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Sometimes Bad People Make The Best Leaders….Why?

How to increase your personal motivation

Want to build a great leader? Start with a bad person–then treat him like coal and start the process to create a diamond.

The best human beings are collaborative, compassionate, empathetic and free of most defects of character. But the best leaders usually are not. Why do we hail the Steve Jobs and the Bill and Hillary Clinton’s of modernity and the Caesars of antiquity? Their management styles and personalities are often the opposite of what the gurus preach.

The key question is this: If your organization is looking for a strong leader who can really get things done, can you afford to take a chance on the idealized notion that the gurus preach? Or you do you have to admit that you may need someone who has rough and unpleasant edges? Also, these leaders’ legacies are always more complicated than we pretend. There are disappointments and hurt feelings and near-disasters along the way. Indeed, big-time leaders usually need a certain amount of luck to retire with their reputations intact.

But ultimately to build a good leader, you perhaps have to build on a foundation of “bad” qualities—that classic nasty competitive streak, excessive risk-taking, dangerous stubbornness and so on. And then you try to add in the restraint, the wisdom, the compassion and the other qualities that keep leaders from racing off a cliff in their zeal.

That notion of leadership is quite different from what most management gurus are trying to sell you. But at least it’s based on reality, as revealed from ancient times to our own.


How to get unmotivated staff Motivated

Happy work place
At work, one always has the high achievers and the poor performers. Would it not be wonderful if everyone had an internal drive to be naturally motivated? This is not the case though. We assume individuals have the skill set needed for their job. A leader’s role is to get team members to do what they want with high energy and enthusiasm.

Here are four things to help in this regard:

1. Get to know your employees as individuals, when managing others knowledge is power

2. Be fully conscious of personal and team dynamics

3. Find assignments that appeal to each person, when one works on things that excite  you,  one is naturally motivated.

4. State clearly your own expectations – Rule #1 in business: You do not get something for nothing.  In return for your own thoughtful attention to your employees’ well- Being and success, there are definite expectations you will have.  Directly confront the hard stuff – be clear about what is acceptable and what is not.

There are definitely steps you can take to motivate your team. Better odds are often, better odds are often what management is about.



5 Leadership skills from Olivia Pope

The Fixer

What leadership skills do you have in common with Olivia Pope, THE FIXER? Olivia Pope is an expert at gaining peoples trust and completing the job at hand! She teaches us that Loyalty Is the be all and end all. This team of Olivia Popes protects each other even when it gets tough.

Competition and criticism can easily find their way into any workplace. We know that Olivia will not throw one of her people under the bus. She deals with challenges head on and directly. She can do this, as she is a highly credible leader.

Be THE Gladiator

Quinn says: “I’m a gladiator in a suit. Because that is what you are when you work for Olivia – you are a gladiator in a suit. Do you want to be a gladiator in a suit?” The term has since become emblematic of the show. However, what does he mean? From a professional perspective, he means that they work tirelessly and fight passionately for what they believe is right. That fighting spirit can be applied to the work you do as well as the way you go to bat for your team, no matter what you are up against.

Leave Personal Challenges Outside

Olivia Pope has a complex personal life, yet, she enters a client and she is all business. She scores wins at work. Your problems can get in the way. Focus your mind on your professional duties to give it a rest from all the other worries.

Find THE Way

Sometimes a challenge seems impossible. This Pope team finds a way to make it work. In any job, there are challenges the difference between success and failure is finding a way around them. Creative problem solving is the common trait of successful people. One must remember: Olivia never does it on her own. She always taps the unique talents of her team.

No One’s Perfect

Ms. Pope is quite aware of her weaknesses. Her entire team has definitely made some mistakes but she continues to support them regardless. Neither you nor anyone at your work is perfect, ultimately, you believe in their ability and skill set and you do teach them how to do better next time round. Leaders must invest in their team.

Next time you are in a moment of crisis, just think, “WWOPD?” What would Olivia Pope do?



Global Female Thought Leaders of Our Time

2014.08.13 Global Female Thought Leaders

Have you ever thought about this statement? We always talk about the top Male CEO’s. What about the top Female CEO’s? Here are some thoughts about these fearless leaders.

CEO, YouTube – Susan Wojcicki
2014 saw Susan Wojcicki become the CEO of the single largest video platform globally. She has in the past grown an acquisition by as much as 51%!

President, South Korea – Park Geun-hye
This lady rekindled relations with North Korea. She has bought soul back the governing of this country and commands a $1.6 trillion economy.

CEO, IBM – Virginia Rometty
Two years at this helm, a declining growth curve, she lead by example and did not take a BONUS. It is this type of leadership skills that have ensured her growth in this global technology giant.

COO, Facebook – Sheryl Sandberg
This lady care takes and is responsible for sales, marketing, business development, human resources and communications at the social media giant. Under Sandberg’s leadership, Facebook’s earning has improved and the mobile strategy has been revamped. Amongst all this success she launched book that became a best seller called “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead”!

First lady, United States – Michelle Obama
Michelle today is more popular than her husband, the President of the USA by an estimated 66% according to the approval ratings. She is a Harvard Graduate and actively fights childhood obesity and promotes healthier eating and lifestyles.

CEO, General Motors – Mary Barra
Mary Barra is the 1st woman ever to head a Big 8 automaker and the largest seller in the U.S. market She began in the company at 28 years of age, completed her electrical engineering degree.  She has bought a leadership style that has gained the customers trust once again. The Detroit automaker announced sales were up 7% in April year-over-year. Again a successful story!

Author, Personality, and Former US Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton is a fierce leader. Will she become the first woman president of the USA? Her upcoming memoir, “Hard Choices,” which chronicles her time as Secretary of State, reportedly earned her a high-seven-figure advance.

Managing director, International Monetary Fund – Christine Lagarde
The first woman to run the 188-country financial organization. She believes it is not just a moral or equal-opportunity matter. It’s also an economic cause. It’s a no-brainer. Woman must be part of the global leadership.

President, Brazil – Dilma Rousseff
This lady heads up the world’s seventh-largest national economy with a GDP of nearly $2.4 trillion. Not only has the World cup just happened in Brazil but the Olympic Games will be held there 2016.

Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Melinda Gates
She founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with her husband in 1998. Her work has inspired other big donors and has changed way funders think about effective philanthropy. She has raised Billions over the years, by having highly targeted campaigns coupled with data-driven monitoring and global collaboration.

Chair, US Federal Reserve – Janet Yellen
Janet is responsible for the Fed’s balance sheet ($4 trillion); she is the first woman to ever hold this position. Her goal:  maximize employment. She believes The Federal Reserve can help if it does its job effectively. Aiding many people getting employment.

Chancellor, Germany – Angela Merkel
Chancellor Merkel has continued to be a crucial ally to the U.S. The world’s most powerful woman for nine of the past 10 years. Merkel is the first woman to serve as chancellor in Germany. Merkel is an original architect of the 28-member European Union with a GDP of $15.8 trillion.

There it is. The world’s top identified female leaders of our time. Our world definitely needs more women at the helms. Woman inspire people is a different way to their male counterparts. Let’s support a transformed global work force!


8 Leadership Lessons in the School of Life


The beauty about life is that each day we get another chance to do things differently. Our errors from yesterday are an integral part of our success in life.

Here are a few guidelines to help you along the way, in the School of Life:

Run like there is no tomorrow

We only have the certainty of today, so make it count. Live up to your potential. Stop sweating the small and unimportant things that happen daily.  Put your blinkers on and focus straight ahead. Get it done and know you are more than capable.

Work – Life Balance

Over the years you hear in work, this is not personal BUT…Of course work is personal. To retain objectivity is the key. Learn to take your team on the journey of self discovery with you. You have a core set of values that should be aligned to the organization that you work for. Live this and lead with this. Do not negotiate it.

Look at the long term picture

When one runs a long distance, it takes planning, training, unique skills and time. One must make informed decisions for this race. This is a metaphor for your life. Take stop, know your direction, it will help you stay on course and make wise decisions in your day to day life. Great leaders look forward and know what is coming.

Identify a coach or expert on your journey

It is imperative that one has an individual that one can go too for an objective perspective and for guidance. Often this person has more experience than you and will guide you to better decisions. This person may change and that is OK. Find a mentor that you trust with your career. Approach someone you know and admire. Seek expert guidance. This must be done with respect. This is proven and it really works. Remember the only stupid question is the one not Asked!

Titles actually don’t matter

Whatever your role is know strive to operate at one level higher, leaders are identified as they go the extra mile. This means leading by great example, have a brilliant work ethic, in essence ensure that you really SHOW UP!

It is important to consciously grow your Business Network

As we go through life there are growth stages, so earlier on one has great friendships, nurture these as in the long term some of these friendships will grow into critical business alliances. Be aware of this and start surrounding yourself with top class people and will help you effectively grow your business network.

The blunders in life

You must know that we all mess up. It is how you come back from it that shows what you are truly made off. Sending a positive message after a glitch and growing yourself in self knowledge is key to becoming an accomplished leader. This will ensure you CHOOSE success over failure time and time again.

Being knocked down and getting up

You have to think long term, you have to keep getting up again and say to the world, ”Is that all you have?”  Leaders are made of tough stuff. Leaders can be grown, remember where there is will, there is always a way!