International or US based Markets, these courses have been designed and developed based on our local markets and trends.

And due to the fact that the learning material is modular, they are able to deliver customised in-house workshops throughout South Africa in addition to the scheduled workshops.

The courses are presented by an Accredited Training Provider by SPI (Sales Performance International and Solution Selling) and is a member of COMENSA (Coaching and Mentoring Association of South Africa)



Essential Selling Skills
Fill the Sales Pipeline through Prospecting
Close more Deals through Effective Negotiations
Create Compelling Proposals & Deliver Powerful Presentations


Effective Sales Management
Improve the Effectiveness of your Team through Coaching