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Guidelines and helpful hints when applying for a bursary


After you complete your high school final examinations with outstanding results and grasp that that you are in need of funds to continue your education, what should you do? This is actually the predicament facing a large number of students after graduating high school with the end result that the majority of the younger generation find themselves sitting at home possibly searching for employment or simply just becoming a burden to their parents . For anyone who is considering making an application for a bursary, be sure you apply prior to the closing date.


Precisely what is a bursary?

A bursary can be described as financial support granted to a student dependent on a mixture of academic achievements and financial requirements to further his/her education with a higher learning institution. The length of a bursary may vary from a year or may very well be given for the whole period of study. Extension of a bursary is dependent upon your academic accomplishment. Various large organisations, companies, governmental and non governmental organisations often fund bursaries for study in a specific field.


Bursary terms and conditions are different

The terms and conditions of bursaries can vary enormously based upon, in the majority of cases, the company/organization providing the bursary. Contract bursaries in most cases demand that you “pay back” the bursary by way of working at the company when you have concluded your studies and frequently they provide a bursary work experience along with a position subsequent to graduation.


Are you Eligible for a Bursary?

In order to be eligible for any kind of bursary you will need to satisfy their selection criteria which usually based on your academic results and apply to all candidates. Virtually all companies will likely not take into consideration anything below 60% on the specific subjects which you will be required to pass while some 50%. It all depends on the company/organization providing the bursary. Although many are able to offer bursaries depending on financial needs they will also take into consideration your academic progress.

Additional important factors which often can be pertinent to bursary candidates are: Your citizenship as well as your acceptance into a suitable study programme at an accredited higher education institution. Candidates also have to fulfill certain admission requirements of the institution and in addition they also have to satisfy the national election criteria for that bursary organization.


What do Bursaries take care of?

A number of bursaries will in some cases take care of just about all the recipients’ vital expenses. Expenses covered include things like tuition, full board and lodging in addition to meals, books and learning materials, along with a small allowance for monthly cost of living. Universities differ regarding their cost structures, consequently the total value of a bursary is different from institution to institution.


Guidelines when submitting an application for a bursary.


  •     Bursary application preparation should commence at school. Give your very best  in grade 11 and 12 to attain the best results  as a result it is possible to fulfill the bursary’s academic requirements.
  •     As the beginning of the year  start collecting information regarding companies and organisation that offer bursaries which deal with your field of study (bursary officer’s contact details, application process, application schedules and bursary criteria). This information and facts are, in most cases, published on the company’s website.
  •     While numerous companies and organisation will in fact advertise online or perhaps in various newspapers the moment their bursary programme is opened, it is advisable to take initiative and determine if there are any bursaries available.
  •     Companies will in most cases make clear the application process either in their advertisements or website. Pay attention to these details as this will enable you to plan the best way forward. In most cases, if the information is not on the company’s website, they will post/email it to you after you’ve applied.
  •     After you’ve collected all the companies’ details and received the appropriate information and facts with regards to the bursary application process look into the selection criteria to make sure you meet the requirements and are eligible for that bursary.
  •     Get a hold of every piece of information they could possibly want: your personal and family information, specifics of your proposed study, parent’s employment details, along with local community participation information, academic records, personal/academic achievements and so on.
  •     Be certain to make available all supporting documentation as requested. Nothing more nothing less. In most cases application forms will give you a space for your motivation, if not, it is advisable to include your own personal motivational letter.
  •     Submit it to the correct address by the due date, in addition make sure you provide your correct contact information as requested.
  •     Keep a copy of your application form given that they could possibly ask you on exactly what you wrote should they call you for an interview.
  •     Be mindful of the fact that  companies receive thousands of bursary applications annually as a result it’s critical not to expect any special treatment. So bare in mind you happen to be one in search of them and certainly not the other way around even if you have excelled in all your subjects.  No one automatically qualifies therefore do your very best to impress them in your application forms.

R2m bursary scheme to address shortage of doctors



Bursaries are now being available to matriculants from poor families who have dreamed of becoming doctors.

The Mopani district municipality in Giyani, Limpopo, has earmarked R2 million in order to help deal with the general shortage of health professionals in rural areas.

“This year, we have chosen the medical field because of the dire shortage of health practitioners in the country, province and district,” said municipal spokesman Neil Shikwambana.

The bursary scheme is exclusively intended for studies in medicine, pharmacy, optometry, ophthalmology, dentistry, oral hygiene, environmental health, occupational therapy along with dental and speech therapy.

Shikwambana pointed out that the bursary scheme would in addition take care of tuition fees, books, accommodation and meals.

“Successful recipients would be required to work for the municipality for a period equal to the duration of their study,” he was quoted saying.


He explained that preference is going to be made available to the best-performing matriculants coming from poor backgrounds who are eligible for Bachelor’s degrees and also have secured an admission with a recognised South African university.

“Strongly motivated applications from students who have successfully completed their first year of undergraduate study in a medical field will also be considered,” he said.

The deadline for applications is January 31

South Africa has 0.57 doctors for every 1 000 individuals of the population, which happens to be one of the lowest ratios globally.

The country would need to train approximately 2 400 doctors annually to maintain the current figures on par with population growth, however , universities currently only produce 1 200 new doctors on an annual basis.

For more information, contact Mopani district municipality –

Telephone: +27 15 811 6300
Email: tim@mopani.gov.za
Website: http://www.mopani.gov.za/

Source: BuaNews


SA Treasury launches R9bn jobs fund

The National Treasury’s R9 billion Jobs Fund, which endeavors to generate 150 000 job opportunities over three years, is currently accepting applications from companies and non-governmental organisations with innovative job creation projects, stated the Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan.

Gordhan revealed to a media briefing before his Budget Vote in Parliament that the aim was to provide R2 billion in grants this financial year to those in the private sector.

These would either be in the form of matching grants, or grants where companies and organisations had dedicated a percentage of funding to the respective project.

Gordhan initially announced the master plan to establish the Jobs Fund in his Budget Speech in February.


Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan


The fund would run for three years and is administered by the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA).

Gordhan stated his department decided to go with the DBSA to administer the fund as a result of the development bank’s footprint – which provides coverage for over 200 municipalities throughout the country along with its experience with funding community development projects.

The fund is geared towards established companies with an above average reputation and that also intend to broaden existing programmes or pilot innovative solutions to employment creation, with a unique focus on opportunities for young adults.

The precise focus is not in particular on small or micro businesses, given that the government provides other programmes that can assist entrepreneurs, including the Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) for business support, Khula, Samaf, the NEF and the IDC for small business funding and the Technology Innovation Agency (Tia) for innovation funding.


Gordhan explained that the fund would concentrate on four areas, namely: enterprise development, local infrastructure development, support for work seekers and institutional capacity building.

Enterprise development includes assistance to local procurement, marketing support, equipment upgrading or enterprise franchising.

Local infrastructure development incorporated the funding of light manufacturing zones and communication links to market goods, he explained.

Support for work seekers would include establishing networks and projects that are able to provide training and career guidance, at the same time making improvements to institutional capacity would include funding internships and mentorship programmes.

The National Treasury is going to continue to monitor and assess the overall performance and sustainability of projects funded via the initiative and all projects are required to be run for at least three to five years.


Gordhan mentioned the level of urgency surrounding the country’s high level of unemployment necessitated that the country required a fresh energy and infusion in the job creation process.

He explained the fund is not going to compete with other government projects, but instead complement them.

“One hopes that this will encourage completely new forms of innovation, new forms of creativity and open new areas of job creation possibilities,” he said.

The DBSA’s investment committee will be chaired by Frans Baleni, current deputy-chairperson of the development bank and secretary general of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM).

Baleni announced that job applications would be welcomed from today and investment would most likely target poor and rural regions.

The success of the jobs fund relied on strong co-operation between the private sector and the government, he was quoted saying.

Baleni explained the team had received directives to process application timeously. The technical team, which processes applications, would meet weekly and the investment team, which makes the final selection, would meet monthly.


“We are required to submit bi-monthly reports to the shareholder (the National Treasury), which means that there would be no time to relax,” he stated.

Brian Whittaker, chief executive of the Business Trust, who has been selected as the fund’s vice-chair, said the fund will be a bold new initiative that is going to release a degree of creativity on tackling unemployment

“There’s an opportunity here to do something innovative and that’s what excites me,” said Whitackker.

Paul Kibuuka, who heads the DBSA’s development fund, said the fund aimed to generate 150 000 jobs over three years, adding that each job funded will need to last for at least one year.

He said the fund aimed to target somewhere between 1 000 and 2 000 projects.

The closing date for the first round of applications is July 31 and a large portion of applications will be processed electronically.


Those interested, as well as applicants, can contact the Jobs Fund on 086 100 3272


visit www.jobsfund.org.za


Source: BuaNews


Google to assist digitise Nelson Mandela archives

Google has recently presented a R8.6 million grant towards the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory that will assist to preserve and provide unparalleled digital accessibility to an endless number of archival documents, photographs as well as audio-visual materials concerning the life and times of Nelson Mandela.

Google’s grant will be of assistance with regard to expanding the web based Mandela archive and also make it accessible to global audiences, scholars and researchers in the foreseeable future. The web based multimedia archive will comprise of Nelson Mandela’s letters and correspondence with family, comrades and friends, prison diaries along with notes he composed at the time he was leading the discussions that resulted in the termination of apartheid in South Africa.

“All of us are thrilled that Google has come on board to assist and make certain that our Mandela Portal develops into a world class reference point and supply of genuine and reliable information and facts about Madiba,” said Verne Harris, head of the Centre of Memory.

A grant of the identical size has additionally been made to the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre in Cape Town, intended for the documentation and digitisation of Desmond Tutu’s archives as well as an interactive digital learning centre.

Commenting on the initiatives, Luke Mckend, Country Manager for Google South Africa said, “Google would like to help bring the world’s historical heritage online, while the internet provides innovative solutions to preserve, protect and share this information.

“Our grants to the Nelson Mandela Centre and Desmond Tutu Peace Centre is going to assist the progress of new digital archives for South Africa’s history, providing the global public an unparalleled possibility to engage with the historical past of some of the most extraordinary and remarkable leaders of our time.”

Source: BuaNews, segue.atlas.uiuc.edu, nelsonmandela.org, tutu.org


How to Spot a Scholarship Scam

Graduate school scholarships are quickly becoming significantly more valuable considering the fees of education and training are anticipated to increase in the forthcoming years. As a result, students who intend to move forward into graduate college or university are considering these types of scholarships or grants as being a appropriate choice to generate sufficient funding. In relation to your quest with regard to graduate school scholarships, you will discover just a few places to go.

Should you wish to carry on with your current undergraduate studies as well as acquire a higher level of education, you are in all probability conscious of the fact that it is going to be more expensive when compared with your initial college or university stint. There are numerous possibilities for that most notably more complex learning materials in addition to more qualified professors to offer you the quality of education you will need.

It’s possible you have additionally discovered the large choice of potential graduate school scholarships to choose from. Coming from loans, grants, fellowships, and many more. Having said that, finding the the most appropriate option amongst vast selections of graduate school scholarships end up being more challenging than it appears to be. The dilemma seriously is not around the availability of options for graduate school scholarships however in the selecting the most appropriate and beneficial one for you.

Considering the expense of enrolling in graduate school increasing continuously, it’s really no shock that the majority of individuals are attempting to find some sort of educational funding that is going to assist them to deal with the costs. Graduate school scholarships are among the most desirable educational funding aids that graduate students can request.

As opposed to financial loans, scholarships or grants don’t have to be reimbursed as soon as they complete their particular graduate program. Trying to repay a lot of money in education loans could very well be equally as worrisome as you might have in fact paid for your graduate degree. Student loans really should be the very last thing that individuals ought to be concerned about at this current time of economic recession.

Unfortunately, even during these crisis, there will probably continually be those people who invest on other individuals vulnerability. College and graduate scholarships are simply just one additional avenue which fraudsters and swindlers have ventured into for exploitation. Their modus operandi more often than not consists of mailing out a great deal of spam to emails and make it appear to be that you recently have been awarded a scholarship or grant and the only thing you need to do to claim it happens to be to pay the processing fee.

Claims, promises and statements such as these are generally scams. Scholarships or grants will never be automatically awarded. The organizations and private funders which often award the scholarships or grants frequently have a set of guidelines that they make use of to evaluate and determine an awardee. As an illustration, they have to fully understand to whom they are awarding the scholarship or grant to, precisely what the applicant intends to pursue in graduate school, the particular candidate’s financial standing, in addition to a host of other information and facts. Scholarships or grants are certainly not awarded automatically nor randomly. Furthermore, applicants are not required to pay for any kind of service charge to be able to process or claim a scholarship or grant.

Any kind of correspondence that declares that you have been automatically awarded a scholarship and additionally requests you pay a processing fee to claim should really be considered to be a fraud. Keep away from swindlers and charlatans like these.

Thankfully, you will discover numerous genuine scholarships available to choose from. You would be pleasantly surprised at the number of scholarships or grants that usually are not being awarded for the reason that nobody sent applications for them. Determine on what requirements these types of scholarships or grants are awarded and submit an application for all of them. You simply will not earn that scholarship or grant unless you work for it.

Source: collegetocareers.com, applicant.com, goodthiftshop.com