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Tips for Job Fairs and Interviews

Are you ready for  job fairs and interviews? You think a few resumes in your backpack, a pair of khakis in your closet and a general idea of what you want to do with your life is good enough. I have news for you. Here are a few tips to prepare yourself for any job fair.

Company research

Research the companies that will be at the fair. Look at their websites, read their press releases and search local newspapers for stories. Take not if company is growing or offering new products. Find out where the company is heading and how you could fit in and contribute to the company.

How do you look

Don’t show up with wrinkled, ragged or overly casual outfit. This sends out the wrong message that you are too lazy to look professional. Don’t wear clothing that shows too much skin. What may be appealing at club or bar will most likely be inappropriate when looking for a professional position. Like it not, you will be judged on your appearance.

The right introduction

When you send a resume to a company you usually include a cover letter. At a job fair, your cover letter can serve as an introductory greeting. Make sure letter is brief, but include the vital information about your qualification and skills.

Your resume

One of the most important things you can do is to create a resume that shows off your qualifications and work experience clearly and concisely. Make sure you get some one, like a career counselor or professional in the field, to proofread your resume before you hand it over to a potential employer. Take at least 20 copies printed on quality paper. Take a briefcase or leather attaché case. You will look more professional.

Who will be there?

Step one is to contact the career fair organizers and find out which companies will be there or do your own research. Many career fairs have website and list the participating companies. Once you have the list highlight the ones that interest you.

Presentation skills

Remember first impressions counts so polish up on your presentations skills for both job fairs and interviews. Do the same preparations as you would for a job interview and learn about the companies who will be at the job fair.

Show appreciation

Collect business cards at the fair and write a thank-you note to the representatives you met at the event. If you have the information, target their supervisors as well. Thank them for the time to speak with you or for making their representative available for the event. Don’t forget to add a sentence or two reiterating your strengths and interest in the job.

Follow up call

If you have not been told “no” or heard from a recruiter after the fair, follow up and check in with the company. Sometimes a company can take longer than expected to fill a position, so don’t be afraid and keep up with the hiring process. Some recruiters may put their job fair duties on hold after returning to work and dealing with day-to-day responsibilities. Making a call or send an email may remind them of their job fair follow up.

Good luck!!!