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Mental and physical benefits of yoga

Benefits of Yoga

I am often amazed that with most people, including myself, the yoga practice bliss doesn’t reach our faces…a smile might be going on in the body, but we fail to let it express through our most vocal parts of our body – our head and our hearts. When did we stop expressing truth? Even when asked in a yoga class – allow the corners of your mouth to turn up, 1 in 10 will do so (sometimes with an uncomfortable giggle), and when asked to tweak the pose to make it feel delicious, the same ratio of people will let that deliciousness rise to their faces!

Maybe are we taking our yoga asana practice too seriously? Yoga speaks of “chitta vritti nirodha” – stilling the fluctuations of the mind which is serious business, but it never says lose your joy – in fact, yoga is the path to bliss – and we can have this still mind; a still mind doesn’t mean a flatline life. So I invite you to be open enough to let that wellspring of energy move from the earth up to your faces! In spring, this energy is in huge abundance so plug in and play!

In a yoga practise, every time we choose not to do a pose because we don’t have the confidence or believe we aren’t ready or can’t, we set up a sub-conscious (behaviour taught reality) paradigm of lack of confidence in ourselves, of a deep-seated distrust in our bodies, which will persist into your eternity. The easier mindset to work with is the one where you do the pose, despite your internal dialogue, and whether you do it well or just get one toe closer, just taking the steps to doing it is what keeps your mental liberation and faith in the power of yourself! Only we can emancipate ourselves!

I am really excited about a few things we are offering at Indie Yoga coming up.

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Namaste (all that is joyful in me, bows to and honors all that is pure joy in you!)
Meet you on the mat!
In-joy, Kerry

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