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Qualities and characteristics of good employees

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An important asset of any business are the employees and it is important for employers to be able to recognize the qualities of a good employee. When hiring new staff, it is imperative to select people with the good attributes and those that have the potential to become good employees.

When hiring new people, one must remember that it is not what the person knows today. Knowledge is an important and an asset, but it can be taught over time. However when it comes to a person’s basic character and personality, things become a bit more difficult to separate the good from the bad. Intelligent companies don’t hire for today, rather for the future success and personality when trying to identify the most suitable employees.

A study of over 500 international business leaders was undertaken to ascertain what sets a great employee apart. The goal of the research was to find out why some people are more successful than others. The results showed that most leaders chose personality as the leading reason of success.

The research also discovered that there was a huge misunderstanding when it comes to the meaning of personality. A person’s personality is a stable set of preferences and tendencies. Being an introverted or extroverted type of person is an important personality trait.

An individuals personality traits are formed during the early childhood development and fixed by early adulthood. it is important to understand that certain things can change over a person’s lifetime, but your personalities one thing that sticks with you for life.

It is also important to make a distinction between personality and intellect (IQ) which do not occur together; and between personality and emotional intelligence (EQ). A person’s personality is set in stone while their EQ can change and improve over time.

Regardless of the industry, age or sex, the ideal employee all share some common traits. Here is a list of some characteristics and traits that set exceptional employees apart:

Delayed gratification – Exceptional employees work outside of their job description, don’t expect recognition or compensation.

Manage and tolerate conflict – Exceptional employees never seek out conflict but will never run away either. They can present their positions in a calm and logical way while painting their composure.

Ethical and honest – A person can display all the talent in the world, however without integrity, ethics, and authenticity, nothing great will be accomplished. Honest and forthright employees will attract clients and increase the chances of success.

Self-managed – The perfect employee is someone who does not have to be told what to do or expected of them, and is willing to do more than their job description. A self-managed employee strives to improve himself, reduce his weaknesses and play up his strengths.

Action Oriented – Employees who are prepared to take action and chances despite the chances of failure. Chances may lead to failure but more often than not they will lead to success and generate new ideas.

Full of confidence – Confident people produce results and help others around them to take on challenges.

Good communication skills – Employees who can communicate in a clear and lucid manner when speaking or writing will always contribute to the success of any company.

Always stay focused – Employees that are able to stay focused on the issues at hand without getting distracted. They re able to differentiate between real problems and background noise.

Ambitious – Employees that strive to help themselves and improve their career will also help the company. Ambition spurs innovation, creative ideas and openness amongst employees.

Express their opinions and thoughts – Individuals who are not afraid to speak up even if it to ask difficult questions or challenge a superior or executive decision. They think before they speak and choose the right time to speak out.

Good team players – All companies require effective teams and effort. Employees who work well in a team environment and can establish friendly relationships with coworkers will always contribute to a companies end goal.

Dedicated and hard-working – No company will succeed or accomplish much with 9-5 employees. Effective companies are those who have result oriented and hard-working employees.

Keep their egos in check – We all have egos especially those exceptional employees which is a main driving force. Even with egos they are willing to admit when they are wrong and follow other decisions or opinions.

Always striving to grow and learn – Individuals who have a convictions that things can always be improved upon and be better.

Upbeat Personality and character – Employees that arrive at work fresh and energetic will generally perform better than people with a negative attitude. Upbeat and optimistic employees help to create a unique working environment that spawns ideas.

Recognize and fix things – People who identify problems and fix them immediately without walking past or electing to get back to the issue or problem at a later stage.

Passionate – Employees who have passion for what they do and their job will never work a day in their lives. Money will be a motivator but success will come from employees who enjoy the journey.

Accountable for their actions – Employees who stand up and will to be accountable for their actions and results,whether good or bad. They take responsibility and ownership of their work.

Marketable and leaders – Individuals who are well liked by their co-workers and show integrity and leadership skills. These individuals can be trusted and represent the company brand well.