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Added benefits of online degree programs and studies

online education benefits


Thinking about returning to school? Thinking about an online degree? If yes, you are well on your way to achieving your education goals and objectives. There is a growing shift in student study opportunities and online degrees are increasingly becoming very popular. Online degrees can be completed by students as well as working professionals at a convenient time and location of their choice. Online degrees, certificates, and courses have no geographical limitations. All that is required is access to the internet to pursue your educational goals.

Online studies are extremely popular with students who are not in a position to attend regular classes for various reasons including distance, family commitments, full time job to mention a few. Obtaining an education online also allows students to work part time which provides them with work and organizational experience in addition to providing some pocket money. A significant selling point of online degrees, diplomas, certificates, courses, in most cases, are less costly than traditional colleges and universities.

Professionals also reap the benefits of online studies. As part of their career plan, many professional will continue their education to upgrade their skills in an effort to maintain a competitive advantage over their colleagues. In some cases an individual is transferred to a different department or takes on new responsibilities, and is compelled to learn new skills. In addition there are those professionals who obtain degrees in order to climb the career ladder and boost their personal earning potential. Considering the time management constraints of a full time job, online studies are an extremely attractive option and flexible.

Online degrees make it possible for students to study at their own pace as well as at a location and time that suits them. Additionally, studying online also provides you the chance to study via a college or educational institution that is not in your state or geographic location. In the event that your job necessitates that you travel a great deal, this will not restrict your studies and educational objectives. If you are looking for a short course, certificate, diploma, degree, masters, or PhD in any field of study, there are plenty of educational institutions offering opportunities online.

WARNING… some online colleges are providing training on a fraudulent basis. Before you sign up for any courses you must check if the online college is accredited. In addition, you must check the accreditation of individual courses. An accredited institution and course will benefit those students who are looking to apply for financial aid. Be warned, you must check if they are accredited by a recognized accrediting agency. Don’t be afraid to ask the accreditation details.


How to succeed with Distance Learning programmes

Plenty of people who have started degree programmes but not able to complete their studies, elect to continue their education and learning via a distance learning program. However, being the working individuals will need to focus on their studies while at the same time require skills and techniques to assist them to realize success. For anyone who is attaining a certification or degree via a distance learning program, the suggestions listed below can help you achieve your goals.


Establish a time management strategy

The majority of adult students are also working individuals who have family responsibilities along with other obligations to be full-filled. Assigning precious time for each and every task can certainly be a difficult task for them. The good news is, distance learning programs provide the most overall flexibility for adult students to match their study with a schedule that will not crash with other tasks. It is advisable to come up with a schedule upfront that sets aside certain times to concentrate on your distance learning program without impacting on other obligations, and you will have to adhere to this timetable.



Take advantage of online discussion groups and forums

Considering the fact that online discussions are the primary method of communication for distance learning, it is important to take full advantage of these threaded discussion posts for your own benefit. Make an effort to have fun with the interaction with other students by way of online discussion simply because it enables you to to create and cultivate relationships with online classmates. You will learn far more from sharing and interaction with other online students simply by making an effort to participate in the online discussion groups and forums. The truth is, research has shown that individuals are far more successful and retain far more by applying the knowledge to their work or in threaded discussions.


Make asking questions beneficial in learning

Learning through questions have been proven statistically to benefit learning and knowledge retention. Individuals who ask the correct questions and obtain the answers have a tendency to retain the knowledge they have learned in the virtual classroom. To succeed, you need to research your topic of learning and compose questions that will enable you to engage with fellow peers and instructors.


Find ways to remain motivated

One of many key factors that drives an adult student to finish his/her distance learning program is to continue to be motivated. It is advisable to stay motivated through the passion to complete the distance learning program successfully as well as receive the degree or certificate for a much better career future. A good way to keep you going could be to form groups with a few of your online classmates and inspire each other to complete assignments and projects in a timely manner.


Link up with fellow students

Despite the fact that your goal of enrolling into a distance learning program is to graduate and receive a degree or certificate, the benefit of interacting with other students ought to be stressed. Creating connections with other students and remain connected by way of threaded discussions will assist you to progress through your studies without problems.



Working individuals who elect to return to study via distance learning will need to equip themselves with the essential skills and techniques if they would like to complete their study program successfully.


Are you considering furthering your studies?



Furthering one’s education is a very wise decision that could open many new doors in the future. It is also a very scary decision, as you’ll have to be committed to make a success of it.

We want to make sure that you choose wisely and that you are fully prepared for what lies ahead, so we have compiled a list of the most important things you need to know BEFORE choosing a college.

Here are some very important questions you need to ask ANY COLLEGE before enrolling:

•    Does is offer classroom studies or distance learning?
•    Is it accredited and recognised as an education provider?
•    How do I receive my study material?
•    What payment options do I have?
•    Do I have to sign a credit agreement?
•    What happens when I finish my studies earlier?
•    What happens when I need to take a break from my studies?



Once you know the answers to these questions, choosing a college that would suit your individual needs best becomes much easier. As with any big decision in life, you need to do proper research to ensure you invest your time and money in the right place.

To save you time, we’ll give you our answers so long. You can use them to compare all the colleges you are considering for your studies.


What do I need to ask any College?

College SA

 Does it offer classroom studies or distance learning?  We offer distance learning or HOME STUDY courses, so you study at your own pace.
 Is it accredited and recognised as an education provider?  We are provisionally registered as a Private FET College, accredited by FASSET and registered with the Department of Education.


How do I receive my study material?

We send you your study material via COURIER (registered mail) so that nothing gets lost in the post!
 What payment options do I have?  You can pay on a MONTHLY basis or settle the whole account at once and receive a discount.
 Do I have to sign a credit agreement?  NO! We will not force you to keep on paying if you cannot continue your studies.
 What happens when I finish my studies earlier?  You have done great, so we’ll reward you by allowing you to STOP PAYING for your course!
 What happens if I need to take a break from my studies? 

No problem! You can TAKE A BREAK at any stage and stop paying and studying for that time.




















To save you time, we’ll give you our answers so long. You can use them to compare all the colleges you are considering for your studies.

We hope these few questions would help you in your search for the best college to suit your needs!

If you are interested in finding out more about what we offer at College SA, please feel free to visit company profile and courses – Click Here


We wish you all of the best with your future studies!

Warmest regards,

Jan Badenhorst (College Principal)


DVD-Based Training Seminars to enhance employee performance


Enhancing employee performance & effectiveness through DVD-based training seminars & bite-sized learning resources


1.    The business case

Our DVD-based training seminars are aimed at enhancing employee performance and effectiveness through highly engaging training DVDs and learning methodologies. The training DVDs showcase workplace-based scenarios dramatised by professional actors in USA, UK & Australia on different workplace themes such as managerial/supervisory skills, customer service/call centre excellence skills, recruitment/selection interviewing skills and managing diversity/conflicts in the workplace. The DVD-based training seminars are bite-sized, meaning there are no-frills (cost-effective), focused on results and targeted in approach. Participants are spared the long-winded theory that often doesn’t translate into measurable performance improvements. The focus is to close performance and competence gaps so that employees are effectiveness in their work roles.


2.    Learning intervention methodology

Here is how we transfer learning to the workplace to enhance employee performance & effectiveness.



3.    DVD-based training seminars

The DVD-based training seminars are run as DVD bundles (sets of DVDs on a specific topic). Our current range is shown below.


a)    Managing people & teams DVD-based training seminar:

This high-impact seminar is focused on developing supervisory & managerial competencies for effective organisational performance. The management training DVDs provide proven techniques that are guaranteed to improve productivity and people skills for managers and supervisors.


DVD Titles

What do you get?

1)     Building a winning team One day highly engaging session by a qualified facilitator   13 September 2011
2)     Be prepared to lead Watching a set of 9 training DVDs
3)     Be prepared for meetings Leadership & management style assessments- free reports
4)     Breakthrough listening Takeaway course material on CD format
5)     Criticism: giving & taking Tea/coffee, refreshments & finger lunch
18 October 2011
6)     Managing people Target audience: Middle managers, supervisors & team leaders
7)     Motivating your employees
8)     Performance Coaching  
9)     Time Management Cost: R1 890 per participant


Participants on this seminar have an option of getting a pack of 9CDs per each participant for our Professional Supervisory & Middle Management Development Programme (PSMDP). The PSMDP is our flagship competency-based management & supervisory development programme.  It consists of 9 CDs with 52 learning outcomes & 35 hours of learning time. Participants can learn at their own pace using these interactive audio based CDs. The 9 CD pack will be available at a cost of R1 990.


b)    Customer service excellence DVD-based training seminar

Keeping your customers happy is one of the most important parts of running a business. But sometimes your employees may not have the skills necessary to provide the best service possible. Whether it’s over the phone or in person, employees will learn how to be attentive, listen to customers’ needs, and handle tough situations in a professional manner.


DVD Titles What do you get? Dates
1)     The ART of customer service One day highly engaging session by a qualified facilitator 14 September 2011
2)     The Essentials of great service Watching a set of 7 training DVDs & takeaway course material on CD
3)     Creating the repeat customer Customer service/sales style assessments- free reports
4)     Customer service connection Branded customer service experience survey (in-house session)
5)     Dealing with the irate customer Tea/coffee, refreshments & finger lunch
19 October 2011
6)     Listening under pressure Target audience: Customer service, call centre & all front-office staff.
7)    Serving customers- helping people
Cost: R1 680 per participant



c)    Professional telephone & call centre techniques DVD-based training seminars

This highly interactive seminar is aimed at developing telephone communication and call-centre skills for frontline staff and call centre agents.


DVD Titles What do you get? Dates
1)     Telephone customer service One day highly engaging session by a qualified facilitator 15 September 2011
2)     When the phone rings Watching a set of 9 training DVDs & takeaway course material on CD
3)     Listening under pressure Customer service/sales style assessments- free reports
4)     The ART of customer service Branded customer service experience survey (in-house session)
5)     The Essentials of great service Tea/coffee, refreshments & finger lunch
20 October 2011
6)     Creating the repeat customer Target audience: Customer service, call centre & all front-office staff.
7)     Customer service connection
8)     Dealing with the irate customer  
9)     Listening under pressure Cost: R1 680 per participant



d)    Recruitment/selection interviewing DVD-based training seminars

This is a high-impact seminar focused on developing recruitment, interviewing & talent sourcing competencies of recruitment teams, both corporate and consulting teams. Our lead facilitator will share insights on both competency based recruitment & targeted selection methodologies.


DVD Titles What do you get? Dates 
1)     Hiring success: A step-by-step guide One day highly engaging session by a qualified facilitator 20 September 2011 
Watching a set of 3 training DVDs & takeaway course material on CD
1)2)     Safe hiring: How you can avoid bad hires Personality & leadership style assessments- free reports
Insights on competency based recruitment & targeted selection
3)     Avoiding the workforce crisis Tea/coffee, refreshments & finger lunch
12 October 2011
Target audience: HR/recruitment staff & line managers
Cost: R1 680 per participant



e)    Managing diversity & conflicts in the workplace DVD-based training seminars

Participants will be challenged to embrace diversity and equipped with tools on how to deal with conflicts in the workplace.


DVD Titles What do you get? Dates
1)     Conflicts in the workplace Half day highly engaging session by a qualified facilitator 4 October 2011 
Watching a set of 3 training DVDs & takeaway course material on CD
Personality & leadership style assessments- free reports
1)2)     Diversity in the workplace: We’re all different
Tea/coffee, refreshments & finger snacks
8 November 2011
3)     Getting ahead by getting along  
Target audience: Line managers, supervisors & team leaders
Cost: R780 per participant



f)    Managing employee performance DVD-based training seminars

This is a highly entertaining seminar aimed at equipping line managers, team leaders and supervisors with performance management skills and tools. Participants will learn that performance management is a continuous cycle of setting performance standards, monitoring performance, coaching performance and rewarding desired performance behaviours. The focus is to ensure that organisations achieve tangible bottom-line results through effectively managing employee performance.


DVD Titles What do you get? Dates
1)     The power of positive discipline One day highly engaging session by a qualified facilitator 6 October 2011 
Watching a set of 3 training DVDs & takeaway course material on CD
1)2)     Performance coaching Personality & leadership style assessments- free reports
Tea/coffee, refreshments & finger lunch
3 November 2011
3)     Performance appraisals- getting results Target audience: Line managers, supervisors & team leaders
Cost: R1 790 per participant


Seminar selection & bookings: Kindly send email to training@peoplecapabilities.com  to book for your seats on any of the seminars. Request your special discounts for group & early bird bookings.

Venue: Mercure Hotel, Randburg, near Brightwater Commons Mall

In-house DVD-based training seminars: this is where we come to you, say on a Friday (as you’re winding up the week) in your boardroom/conference centre, even on a Saturday morning or on any suitable dates that fit the diaries of your nominated employees. The seminars will target organisation-specific issues that you would have identified. The pay-off for this is that it’s cheaper; employees don’t have to be away from office for a long time and can be facilitated either as half day sessions or full day sessions.

For any additional details you may require in the interim, kindly contact the undersigned.

South Africa | Johannesburg Office
Wonder Jonamu, Consulting Director
Email: wonder@peoplecapabilities.com


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education

Choosing an online education has turned into a increasingly popular strategy in recent times. Regardless of whether you’re seeking a high school diploma or even a graduate degree or some specialized certification to augment your current knowledge, it is extremely easy to acquire these without the need to set time aside from your schedule to go to a normal educational institution.

There are several advantages most typically associated with online education. A handful of are presented below:

In contrast to conventional learning, distance learning can provide you better flexibility, simply because you aren’t required to squander time- and money- travelling to the campus and you’re able to select a course that genuinely matches your passions or professional requirements, given that you are not limited to the classes which can be found in your community.

An additional advantage to distance learning would be the fact that you can carry on with work, given that you do not have to stress about fitting your training sessions around your job agenda.


Online courses frequently are less expensive than their conventional alternatives, which enables you to spend less on tuition, in the event you carry on with your degree via an online university.

Online study can also be a superb option for those students with physical handicaps, which often can prevent them from traveling to a conventional campus. In a similar fashion, for anyone who is shy, or possibly even language-challenged, taking part in an online course could possibly be the ideal substitute for a live class.

There are numerous significant benefits to online education, which includes the capacity to establish your own study time. You may well be seeking a promotion or career change that will require further training or perhaps you could simply be in a position to study something totally new. But with modern day hectic lifestyle, you’ll find that there’s little time to dedicate to regularly scheduled class time. This is where online education can certainly be a perfect asset for a motivated person.

Even though there a wide range of benefits associated with an online education, you will also discover several disadvantages. The fact that you are working by yourself is usually one of the leading drawbacks of choosing online educational courses.

A further key disadvantage is definitely the absence of communication and interaction. You are not in a classroom and do not have the option to listen to questions and discussion coming from other students. It’s not always a concern, depending on the subject matter of the online education course you are taking, however it may very well be a key factor in determining whether or not an online education is the ideal option when searching for opportunities for learning new skills or gaining new training.

Nonetheless above all the shortcomings, online education is attaining more esteem than conventional education.

Source: articlesbase.com