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Eskom launches new welding school giving hope to youth


The newly launched Eskom EAL Welding School will offer placements for at least 700 students to be trained as high class welders.

The new school opened its doors last Thursday and is located in Midrand.

“Over the next seven years, Eskom will train a minimum of 700 students to be welders – and not simply regular welders, but high class welders,” chief executive officer Brian Dames stated.

The school forms an important part of Eskom’s Professional Welding Capability Development Programme, which is designed to boost its capacity to train welders to international quality standards. This is to meet Eskom’s needs for the construction of brand new power plants along with the maintenance and upgrading of existing plants.

The school, which at the moment has 150 students in numerous phases of training, was established to deal with the skills shortage in the country and it is going to make certain that the parastatal will have the ability to replace skills which in fact had to be brought in from other countries with home-grown welding specialists.


The courses offered to welders encompasses on-the-job training at power stations along with classroom theory.

“It is essential for state institutions to develop skills in-house that will significantly help to relieve the country’s shortage as well as to stimulate economic and employment opportunity,” said Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba.

“This is a vital and strategic technical skills development programme, simply because welders will have the ability to work not only for Eskom, but will also be beneficial to the broader South African economy.”

The school is a collaboration involving the South African Institute of Welding (SAIW) and Eskom. At the conclusion of their 3 to 5 year schooling, students will receive a dual South African and international qualification accredited by the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and SAIW.

Eskom at present has a pipeline of 6 386 learners, with an emphasis on training artisans, engineers and technologists for future years with Eskom making an investment in excess of R1 billion a year, which represents more than 6% of the wage bill, in the training and development of its human resources.

Eskom chairman Zola Tsotsi pointed out that Eskom is committed to delivering technical skills development targets for their infrastructure requirements, and that the welding programme would provide South Africans career and skills opportunities in a scarce skills category.


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Source: BuaNews


Eskom energy-efficiency campaign commences

Eskom, South Africa’s power utility, has unveiled a countrywide effort urging citizens to cut back electricity use and in addition make use of current supplies a lot more conscientiously to ease demand on the power grid.

The roll-out of the 49M energy-efficiency drive, lead by Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, took place at Turbine Hall in Newtown, Johannesburg.

The ceremony was attended by Minister of Energy Dipuo Peters, Minister of Public Enterprises Malusi Gigaba, chairperson of Eskom Mpho Makwana and leading business owners.


Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe



Power to the people

The 49M effort, making reference to the 49-million citizens who are now living in South Africa, happens to be endorsed by government and business leaders. Its goal and objectives is generally to instil a long-term national culture of energy-saving.

The campaign will run for five years.

Motlanthe said: “The movement being unveiled is a crucial contributing factor in the country’s push when it comes to responsible economic and developmental expansion. All of us have it within our capacity to really make a difference to energy-efficiency throughout South Africa.


“Government has pledged itself to make certain that all South Africans have accessibility to electric power. As a public utility in charge of electricity generation, Eskom has already in recent times expanded its network and additionally by means of electrification initiatives, contributed to bringing quality lifestyle and economic possibilities to a large number of rural regions who had in the past been refused the ability to access services.”

The campaign requests all South Africans to “lift a finger”, meaning that it will require merely one flick of the hand to turn off devices which are not being used.

The symbol for the advertising and marketing campaign is a yellow reminder string tied around an index finger with messages: “Remember your power” along with “If you are not using it switch it off”.


Furthermore there will also be stickers intended for people to place in strategic spots for instance on plugs and light switches, serving as a constant reminder.

Eskom’s chairperson Makwana said: “It will be the group effort and commitment coming from all South Africans that will actually really make a difference to the energy future of our country.

“Some South Africans already have made a start with simple and easy measures, which include making use of compact fluorescent lamps as an alternative to incandescent globes, attempting to keep unused appliances turned off and minimizing electricity wastage, which in turn can have a significant outcome.”

Eskom chairperson Mpho Makwana

Minister of Energy Dipuo Peters added: “We already have acknowledged energy-efficiency and conservation as being a low-risk and low-cost solution in order to take action against climate change imperatives in addition to being an easy method of delaying several of the investment in infrastructure, the financing for which during this current economic climate could possibly be challenging.”

It is estimated that South Africa will probably need to double its existing installed capacity of 42 000 megawatts over the upcoming 20 years to be able to keep up with demand.

Eskom has already committed to expend R300-billion (US$43-billion) by 2020 to make certain South Africa meets its energy supply and demand ratio.


Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba said: “Government is wholly commited to ensuring long-term security of electrical energy supply for all South Africans and definitely will continue to partner with Eskom together with other appropriate stakeholders to accomplish this goal. We continue to be resolute of the fact that the country should under no circumstances experience yet another time period of painful, rotational load-shedding as experienced in 2008.”

Supporters of the campaign include American Chamber of Commerce, Endangered Wildlife Trust, Food and Trees for Africa, Information Technology Association of South Africa, Massmart, MTN, National Union of Mine Workers, National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa, National Economic Development and Labour Council, National Stakeholder Advisory Council on Energy, Sci-Bono, Solidarity, South African Chamber of Commerce and the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa.

Eskom CEO Brian Dames said: “The movement will be built on ‘three P’s’, which translate to save the power, save the planet and save your pocket.”


Source: mediaclubsouthafrica.com


Eskom and Special Investigating Unit collaborate to battle corruption

Power parastatal Eskom has recently partnered with the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) to battle corruption.

“All of us are making it a strategic imperative that Eskom needs to be a high-performance enterprise. Our collaboration together with the SIU will allow us to to accomplish this, and moreover will guarantee that Eskom is ethical, well governed and possesses suitable fraud detection and prevention measures in place,” Eskom’s CEO Brian Dames explained.

Through the partnership between Eskom together with the SIU – which happens to be formulated by statute – Dames pointed out that each and every loophole that is uncovered is going to be shut down and this includes criminal prosecution in cases where it is warranted. The alliance will run over time span of no less than three years.

Eskom CEO Brian Dames

Eskom stated the partnership was in fact in line with its responsibility to government’s anti corruption initiatives.

Leader of the SIU Willie Hofmeyr stated the parastatal seems to have exhibited it’s determination to do something about corruption and maladministration situations. “This sort of ground breaking collaboration to develop capacity to combat corruption is critical if we are planning to do something about corruption effectively and efficiently,” he was quoted saying.

The terms of the contract are now being finalised between the two based on which the SIU is going to set up a team of specialist investigators to undertake a systematic investigation of all Eskom’s divisions.

Willie Hofmeyr

A primary emphasis of the investigation will most likely be probity assessments on Eskom’s procurement agreements. The utility invests R90 billion annually on purchasing goods and services, and this includes its capital investment programme.

The investigation will look to uncover and expose any kind of corrupt practices and also conflicts of interest. Dames claimed this certainly will reinforce and improve the company’s internal audit function. “All of us expect it will eventually play a role in the reputation we are developing for honesty, efficiency and transparency,” said Dames.

“A suitable application for a proclamation by the President happens to be in progress and, once gazetted, will confer special investigative powers on the SIU engagement,” said Eskom.

Source: BuaNews