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Culinary School Continuing Education

Continuing education in cooking is growing to be progressively more widespread amongst culinary professionals and is also an essential component of any successful culinary career. It is not necessarily as simple as graduating from culinary school and being knowledgeable of all there is to know pertaining to cooking. The majority of the top chefs we have seen on the television have all carried on with their education in some manner to be able to stay on top of their game within an increasingly competitive industry. Similar to most things in life, cooking is a learning curve and new techniques and styles of cooking happen to be surfacing constantly and is particularly vital for any culinary professional to keep current with these shifts.

Ongoing education is the perfect approach to keep your cooking style relevant and permits you to master exotic styles and techniques of cooking; you may even pick up some new tips for your own restaurant! Countless top chefs are going back to the school so they can improve their existing skills and provide them an advantage over their competitors. Individuals who go onto take continuing education culinary courses end up finding the skills and knowledge gained priceless.

Continuing education culinary courses are available in a number of forms. A few make use of culinary workshops to teach students, while others employ traditional classroom technique of teaching or one-to-one sessions and a few courses are held abroad whereas others may be taken at a college or university and will lead to a reputable degree or certificate qualification.


The advantages of embarking on a continuing education program are wide ranging. Virtually all employers will quickly realize the additional certification as a real advantage and this route generally is a great way of advancing your position should you be currently active in the culinary field. This demonstrates ambition along with the motivation to improve yourself. For those who have completed a continuing education course then you are more likely to find a highly paid job with additional responsibility.

In the event you currently have a culinary associate’s degree then the variety of cooking-related education programs to choose from include things like hospitality, business or restaurant management, food research, food styling, food sales and marketing and dietetics/nutrition. It’s also possible to customize your continuing education to match your unique requirements.

The vast majority of continuing education courses on offer are flexible because they are designed for adults in order to suit their existing jobs. Today, it is possible to take a course by enrolling in evening classes or perhaps by completing the qualification online. Additionally there is a selection of scholarships to choose from for anyone who is apprehensive that funding the course might be a problem. Funding may very well be awarded on merit whilst others are dependant upon the financial need of the person.


Registering in a culinary school continuing education course is an excellent strategy for learning about various kinds of cooking from all around the globe. A number of courses even offer chefs the chance to travel and in many cases learn abroad, thus truly getting a taste for how the rest of the world cooks. Traversing to a foreign country is easily the most effective way to discover and learn about foreign cooking styles and techniques directly.

Carrying on with your education is the ideal way to get ahead of the competition inside of a highly competitive industry for instance cookery. Advancing your education does not only boost your desirability as a chef and an employee, it will also improve your expertise in your craft, making it possible to be the greatest chef you possibly can.


Cooking Classes for Domestics

For 7 years Janis has been training domestics and nannies from basic to advanced cooking skills in a home environment to make everyone feel comfortable and encourage confidence. Janis produces efficient cooks to change your lifestyle!  the recipes are healthy family friendly meals for everyone to enjoy – and no more thinking about what to make for dinner because it will be made before you get home from work.

• The course is hands on and teaches basic cooking skills with a broad selection of recipes to ensure that the learner’s skills cover a variety of food preparation styles.
• includes hygiene in the kitchen and table settings – NEW NUTRITION AND FOOD TRIANGLE!
• All new recipes: Spanish meatballs, chicken stir-fry, roast lamb, fast roast fish, chicken korma, chicken with rice lemon and garlic, biscotti, crème caramel, Kahlua Malva pudding, lentil and couscous soup, chunky bean soup, and lots more delicious, nutritious, healthy family friendly recipes
• from R1100 inclusive of ingredients, recipe folder, and certificate (for 4 weeks)
guaranteed to teach or you can send them back for free!
• Lessons are in Mouille Point from 9.10am – 12.30pm

Next domestic basic courses on the 9 November.  2011 dates available on line.

For kids school holidays and extra mural times, private lessons and catering please see www.nicetouch.co.za for more information.

Recommended by www.supernannies.co.za

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Project Maritime Training


Project Maritime Training has been established in May 2002 in order to provide a cost-effective maritime training facility on the West Coast of South Africa.


Project Maritime Training founded Project Maritime Youth that educates the youth of the fishing communities in the West Coast.

The units are based in Cape Town and Saldanha. In addition with the local Department of Labour novices identified by the Department are placed on pre sea training courses as part of the company’s social responsibility programme.

For every ten novices sent on training one Previously Disadvantaged Individual (PDI) is incorporated.


Wickedfood Cooking School Corporate Team Building Sessions

Wickedfood Cooking School Corporate Team Building Sessions

Wickedfood Cooking School has identified the 10 participating soccer teams with the most interesting cuisine and drawn up a representative 6-dish menu for each national team.

The class is divided into two groups, each representing one of these national teams, and cooks the relevant menu. We supply the ingredients and recipes for each team. Apart from the fun aspect, this is also a novel way of entertaining clients, a great form of team-building, or ideal opportunity of assessing various staff members’ abilities to work together and solve common problems.

Once all the dishes are cooked, our judging panel, will choose the winning team and then the participants sit down and enjoy the 2 respective meals they have prepared.


Sense of Taste–Cooking Courses

A full main course will be prepared each evening by each person. The four lessons will be R1800 per person which includes all your ingredients,a sumptuous feast each evening, drinks on the evening, a memento apron, the best possible cooking knowledge you could ever dream of and naturally loads of fun!!!

We offer sumptuous cooking courses every Tuesday night for 4 weeks.

We also offer catering services for Events and Functions

* Weddings and Birthday Celebrations
* Picnics
* Year End Functions
* Corporate Catering in offices or for conferences
* Canape & Cocktail Parties
* Sport Suite and Hospitality Catering
* Film and Stills Shoot Catering

Our commitment to service excellence and outstanding quality, ensures that your event will surpass all expectations!