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The Makeup Issue presents the Art of Make-Up

The Makeup Issue was born 20 years ago from passion for beauty and fashion.  Our courses are specifically designed to qualify you as a professional individual and makeup artist.  We are renowned for our superb level of training, contributed by the fact that instruction is given by experienced and professional makeup artists that have been working, as is still actively working in the film and fashion industry.  Our lecturers bring in the latest fashion trends into their teachings.  What sets our academy apart from other institutions is that we regularly give students the opportunity to go out and assist the lecturers on fashion shows, productions and photographic/film shoots.  Current contracts such as Miss World, SA Elite Model Look, Face of Africa, SA Fashion Week (Audi, Jo’Burg, Durban and Cape Town), SA Music Awards,  to name but a few.  (For more contracts, please see the bottom of the page).  We want to give our students authentic insight into this exciting and competitive industry, and through this experience they often get recruited by some of the top production companies and cosmetic houses in the country.  “This experience is invaluable to our students”, comments founder and principal, Abie Viljoen.

Students are encouraged to participate in various makeup competitions throughout the year to increase their working experience and exposure to the industry.  We lay a lot of importance on comprehensive working knowledge, a full understanding of products and materials, but most important of all, a strong and professional portfolio.  This practical experience grooms the graduates for this highly competitive industry they are about to enter.  A successful artist need not only excel in the knowledge of the various techniques, but be professional in their approach and have an acute sense for business.

Abie Viljoen explains “Rather than focussing on past academic achievements, the most important traits are having a creative flair, maturity, a great personality and professionalism”.  Throughout the course there is strong emphasis on building an excellent portfolio which acts as the best marketing tool to showcase their skills, contrary to what others feel that a diploma or certificate from International institutions hold little credit alongside a powerful portfolio.  When the portfolios are handed in at the end of the course, and they are of a professional standard, the graduate will be placed on our books to be contracted out to clients on a freelance basis.

We accept both male and female students over the age of sixteen that has an interest and love for the film, fashion, TV and theatrical industry.  This course is also highly recommended for teachers of drama and dance.

We offer intensive training in the art of Make-Up and Hair Styling.  Incorporating: Bridal, Fashion, Film, Photography, Television, Theatrical and Special Effect

Continued contracts done by The Makeup Issue:

SA Model of the year 1995 to 2001,SA Fusion Cover, Miss Africa Renaissance, SA Ford Supermodel, Rooi Rose Moir’s Competition, Exposure Studio Promotions (body painting), Marcus Bruister Publicity (Silversands casino body painting), True Love Woman’s Day expo and SAB North Region Kick-start Awards, J & B Met – 1999 to 2001, Kyknet Model – 2003.


FULL -TIME MAKE-UP COURSE – R 18 000-00 (Two intakes a year, in January and  July)
PART -TIME MAKE-UP COURSE SATURDAYS – R 16 000-00 (Two intakes per year, in January and July)
PART -TIME MAKE-UP COURSE EVENINGS – R 16 000-00 (Two intakes per year, in January and July)
The make-up and hair course do run concurrently.


•    Basic skin care (Function and Anatomy of skin)
•    Preparation of skin for application of skin products and make-up
•    Lash and brow shaping and tinting
•    Choice and use of foundations (All types and makes)
•    Choice and use of professional make-up brushes


•    Day, Evening, Wedding (Natural, Medium, Dark look)
•    History on Make-Up and Fashion (1920’s to current trends)
•    Corrective make-up for all face shapes and skin types
•    Make-up for mature skins, ethnic & oriental
•    Cosmetic camouflage (concealing scars and blemishes)


•    The use of specialised lighting of Media and Commercials
•    Make-up for black & white and colour for Photographic shoots
•    Make-up for Avant Garde for T.V. and Ramp Shows
•    Make-up for mannequins and cabaret
•    Fantasia make-up for Fashion and T.V.
•    Glamour make-up for Fashion, Ramp and T.V.
•    Application of false eyelashes for top and bottom


•    Basic male and female make-up for stage and screen
•    Character make-up (Geisha girls, Kabuki, devils, demons, etc.)
•    Ageing of the face, neck and hands using latex and cream.
•    Pantomime – tiger, leopard, rabbit, cat, bird of paradise, etc.
•    Clowns, Dolls, Egyptian, Ballet etc.


•    Making bald caps from latex and plastic
•    Colouring of bald caps
•    Piece moulding – noses, chins, bags under eyes, etc.
•    Designing of wounds, injuries and scars
•    Use of theatrical blood, collodin and various materials in film making
•    Making beards, moustaches and eyebrows


•    Business Management, including how to become established as a freelance make-up and hair artist
•    How to invoice your clients
•    Self image in interview procedures
•    Rates for Make-up Artist and Hair stylist
•    Mini Manicure

Students will compile a portfolio of their work throughout the course.  Updating it as the course progresses as they help with make-up at local Theatres, Television productions and Fashion shoots. This portfolio used for job interviews after graduation.


Domestic Goddess Academy

Domestic Goddess Academy runs classes and workshops throughout the year at its purpose-built restaurant studio in Durbanville, Cape Town. Courses and classes are run in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. (subject to a minimum of 10 people).

This Academy can accommodate up to 15 students in hands-on classes, in a state-of-the art, purpose-built, teaching facility.

Domestic Goddess Academy is one of the few schools in the country aimed at the general public and hobby cook, dedicated to once-off classes and short courses, that is run on a professional basis, open 5 days a week.
The Academy will offer over 100 different classes and courses, taught by experienced, qualified and well-trained instructors.

Courses and classes have been designed to appeal to a cross-section of students, from domestics, housekeepers, newly-weds, kids and corporate clients, to hobby cooks and hobby chefs who want to improve and update their current skills.

The venue is also available for corporate and private functions – birthdays, kitchen teas, and dinner parties with a difference.

Our classes are practical, where every person gets to participate. They are also a lot of fun where you not only learn new skills, but also get to meet people with similar interests.

For corporate groups these classes are a novel way of creating staff interaction or entertaining clients.


Domestic Goddess Academy is unique:

The facility is purpose-built for teaching – offering a practical work environment that is versatile, flexible and safe, as well as mimicking the domestic environment. All equipment used is hardwearing and functional, yet at the same time is of a domestic nature.

Classes are run by specialists – They teach at the school as a part time business. Our instructors all have a passion for their craft, are out-going, good communicators and are skilled at educating.

Active participation in hands-on classes – Students learn specialist techniques, in an interactive hands-on environment. They not only gain new skills, but also have a fun outing, meeting new people and discussing solutions to common project problems. Extensive easy-to-follow lecture notes – These include an in-depth overview and background to the craft, easy to follow step-by-step instructions or recipes and shopping lists.

The school also receives on-going editorial in various publications, as well as on the radio and television. So, whether you are an Individual Woman, a Corporate Career woman, a Bride-to-be, a Married Woman, mom-to-be, busy Family Woman or Mature Woman, Domestic Goddess Academy is sure to have something for you!

Lenore Uys

Lenore is the creative and driving force behind The Domestic Goddess Academy. The idea for the academy was born while she was flying around the country, training delegates for a large retail company. She was not a trainer of profession but got so many compliments while training that she decided to pursue her talents as an interactive trainer and facilitator. She started with putting together a decorating course specifically for the homemaker, who has no prior experience in decor. She believes that there are many corporate and business training courses out there but nothing tailored to suit the woman on the street or in the house or even the busy executive that needs a bit of inspiration or just time off.

In 2000 Lenore started Decor and Craft Academy that focused on craft and décor courses and in 2002 Ikhaya Interiors was molded that caters for corporate and residential interior decorating and makeovers. And then in 2006 came The Domestic Goddess Academy that cares about all the complicated facets of a woman in various stages of their lives and at various levels of the economy.

Lenore has a wide range of experience in the business field, with Industrial Engineering and Business Management Degrees. As well as experience in the retail environment as Distribution Center Manager, Planner, Logistics Manager and Project Manager. Lenore also has a diploma in Interior Design and is an Interior Designer and Aesthetic Project and offers a full design, planning and coordinating décor service solution while creating the most beautiful interiors tailor-made to you budget and personality.
Lenore understands the daily pressures of balancing a career, family life and being a woman, wife, mother, homemaker, and general organiser and not losing yourself while seeing to all aspects of a very busy life.

She believes that every woman is unique and has many untapped talents and interests that need special attention and stimulation in order to bloom to satisfaction.

She also does beading, paints, needlework, mosaics, and on request only, room make-overs. More recently, she is focusing her energy on putting together make up, wardrobe planning and styling workshops for the “Wo”man on the Street or Lady of the House