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3 Reasons Why Someone Less Qualified Got The Job


It’s a soul-crushing feeling because we have all felt it. You probably have, too. You’re legitimately talented, knowledgeable, and hard-working— but you’re not getting called back. Meanwhile, your loudmouth Facebook friend who still manages to party Thursday-Sunday just nabbed a great position in your same field. What gives, universe?

The unfortunate truth is that talent, even when backed by experience, does not always win. There are three main reasons someone less qualified got the job.

1. Your resume doesn’t do you justice.

A recruiter has a limited amount of information to go on.So it’s up to you to communicate exactly what you want them to know through your cover letter, resume, and/or online presence.You have to show them that you’re great, in the most obvious way. And to do this, I recommend focusing on “punching up” and “paring down.”

“Punching up” is about starkly highlighting your strengths— really selling them with concrete language. For instance, you may currently be saying: “During my time at Company, Inc., I managed five accounts, doing my best to ensure that the projects moved forward in a timely manner and that the clients were satisfied with the result.”

But what you should be saying is:

“While with Company, Inc., I juggled five accounts, blasting through any administrative obstacles that threatened progress, facilitating clear conversation between the client and web development team, and maintaining highly cordial client relationships that ensured everyone always felt heard and taken care of.”

The second part, “paring down” is about cutting the fat; getting rid of anything that dilutes or distracts from your most impressive points.

Since it can be difficult to judge your own resume, you’d be well-advised to get outside help with this revision process— asking others to pick out the parts they find most impressive, so you can punch them up and pare down the parts that aren’t as electric.

2. You’re too forgettable.

Recruiters are gathering information on many people at a time. Likely, they’ve already read several resumes immediately before yours, and they’ll read more immediately after.

A job posting could easily gather a dozen people who meet its exact qualifications. And we bet you your competitors all claim to be “detail-oriented” and a “team player,” too.

All else being equal, memorability can be enough to climb to the top of the stack. How you stand out will depend on your industry. For instance, if you’re in PR, in place of a bland mission statement at the top of your resume, you could list some fun headlines a reporter could theoretically use to write about you for different audiences. If you’re an engineer, you could describe (and include a link to) a fantastical 3D model you created for fun.

3. A Google search raises red flags.

Finally, it very well could be that the recruiter just had a bad feeling about you. (Harsh, I know, but lets explain.)

It’s common practice to Google candidates, and quite frankly, the main reason is to sniff out bad vibes. Recruiters want to put a face to a name, see what you’re talking about, and filter out those people who strike them as irresponsible, incompetent, or unfriendly. Even a bad profile photo can be a red flag. And while a recruiter is unlikely to admit something like this has colored their opinion of you for the negative, it’s your responsibility to ensure that it doesn’t.

As a preventative solution, we recommend testing your profile photos using a free online tool like PhotoFeeler, to be certain you’re being shown in your best light online.

By now, with all this talk of punching up resumes and optimizing online image, understand that landing a killer job is about crafting the most desirable image that you can. It may not be the definition of fair, but unfortunately recruiters are not mind readers and can only see as much “awesome” as you put in front of them.

All that said, we hope you’ll get out there and show the world how much better you really are than that jerk on Facebook!



Most important skills employers are looking for when hiring

CareerWhen deciding to hire graduates, employers are most often looking for those individuals who are able to work in a team, confident in their decision making, and have the ability to solve problems. Graduates also need to be able to communicate with fellow team members as well as customers. It is important for graduates to possess technical skills that are related to their jobs descriptions.

Here are some of the most important skills that employers are seeking when hiring:

1. Ability to work i with others within a team structure.
2. Ability and confidence to make decisions and solve problems.
3. Be able to communicate with individuals both inside and outside the company.
4. Have the capability to plan, organize and prioritize work.
5. Be able to obtain and process information.
6. Have skills to analyze quantitative data.
7. Technical understanding and knowledge related to the job description.
8. Be proficient in software programs related to their jobs.
9. Be able to create and edit written reports.
10. Be able to influence others.

No matter what you study or major in at college, it is imperative that graduates possess the skills listed above. These skills must be conveyed in your cover letter, resume and job interview.  Today, employers are looking for those individuals who possess universal skills across different academic disciplines and in positions or job role when working with other team members. In order to land that dream job, graduates need to be able to communicate in a clear and precise way that they have these skills.


4 Better Goals For Your Job Search

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Job searching and looking for a new job position is not fun. So set small and realistic goals in this regard. It will keep you positive and upbeat. Lets us share with you steps that will help you land that dream job!

Write a wish list of 40 companies
You must make yourself stand out, be strategic. Pick out a set of companies and craft your cover letter and profile around each company that you apply at. Show them what value you actually bring to them.

Keep Networking
This is critical. So when you have that list of companies research who is who there. Learn about the business. Focus on these individuals. This will maximize your chances of finding that great role that you are looking for.

Enlist Your Army
You must reach out to your existing network. People that you like and that like you. Check in regularly with this circle of people.

Stay Busy
You must stay proactive in this search. Do not be idle and negative. Meet you people, volunteer, get involved in community events, this all opens the right opportunities and helps you look like an ambitious new professional or an industry thought leader.

Your Goal
In every book shop or on line, there are books on listed companies and lists of industry businesses. Make sure you acquire these, LinkedIn is a wonderful tool to use in this regard too. Look at the Jobs, follow the companies you want to apply at. Connect with the stakeholders on LinkedIn.

You have to define what your weekly goal is. How many companies on your list will you meet with, how many will you talk too, how many will you research. You have to treat this like any other project you have taken on.

Create a great cover letter and resume. Be specific about the value you bring.

Offer you expertise to a non-profit organization. This is a great network.

The job search is essentially about staying active, being focused and keep moving forward. Your efforts will be worth it!