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Tips on Making a Successful Career Change

Are you looking to transform your life? Are you looking to make changes to your daily job? Are you looking for a more rewarding career, one that suites your personality, skills, interests, life values? If you answer is yes, then be prepared to face a lot of self-reflection and planning.

When thinking about a career change you need to think seriously about the possibilities and outcomes before you decide take that leap into new career. Here are some tips to thinks about when thinking about making a career change.

Research: Examine all career possibilities before leaping into a new career. Talk to family members, friends, colleagues. Read about different career and job profiles. Consult with a career management professional, coach or mentor. The more information you have, the more successful you will be.

Examine your qualification: Ask yourself if you have the necessary education, experience, and know-how to enter into a desired career or industry. If not, you might have to consider changing your long-term goals while you go back to school / college or re-skill yourself.

Explore the Industry: Get a feel for the field and / or industry that you are interested in. Look for and read industry journals, search the internet for articles, attend conferences, and talk to people in that profession. Ask yourself if there is growth potential in your target industry.

Make a plan: The smartest thing to do is to carefully map out an effective strategy. Take into account finances, research, education, and training. Note that to make a successful career change might take several months or longer to accomplish and succeed.

Think outside the box:
Forget job titles. List what you don’t want to do. List what you think you should want to do. List what you would do if anything were possible. List what you would do if you gave yourself permission to say that you want it. Reinvent yourself.

Justify your reasons: Being unhappy at your current job is not  good reason to make a career change.  Be honest with yourself and scrutinize whether it is your actual career you are unhappy with or whether it is your employer or work environment that is the problem.

Timing: The best time to think about a career change is when you are safely nestled in your current job and position. A steady paycheck always relieves a lot of pressure. Perhaps you can start by volunteering, freelance or consulting and test the waters before you dive in.

Decide what is important for you. Ask those difficult questions. What is it you are truly seeking to do with the rest of your life? Make a list of your likes and dislikes. Appraise your skills, values, and personal interests. Are you trying to seek a new balance between your personal and professional life? Consider consulting with a career coach and / or taking a career assessment test.

Pay your dues: When changing careers don’t expect to start at the same level of seniority as your current job. Give yourself time to move up the ranks. Remember, if you find a career that you absolutely love, it will all be worth it.