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Master your Mind–Master your Life with our Ultimate Life Transformation Package

Work Your Wealth – Provides simple, easy to understand, practical implementation training in S.A. THAT IS SURE to unlock a life of choice!

Tired of not living your dream, life a constant nightmare battling to survive? Desperate to change your financial position? Locked in a rut you just can’t get out of? Relationships simply not working out?

Ever stopped to wonder why some people seem to have it all and for others it is a constant struggle with no progress? The answer are never the reasons we come up with in our conscious minds.

The start of living your life of choice lies in the discovery of what goes on in your mind at a subconscious level that you are not even aware of, yet that is what is standing between you and your desires!

We all have subconscious programming and beliefs, based on those beliefs, our reality is shaped and manifested in our lives, we look at our reality and we find we are not satisfied with that, then proceed all sorts of different actions to change that, yet those actions never deliver the required result. The main problem is we simply don’t know what is holding us back, as that is rooted in our subconscious minds.

Our training will show you how to break through to your desired life! Our simple, easy to understand, and very practical implementation steps & strategies, will get you to where you want to be in no time!

A life of choice and abundance is within your reach, you simply need to discover what is holding you back from living your dream, also, our training will teach you how to deal with your limiting beliefs, how to overcome limiting beliefs, and our training will provide you with the tools, know-how, and skills you need to build your desired life!

Our Ultimate Life Transformation package will enable you to understand why it is that you are where you are; and equip you with the know-how for lasting change in your life!

Take action and register for our Ultimate Life Transformation Programme today!

The Ultimate Life Transformation Package Seminars are conducted in all major cities throughout S.A.  This life-changing six day event is sure to change your life forever!

We will reward the first 250 people that take action and register today by offering them this package at a discounted price of R2495.00.   YOU don’t have to pay the normal price off R4995.00 IF YOU TAKE ACTION TODAY you will receive this life changing opportunity for half price ONLY R2495.00

With your purchase of this package, we will include a copy of an audio recording and books of the seminar that you can refer back to. THIS package we sell normally on promotion for R995.00 BUT IF YOU REGISTER TODAY YOU will receive this home study including workbooks, notes and the FULL set of audio recordings for FREE ,all included in the special offer OF R2495.00

If you are as serious about your future as we are, I will personally mentor you via e-mail for a period of six months after the course to ensure that you achieve your goals and desires IF YOU REGISTER TODAY. The mentoring package we normally promote at R495.00 per month, over a 6 month period it will add up to a further R2970.00, BUT IF YOU TAKE ACTION AND REGISTER TODAY YOU WILL GET THIS INCLUDED AS A FREE BONUS!

THE TOTAL VALUE OF DISCOUNTS AND FREE BONUSES ADD UP TO A TOTAL OF R3495.00. BUT TO QUALIFY FOR FREE BONUSES WE can only offer that to a limited amount of people that take action TODAY!

Those who don’t take action today will have to pay for the above full price and the full price of added bonuses, it will cost those R8960.00


The question now is are you serious and prepared to do whatever it is going to take to get to your life of choice or will you keep on sticking to your story of saying I am just waiting for…..
Either way it is YOUR LIFE, it is YOUR CHOICE!

Go ahead, take action now!