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Discount on the 88 day FGASA field guide course

                                   SPECIAL OFFER

Antares is offering a 5% discount to anyone who books and pays in full before 31st December to enroll on the 88 day course starting on 9th January 2012. Book now only 5 spaces available.

Antares now offers an 88-day level 1 course on the Balule Nature Reserve. Included in the course fees are all training, board, lodging, level 1 and 2 wilderness first aid training, FGASA registration and first year membership fees, a FGASA level 1 theory exam and practical assessment.


Successful students have the opportunity to be able to register as a SITE guide with DEAT for Kruger Park and surrounding reserves

As of July 2011 the minimum length of a FGASA endorsed course will be set at 60 days plus a further 30 days for other aspects, totaling 90 days. With this in mind, Antares has restructured our programme to ensure that our long-standing endorsement with FGASA is maintained.


The course will still follow the syllabus as set out by FGASA , The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa.

The subjects that will be covered are diverse, covering topics such as astronomy, geology, anything to do with fauna and flora and a host of others. Emphasis will be placed on practical guiding techniques as well as theoretical training. Although only endorsed by FGASA to a level 1 standard, the depth of knowledge taught will be between a level 2 and level 3. The students will spend Monday-Friday learning and have the weekends in which to catch up on any extra revision they require or just to unwind and get themselves ready for the week ahead. With the increase in available time to learn about the various subjects, we will concentrate on encouraging debate and discussion about the topics, exposing students more to practical components and accessing additional media to boost knowledge levels.



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Antares Field Guide 90-day Field Guide Course

Antares will be running their 1st 90-day course from 6th June onwards. This course offers potential field guides a fantastic opportunity to spend a decent amount of time in the bush environment studying the level 1 curriculum and obtaining valuable practical exposure to a wide variety of game species, including Big 5.

Should anyone wish to enrol please visit the website, www.antares.co.za and complete the online application form.

There is a special introductory price of R35 000 for this opportunity of a lifetime.

A former student from the previous 6-week programme quoted – “this was probably the best 6 weeks of my life, an experience I will never forget”

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Bhejane Nature Training and Conservation

Bhejane Nature Training has been established with the inspiring history of the re-introduction of black rhino in Zululand, South Africa.

The dedication, persistence and high standards of the KwaZulu Natal Game Rangers were the driving force in the increase of black rhino populations in South Africa. The black rhino (Bhejane in Zulu), represents a successful conservation effort from the Game Rangers. They had overcome challenges through pure passion and determination.

Bhejane’s aim is to emulate those high standards. Our vision is to empower and equip people with the tools and desire to make a difference in their chosen field. We also want people to experience South Africa at it’s best in the untamed wilderness, with the outcome of touching them on a spiritual level.

Bhejane Nature Training offers an exciting and comprehensive courses for people with varying interests eg career training for aspiring nature guides, gap year programmes for people of all ages, customised programmes for groups, schools and colleges etc

Join us and help make a difference the Bhejane way!


WildlifeCampus Promotions and Specials

WildlifeCampus also offers full courses in: Game Ranging  (Field Guiding), Trails Guiding,  Animal Tracks & Signs, The Capture, Care & Management of Wildlife, Geology, Palaeontology & Evolution, Game Lodge Management, Game Ranch Economics, Wildlife Photography.

Wildlife Management, Human – Wildlife Conflicts, Birding by Habitat, Marine Biology for Guides, Divers & Enthusiasts, Mammals of the South African Lowveld, FGASA Exam Preparation,  Snakes & Reptiles of the Lowveld, The Behaviour Guide to African Carnivores, The Behaviour Guide to African Herbivores, The Behaviour Guide to African Primates, Hunting Debate, Astronomy, Survival,  Introduction to Photography,  African Folklore, Elephants: Facts & Fables and The Guides Guide to Guiding.


WildlifeCampus has been offering courses for over 9 years and they are without doubt the absolute best currently offered by any provider anywhere in the world. Nobody can match us for price, convenience, ease of study, academic support, credibility, accreditation, endorsement, quality and fullness of course.

We have no entrance requirements whatsoever, with an open admission policy with no barriers to entry of any kind; anyone may register and begin any course at anytime irrespective of your age,  prior qualifications or schooling.