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What is Colour Therapy?



What is Colour Therapy?

by Suzy Chiazzari – principal of Iris School of Colour Therapy U.K.

Colour is pure light energy that sustains us in good health and each rainbow colour has its own special healing power. Colour Therapy is a gentle but powerful therapy that uses these therapeutic and mood-enhancing qualities to bring about deep healing and harmony to the mind, body and spirit so colour is really the medicine of the future.

A colour therapist can help you understand how your favourite colours can mirror your life, your personality and your state of health on all levels. Colour reflection readings using Colour Reading Cards is an excellent form of diagnosis that helps you discover which areas of our life are out of balance and causing you stress and pain.



You will also understand why you are attracted to certain colours and a Colour therapist will show you how to use these colours for healing, health, relaxation and creative inspiration.

By introducing the right colours back into your life in your dress, diet, decor and by learning colour-healing techniques, like colour breathing, art therapy and colour silk scarf treatments. These colour healing drives negative energy from your energy system allowing good health and happiness to flow back into your life.



Learning about Colour Therapy can help you to:

  • Obtain health, vitality and rebuild health after an operation or illness
  • Alleviate symptoms of chronic illness that dont seem to respond to other treatment
  • Help you to deal with stress, depression, loneliness, frustration and other emotional problems such as loss or grief.
  • Promote prosperity, success so you can fulfil your true potential
  • Help you to discover your true life’s work
  • Develop peace of mind and spirit
  • Create harmony an balance in your life


The wonderful thing about Colour Therapy is that it touches every aspect of your life, from the mood you get up in the morning, your energy levels, appetite and digestion, nervous and immune system. So Colour Therapy is not just a quick complementary health treatment, but something that can support and nourish you every day of the week. So a Colour Therapist will be able to help you choose the right colours for you.

The Iris International School of Colour  was established by renowned colour healer, teacher and author, Suzy Chiazzari in 1992 to provide training in all aspects of Colour Therapy. You can now share in Suzy’s passion and knowledge of colour by taking one of her personally tutored, home study courses for your own self-development or to start a new and exciting career in this fast-growing area of complementary health.



For more information about professional Colour Therapy training visit  our company profile – click here


Freedom From Negative Emotions

There is a new method spreading fast in South Africa, bringing relief to so many people. This is EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT training shows you step-by-step how to get rid of unwanted emotions, so you can become even more positive and strong. During your EFT workshop, you will not only learn how to release these emotions; you will also experience a liberation from them! So you de-stress while you learn!

For example, “Dee” came to see me for fear of public speaking.  She has a job involving at least one presentation a week, and the situation was getting serious. Dee had been to see a hypnotherapist for 8 sessions before she came to see me, all to no avail.  She had discovered EFT recently, when her work had sent her to a psychotherapist who helped her grieve for her lost son.  The psychotherapist had shown her EFT to help her go to sleep at night, and she was very impressed with it.  At the start of her workshop, Dee got an 8 out of 10 nervousness for a hypothetical situation involving a presentation, and we set to work on this. After a little EFT, Dee started releasing, with visible and audible relaxation. A short while later, the 8 became a 6. Then I had Dee do inner child work. I explained that we can heal the past energy, which can help us in our present life.  I had her imagine the child Dee in primary school, where the fear was rooted. We healed this child with EFT. Finally, the nervousness for that presentation situation was down to a mere 2 out of 10. As an interesting aside, Dee had attempted similar inner child work before she had come to see me, using hypnotherapy.  And it did not work at all.  I truly believe the EFT  tapping was what made the difference. Dee went home feeling a lot better than we started. She also learned many ways to tap for herself to release any unwanted emotions. It is wonderful when someone is truly ready to grow and develop with EFT.  Every step along the way is one of empowerment, and in all my career as a complementary practitioner, I have not encountered this level of empowerment with any other method.

We have a special promotion for all our November training workshops: Buy one workshop place for yourself, and when you arrive, receive a Christmas Voucher for a holistic workshop that you can give to a friend or loved one this Christmas. The voucher is valid till June 2011 and comes ready in a card that you can give as a valuable Christmas present to be cherished.

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Soul Healing

Soul Healing  is a leading training centre for Reiki and Crystal Healing in South Africa and offer courses that are accredited by the Reiki Association of Southern Africa and internationally accepted. They offer course that are designed to cater for all aspects and modalities of spiritual healing.

Their purpose is to provide courses and workshops that bring about healing and good health through empowering  both the practitioners and clients. This is done through the promotion of Reiki, crystal healing and other courses such as Louise Hay workshops.

All courses take place in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Knysna, and Durban. Courses in other cities can be arranged on request.

For further details on these workshops and courses please contact Karen

Karen Lange began her career as a schoolteacher in Biological Sciences. She left the teaching profession to follow her spiritual calling and fulfill one of the aspects of her soul contract; that of teacher and spiritual councilor. Karen is a gifted healer with a wealth of experience. Karen teaches Reiki, Crystal Healing and facilitates Louise Hay empowerment workshops; she is the principal teacher at the Soul Healing Academy and also a talented exhibiting artist. She is the chairperson of the Reiki Association of Southern Africa, an association dedicated to promoting Reiki through the implementation of rigorous teaching and practicing standards.