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Buy in bulk

Rather than purchasing small quantities of household and office products, choose a brand that you like and support, and stock up on larger quantities. Buying in bulk usually works out to be cheaper, and has you running out to the shops less often to restock supplies. It is also more environmentally friendly in that bulk items often use less packaging.

Source: the Enviropaedia

Reward your family for saving energy

Make it relevant by linking your family’s energy-saving goal to a great incentive – a day trip that you would like to take together , or a family meal of everyone’s favourite dishes. If you miss your target, get everyone together to see where you can make adjustments, or to see where people are slipping up. Get motivated, and re-commit!

Source: the Enviropaedia

Practice companion gardening

Companion planting helps to get the most out of your garden by planting different vegetables and plants together so that they can make the best use of available sun, nutrients and space. You can plant fast-growing plants in between slow-growing ones. Large, bushy plants like tomatoes can provide protection from scorching sun for low-growing, shade-loving plants like lettuce and spinach. Marigolds make excellent companion plants as they repel pests, and encourage the growth of a wide range of plants.

Source: the Enviropaedia

Stock up on olive oil

Olive oil is a versatile and health-giving product that has been used for centuries in cooking, body and home care.

Mix olive oil with coarse salt or sugar and a few drops of peppermint oil to create foot, hand and body scrub that leaves skin soft and nourished.  For dry hair, warm some olive oil and add a teaspoon of honey to create a nourishing hair mask. If you learn to enjoy the aroma of olive oil, you can use it as massage oil and skin moisturizer.

Olive oil can also be used to nourish and polish wooden furniture, leather shoes and eliminate door squeaks.

Source: the Enviropaedia