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Interior Design School and the amazing benefits it can bring

Education and learning is just about the most incredible things we have accessible to us, and truth of the matter, it is actually a privilege that not everybody is able to take full advantage of. Needless to say, the Internet has transformed this simply because it has opened doors to individuals who reside in remote areas to have the ability to obtain an education from their own places of residence. There is absolutely no end to what we are able to learn, the degrees we can easily obtain as well as all the beneficial things that they are able to provide us. Listed below are a few of the many benefits we can acquire by registering with an interior design school as well as how it can result in an extremely bright and vivid future in a gratifying profession.



To begin with, it makes it possible for an person who has come to understand the the inner workings of decor to be effective in an industry that is certainly challenging and continuously transforming. It happens to be ever-changing due to the fact that the needs, wants and choices of the consumer shift with the times and additionally fashion and decor continue to keep transforming.

It can also be an effective way to work within a field that can offer personal gratification as a result of providing satisfaction to others who have the opportunity to live or work in a space which happens to be perfectly designed in accordance with their needs and desires. At the same time, this occupation makes it possible for these professionals to function closely with other people, establishing relationships as well as being able to meet new people continuously.



Another advantage that comes with this kind of profession after certification is earned is the fact that one can have a lucrative living, being employed by others or even being self-employed. The latter permits you to work as much or as little as you would like to, establishing your own personal routine along with your own fees.

Then again, it could be a simple and easy approach to educate yourself on the principles that apply when it comes to decorating home that can be utilized in your everyday life thereby ensuring that your private home feels comfortable and always looks superb. You might not be aware of this, but the way individuals feel in their homes is a direct result of how they happen to be decorated.



Therefore, whether or not it’s utilized as a means to make an income or perhaps as a way to guarantee satisfaction, comfort and beauty when it comes to a home, the education and experience that is gained will always be beneficial to the candidate. Having said that, it is vital for each individual to recognise that there are actually a number of distinctions between Interior design and interior decorators, even though the two in many cases are misunderstood or confused.

Interior Design demands a degree given that it deals with all kinds of things that go into making a home functional and safe. It really is comparable to an architect without having to design the actual structure, and instead designing the interior space of that structure.



Interior Decorating is all about the decor and does not always require a degree despite the fact that knowledge and experience really are a must and it all begins with an education. These candidates are restricted to decorating, where’s the interior designers have no restrictions as they can also be decorators. As a result, it is critical to understand or know that there is a distinction between them, and find which profession is the most suitable to you prior to registering with an interior design school.


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Potchefstroom Academy Holiday School

Come visit our beautiful campus from 11-13 January 2011 for a holiday school and get a taste of student life and exciting careers. It promises to be an enriching learning experience and will help you  to make an informed decision about your future studies.

Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST enjoy international recognition and comply with National Education Legislation. Ms Tina Schöltz, the Managing Director, established the institution in 1981 which has since grown into one of the largest private tertiary institutions of its kind in this country. The academy is situated in Potchefstroom, a vibrant student city.

We are known for training excellence in:

Beauty Therapy
Spa Therapy and Management
Therapeutic Reflexology
Therapeutic Aromatherapy
Therapeutic  Massage
Interior Design & Decorating

Student Life

Potchefstroom is synonymous with student life, as the North-West University (PUK campus) and a variety of colleges are also situated here.  Potchefstroom Academy’s Student Representative Council and House committees make sure that organised activities are part of a vibrant student life, creating precious memories. Highlight events include the annual formal and informal dinner-dances, crowning of Miss Academy, get-together-program, graduation ceremony and the First-year concert but there are much more! There is more than enough opportunity for sport and social interactions with students from other institutions.

Date: 11-13 January 2011
Contact: Marie Phillips at 082 889 9754

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Rita Linde Interiors Decorating Course

We are planning to run an evening class in interior decorating over three months, one evening a week starting on the first Thursday in September from 6-8:30 from our studio in Milnerton.

This certificate course would be a total of 12 lessons and would appeal to people who:

  • Want to make a career change to work in a interior decoration business or showroom
  • Want to work as freelance interior decorators
  • Are already in the field and want to add new skills to improve career development
  • Want to acquire skills to use whilst they renovate, build or decorate their own home

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BHC School of Design presents Experience Interior Design

‘Experience Interior Design’

BHC School of Design (Pty) Ltd is recognised as one of the leading Interior Design Institutions in South Africa. Our approach to education is unique and innovative. All facilitators are practising designers and architects, keeping learners abreast of new trends and technological updates.

During the much anticipated Soccer World Cup and extended school holidays BHC School of Design will be having a three-day winter workshop from the 29th June to 1st July, to give prospective students, Grade 10, 11 and 12 learners the opportunity to discover and experience the field of Interior Design!

The course will focus on: What an Interior Designers’ job description entails, what qualities an Interior Designer possesses and what the difference is between interior design and interior decorating. Potential job and career opportunities will also be discussed.

To make the workshop as realistic as possible, practising interior designers will be sharing their experiences with the workshop participants. The third day will be devoted to creating the specific portfolio that can be presented as part of the application process at BHC School of Design.

BHC presents a variety of intensive short courses which promise to motivate any innovative and creative mind. Professionals within the industry come to the institution for their skills development training needs, looking for reliable quality training for their continuous professional development. BHC School of Design is an accredited training provider.

Why not use the quiet time at the office during June and July period to focus on developing your creativity by signing up for one of the BHC short courses: All short courses run on either Saturday mornings from 9am to 1pm or weekday evenings from 5:30 pm to 8pm.


Domestic Goddess Academy Interior Decorating for Homemakers

Courses and classes have been designed to appeal to a cross-section of students, from domestics, housekeepers, newly-weds and corporate clients, and those who want to improve and update their current skills.


Learn How to Decorate the Home of Your Dreams Without Wasting Time, Money or Needless Frustration?. Unique, part-time Home Decoration Courses. Learn how to apply the basic principles of design, which will enable you to decorate and enhance your home in your style with minimal effort and expense.

Date: Workshops are presented every Quarter. First workshop in the Northern suburbs 8 Feb 2010

Length: 6-week course

Workshops in southern suburbs available on request on Saturday Mornings

Time: 18h00 to 20h00, every Monday evening

Venue: Domestic Goddess Academy, Rosendal

Cost: R1 000 (if you bring 2 friends you pay half price)

Includes: Refreshments?I provide: Practical course notes


Planning, Design, Colour, Style and Substance, Creating Backgrounds, Lighting and Accessories. Bookings and Payments must be 1 week in advance of the course date. Your bookings will be confirmed/reserved on receipt of payment only.

Special Requests for Workshops:

Applicable short workshops will be designed to specifications for 10 or more attendees at a venue of your choice.

Workshops for Small Groups and Companies

Decor Workshops are the ideal way for you to learn the benefits of understanding colour harmony, style and furniture layouts, and we have devised a course for small groups which allows for personalised attention so that you will be confident enough to apply the results of your analysis.

In addition to our short workshops we are also able to put packages together that are ideal for interactive seminars and conferences. Our corporate conference presentations are designed to meet the needs of women in a corporate environment. The main focus and objectives of the conference packages is to create an informal, fun learning environment in which to present the benefits of quick décor for impact.