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How to guarantee happiness at work

Happiness at work
Are you one to those people who dread waking up every dyad going to work? Do you hate what you do? Is hating your work consuming your life? Are you desperate to make a change and improve your life? There is no reason to hate your life and work even if there are things that are out of your control. It is the things that you can control that can make you happier at work.

Let be honest, personal happiness and work sometimes do not go hand in hand. A study done by Gallup who interviewed over 180 million people found that a mere 13% of people are actually happy with the jobs they are doing. Those who do rate themselves as happy are 36% more motivated, six times more energized, and twice as productive as their unhappy counterparts.

In order to understand what makes you happy, you need to understand and learn what works for you as an individual. Once you accept and realize what works for you, then life and happiness tends to improve. Discovering what makes you happy not only improves your personal health but also your overall work performance.

Here are a few recommendations to that will help you find happiness at work:

  • It is up to you take charge and control of your happiness
  • Do something you love every single day
  • Ignore things that are out of your control
  • Avoid comparing yourself to other people around you
  • Remember to reward yourself for work well done
  • Part of your mental happiness is physically exercise and activity
  • Do not judge others or participate in gossip mongering in the office
  • Be selective with the battles you wish to fight
  • Always be true to yourself don’t violate your personal standards
  • Clear up your workspace and clutter
  • Focus on one thing at at time and stop multitasking
  • Constantly be aware of ways to help you grow
  • Assist others in the workplace
  • Make commitments to things you can keep
  • Ask you boss for more responsibilities and task to do
  • Track the progress you make toward goals
  • Make your office your own and create a nest
  • Make sure to eat healthy and hydrated
  • Take a 5 minute break and get some fresh air when feeling overwhelmed
  • Focusing on your strengths can build happiness and improve productivity
  • Try to laugh more and smile
  • Having a sense of meaning can contribute to happiness in the workplace.
  • Avoid socializing with negative people
  • Delegate some of the decisions to others around you
  • Practice positive thinking and acting positively
  • Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself
  • View your co-workers as relationships and not just pawns
  • Take a step back and contemplate what you’re grateful for
  • Believe in your future and that the best is still to come
  • Always leave your personal problems at home
  • Get feedback from your boss and co-workers

Following the tips above will not only improve your a happiness at work but also improve your emotional intelligence. Pick those that resonate with you and have fun with them.


Habits and behaviors of likable people

Likable habits and behavior
It is a mistaken belief that being a likable person comes from natural, unteachable traits that are only reserved for the lucky few – the good-looking, extremely sociable, and talented people. The truth is that being likable is actually up to you and something you can control. It’s all about emotional intelligence.

Have you ever been among a group of people who are talking about certain person and all you hear are this person being described as positive, respectable, and genuine. The reality about likable people is that they have certain habits. It is these habits that most of us strive for and try emulate.

It is easy to brand ourselves though social media to  boost our professional network, however there is no substitute for a charismatic personality. Let’s face it, everyone wants to be liked.

Here are few example of key behaviors and habits that emotionally intelligent people engage in that makes them so likable.

  • They listen and ask questions to show they are interested.
  • They put away their phones away and focus all of their energy on the conversation
  • They are genuine and honest people.
  • They always have a positive mental attitude.
  • They are patient people  and mange their time wisely.
  • They are always praising others in a genuine way.
  • They are always performing at least one good deed a day.
  • They never pass judgement and are open-mined making them more approachable and interesting.
  • They don’t have extroverted personalities and never seek attention.
  • They are reliable and consistent in the way they treat people.
  • They acknowledge failure and the lesson to be learned from it.
  • They are cognizant of their gestures, expressions, and tone of voice; and always use positive body language.
  • If something needs to be done, they don’t ask for help. They just do it.
  • They when it is time to talk and when it is time to listen.
  • They are always aware of how they converse with others and speak in a carefully disciplined and friendly tone.
  • They always leave a good first impression.
  • They always address people by their name whenever they see them.
  • They make sure to pay close attention to others in a conversation.
  • They always have smile on their face and make others feel good.
  • They have a good sense about when to open up and get personal with their problems and confessions.
  • They have the ability to maintain their composure under any circumstance.
  • They know how to balance their lives between passion and having fun.