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IEA case study to aid SA electricity challenges

The Energy Minister Dipuo Peters has recently unveiled a new publication, ‘Saving Electricity in a Hurry‘, that can assist the country to do something about its electricity issues.

The publication, commissioned by the International Energy Agency (IEA), is actually a brief case study which highlights lessons as a result of recent electricity deficits in Chile, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States.

IEA Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka stated that international cooperation was necessary to tackle energy challenges. “It is important to have discussions and debates concerning the issue in order to formulate a strategy to address the challenges we are faced with. ‘Saving Electricity in a Hurry’ would undoubtedly in the long run assist with the challenge of climate change,” Tanaka said.

Peters talked about how energy is essential for economic growth and development, and it is particularly continues to be essential for people to continue to use electricity sensibly.

“There continues to be a need to interact more with all the developing economies when it comes to energy factors. This will likely make certain that the country deals more efficiently with the energy challenges we cuurently face,” Peters explained.

Minister of Energy Dipuo Peters


A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is going to be signed between the Department of Energy and the International Energy Agency. The MOU enables the two parties to work alongside one another regarding issues with regards to energy.

In a bid to make certain that South Africa deals effectively with energy challenges, a 20-year energy programme is going to be introduced to guarantee a sufficient amount of energy for the country.

Cabinet not long ago approved the country’s 20-year energy master plan geared towards unlocking investment in the power sector in addition to providing support to build reserve capacity. Peters also discussed how the 20-year electricity master plan consists of a long term strategy on saving energy.


To view and download case study – CLICK HERE


Source: BuaNews


Save Energy – Sun dry your washing

Sun-dry your washing

Tumble dryers may be convenient, but they use a lot of electricity, and often shrink and damage your clothes. Wherever possible, hang your clothes on the washing line to dry in the sun. We are lucky in South Africa in that we often have sunny days, even in the middle of winter. Make a point of saving up your washing until the sun comes out, and then make the most of the free energy!

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