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Build a compost heap

Compost is the secret ingredient to a thriving and healthy garden. Here are some basic steps to get you started on building a successful compost heap:

1. Firstly, you need to find a shady and sheltered position in your garden to create your compost heap.
2. Purchase or build a secure container to hold your compost in position and to protect it from rodents and other pests. Take a look at some articles in Shared Earth Magazine for more tips on building your compost bin.
3. Using bare soil aerated by a covering of branches or straw creates a good base for the compost heap.
4. You can then build on the base by piling vegetable matter, garden rubbish and weeds into a heap so that it can rot and turn into compost. Well rotted horse or cow manure is a fantastic addition to any compost heap as manure speeds up the composting process and is vital to producing rich humus for your garden.

Source: the Enviropaedia


Get a worm farm

Worm farms are a fun and effective way of turning your kitchen waste into wonderfully rich compost. You can buy a ready made worm farm or build a simple one of your own. Red wriggler worms are the recommended type to use as they are able to eat up to half their body weight per day and will rapidly munch their way through most of your organic kitchen waste.

Red wrigglers create two products for your garden. Vermicompost  is a rich 100% organic compost filled with wonderful micro-nutrients. Worm tea  is a fantastic liquid compost that can be used when watering or as a pest-repelling spray.

Source: enviropaedia.com