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True signs of a confident person

Self Confidence

Confidence can take many forms from arrogance to self-assurance. Some people try hide or mask their insecurities with false confidence, while others show true confidence and this has an entire different look and feel.

There is no doubt that people with high levels of confidence always have the upper hand over those people who question or are doubtful about their own self confidence. Confident people tend to inspire other around them and make things happen.

Your mental state has a direct effect on your ability to succeed. Confidence brings action and hopefully success resulting in higher wages and better chances of promotion.

Here are a few habits of confident people that sets them apart from others:

Happiness comes from within – Happiness is a critical element of confidence, because in order to be confident in what you do, you have to be happy with who you are. Confident people derive their pleasure and satisfaction via heir own accomplishments.

Confident people envy pass judgement  – Confident people believe that everyone has something to offer and don’t pass judgement. They don’t need to take other people down a notch in order to feel good about themselves

Only say Yes if you truly want to – Studies have shown that the more difficulty one has saying no, the more likely they will experience stress, burnout, and even depression. Confident people know that saying no is healthy and they have the self-esteem to make their no’s clear.

Confident people speak with certainty –  Confident people speak assertively because they know that it’s difficult to get people to listen to you if you can’t deliver your ideas with conviction.

They seek out small victories and accomplishments – Confident people like to challenge themselves no matter how big or small the victories and outcomes. When you have a series of small victories, the boost in your confidence can last for months.

Stay healthy and exercise regularly – People who exercise regularly tend to be more competent socially, academically, and athletically. When you feel good about your body an health your self-esteem will be higher.

Never seek attention – No one likes a person who continuously seeks attention. Confident people know that being yourself is much more effective than trying to prove that you’re important.

Nothing wrong admitting when you are wrong – Confident people aren’t afraid of making mistakes or being proven wrong. They like putting their opinion out there to see if it holds up, because they learn a lot from the times they are wrong and other people learn from them when they’re right.

Identify opportunities and take them – Confident people are able to see opportunities and take them instead of focusing on the negative or what could go wrong. No such thing as failure, rather failure is part of the path of learning.

Never afraid to ask for help – Asking for help and assistance is not a sign of weakness or lack of intelligence. Confident people know their own personal strengths and weaknesses and they look to others to fill the gaps. Asking for help is also a way of learning and improving one’s skills.


Logic behind why a University Education is highly recommended

The modern world in which we live is continually changing. People are demanding much more from our citizens than previously and in order to live up to the demands of the world we end up needing a sound education upon which to base our skills and knowledge.

There are numerous options available to obtain an education nowadays, which happens to be fantastic news for people who have not yet been able to obtain a four-year college degree. In all honesty, that degree will be the main difference in literally hundreds of thousands of rands over the course of a lifetime than not having a degree.




Four Reasons For A Four-Year Education


The very first explanation why you should think about a university degree would be the fact it is going to significantly boost your earning potential. If nothing else is of interest to you, this is usually the one reason why the majority of people return to college following numerous years in the work place.

If you happen to be in high school and have not really had to take care of the bills and burdens that the majority of adults face it is difficult to describe just how crucial any edge with regards to earning ability genuinely is.

In spite of this, you ought to know that you must select your major sensibly in the event that money is your sole motivation. You cannot assume all professions pay equally when when compared with the education necessary to enter them.


This will likely appear to be an unusual term to use when speaking about why you should obtain a university education but this is in all likelihood the most beneficial insurance you will discover when it comes to employability.

Possessing a university degree will provide you with a competitive edge over individuals that do not. More often than not you will notice that education is starting to trump experience as employers are searching for employees with more rounded skills as opposed to individuals with very specific skills.

The present day university generally demands a brief exposure to a myriad of information and coursework that is not necessarily associated with your major. This offers graduates with a broader understanding of the world.


Contrary to popular belief, individuals with degrees tend to be more employable as opposed to those that do not have them. There was a time when the tendency was to employ individuals that had experience over those who had education.

That trend is quickly evaporating as businesses would prefer employees that are able to fill multiple roles more and more often. The limited exposure to specific ideas or ideals and principles that the majority of people receive as part of their university education enables you to be a far more employable candidate simply because you ought to be able to adapt and adjust, given that was required during your educational process.


You’ll find nothing that is comparable to believing in yourself. Obtaining a four-year education is a sure way to build confidence not merely on a personal level but additionally on a professional level. Irrespective of whether you realize it, this might be the ideal reason behind pursuing a university degree.

This reason, as a matter of fact, will in reality have an impact on the rest of the points mentioned previously. For those who have significantly more confidence in their ability will undoubtedly be far more prepared to go out there and get the job done. Consequently, you will earn more money and you will insure that you are an asset to your company by proving yourself to be just that.

Whatever the case, your own personal rationale for pursuing a university degree; you will find a small number of wrong reasons to get your degree.