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Potchefstroom Academy Holiday School

Come visit our beautiful campus from 11-13 January 2011 for a holiday school and get a taste of student life and exciting careers. It promises to be an enriching learning experience and will help you  to make an informed decision about your future studies.

Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST enjoy international recognition and comply with National Education Legislation. Ms Tina Schöltz, the Managing Director, established the institution in 1981 which has since grown into one of the largest private tertiary institutions of its kind in this country. The academy is situated in Potchefstroom, a vibrant student city.

We are known for training excellence in:

Beauty Therapy
Spa Therapy and Management
Therapeutic Reflexology
Therapeutic Aromatherapy
Therapeutic  Massage
Interior Design & Decorating

Student Life

Potchefstroom is synonymous with student life, as the North-West University (PUK campus) and a variety of colleges are also situated here.  Potchefstroom Academy’s Student Representative Council and House committees make sure that organised activities are part of a vibrant student life, creating precious memories. Highlight events include the annual formal and informal dinner-dances, crowning of Miss Academy, get-together-program, graduation ceremony and the First-year concert but there are much more! There is more than enough opportunity for sport and social interactions with students from other institutions.

Date: 11-13 January 2011
Contact: Marie Phillips at 082 889 9754

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Entice Beauty Academy

ENTICE BEAUTY ACADEMY – a proud member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) – is a Private School offering a range of Professional Beauty Courses.

They pride themselves in their ability to maintain a level of excellence whilst continually assisting their students. There are courses to suit everyone, starting from the basic Bronze courses to the elite Platinum courses! Teenage workshops are also available.
Entice Beauty Academy operates as a booking agent for all of its qualified students and provides valuable information regarding business plans, career opportunities, direct marketing and so forth.

A Personal Portfolio is incorporated in the advanced courses, consisting of professional photographs of the students own work to present to future clients. To further assist in getting you started, you will receive two R100 vouchers when you enrol for the Platinum Course to present to your first two clients, as well as Exclusive Kits, thus enabling you to start working the day you qualify!

As with any business, word of mouth is always the best form of advertising, therefore all students are provided with unlimited, personalised referral vouchers to offer to any person interested in enrolling at Entice Beauty Academy. As a reward for their efforts in referring new students and thus assisting the company, a percentage of the chosen course fee will be paid out. This is the company’s way of continually helping its students!

Entice Beauty Academy is currently having a promotion on all courses, plus a huge discount (50%) off the Gold Course for Women’s month.