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How to improve your chances of career success

Career success

With the right kind of education and training, every person can succeed in their professional career. Whether you are a go-getter and want to advance or you are the kind of person who wants to sit back and go with the flow. It is up to the individual to choose which path to follow.

Don’t wait for someone to assist you with your choice. You character and career success start with you. Success in your professional life and career will come from self determination and self will power in order to achieve your goals. Make concrete resolutions and make a commitment to identify your weaknesses and bad habits and over time remove them from your life.

Here are a few tips and bits of advice to help you succeed in your professional and personal life and make sure you have a productive, lucrative, and most of all fulfilling career.

  • Always strive to improve yourself no matter what stage of life or what your current position is. Learn all you can, formerly or informally. Miracles simply do not happen in business.
  • Make sure to choose a career that is enjoyable. Remember, the majority of your day is at work. Think of your career as part of your life and not as a job you have to wake up and go to every day. If you love what you do, then money and success will follow. Happiness breeds focus, creativity and ambition.
  • Try to focus on solutions and not the problems. At a given time you might not see a solution for a specific problem, but this does not mean that there is no solution. Overcome that little voice inside you that says there are no solutions. Individuals with strong self-confidence will always believe that any hurdle can be overcome.
  • Never give up and persevere even if others around you fall away. Think of any obstacle you confront as a temporary situation. Small setbacks are not career ending tragedies.
  • Focus on the end goal, maintain and focus on your priorities and remove all distractions from your life. List your commitments and priorities and focus on those with the best return.
  • Undertake a self-analysis and define what type of job you want, the type of people you would like to in your life, the lifestyle you want, and money you would like to earn.
  • The amount of time and effort you put into to relationships, is what you will receive in return. All relationships take two for it to succeed. We all have bad traits. Rather focus on the positive and win the trust of others.
  • In order to succeed you will need to put in the time, effort, sweat and make some sacrifices. The bigger that challenge and effort requires us to use more of our faculties and, in turn, will provide a bigger payout.
  • The type of person around you will have a huge influence on your success. Stick with can-do positive people to promote your career success and allow your creativity to come alive. Positive thinking people have ambition and a good attitude. Let this rub off on you.
  • No success will be achieved alone. Try to view the world from the other person’s perspective. Appreciation, kindliness and friendliness will help you succeed.

In the end of the day, your success depends on your attitude and will to succeed.


Are You Satisfied with Your Career Choice?

Career choices and goals

You finally got your dream job. Then, like almost everyone else, you start to realise the job wasn’t everything you’d hoped for. Maybe the culture wasn’t what you expected. Maybe your boss is hard to get along with. Maybe you’ve just lost sight of the reason you took the job in the first place.

Just like in any major life decision, you eventually start second guessing your career choice. So, how can you find the passion you once had?

Revisit Your Original Goals – Look back at why you started this career and remember the joy it brought you and what influenced you to start the particular career your in. Remember what made you first want to join the company. Was it to help people? Or was it because it was an innovative and challenging company that you believed would challenge what you know and help you grow?

Speak to your Supervisors – Talk to your mentors or supervisors and see how they can help make your work more challenging if it is to easy or ask for help if it is to hard. Maybe start a project that you have been thinking about to help motivate you.

Take A Long, Hard Look – Look at what is making you unhappy and do something about it. The company you joined could have the completely wrong culture for you and there is somewhere else that would fit you a lot better and bring back the satisfaction you have lost.


Daily habits to achieve your career goals and make you rich

Successful daily habits

True success is created by habitual pattern and action. There’s a chance you’re determined to become successful, then again, it truly is quite challenging to be able to achieve anything for those who don’t  take action. When your day-to-day regimen is dominated by constructive habits geared towards getting you closer to achieving your dreams, you will without a doubt end up working at what you’re really passionate about and generating precisely what you dreamed of earning and more. Here are some habits that will unquestionably help you achieve success.

Stay Fit, Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly – In order to be successful you need to be disciplined and this means eating a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis to fuel your brain and body.

Always have an early start to the day – Start the day early, eat a healthy breakfast, and try include some exercise. The first few hours of the day is when the brain is most active .

Mix and surround yourself with positive people – At all costs, avoid being around negative people who will bring you down. Rather surround yourself with positive people who have positive attitudes who will inspire and help you achieve your dreams.

Share your dreams and goals – Don’t be afraid to share your dream and goals with others. Sharing you thoughts, dreams, goals with others will create conversation and exchange of ideas and result in your dreams being reached.

Always finish what you have started – Avoid landing in the situation where you always start something but never follow the task through to the end. Completing what you start will always end with a sense and feeling of accomplishment.

Make time and enjoy your family – This is one habit that successful always seem to forgo because they are too busy trying to make money. Once you have achieved your success, you will look back and realize that you have missed out on your relationship with your partner and have no connection with your children. Make family a habit rather than a duty.

Start a daily grateful diary  – By writhing on a daily basis about things your are grateful for in life will lead to a sense of gain and achievement, and this will, in turn, create a sense of optimism to help you achieve your life goals.

Remember to take a break  and chill – You need to train yourself that it is okay to take a break and recharge your batteries. If you don’t, your body will eventually give in and give rise to physical illness. A well deserved break will refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body.

Be prepared to make sacrifice in life – In order to achieve success, you have to accept the fact that you will need to make sacrifices in order to achieve you career goals.

Read as much as you can – Reading daily with fill your mind with new and additional information and knowledge. Education and knowledge will increase your chances of success and enable you to reach your goals and dreams a whole lot quicker.


How to accelerate your progress up the corporate ladder

Climb the corporate ladder


There is no blueprint to climb up the corporate ladder, however if you want to accelerate your progress up the corporate ladder and achieve your career goals and objectives, here are few tips and advise to hasten the journey.


Network – Make use of any and all your connections, family and friends to get the best possible job in the corporate world. The more people you know and the more people that like you, the better it will be for you.


Make a plan – Take the time to think about where you will in 5 years and create a plan and road map to achieve your goals. In order to succeed you need to have a long term career plan with clear goals and objectives. This plan must include the steps required to achieve your career goals.


Get an education – Be sure to get the best possible education you early in your career. there is no replacement for a good education.


Keep a record of your success stories  – Keep detailed records of all you achievements, in particular those that align with the company’s mission and objectives. Make sure your boss and others in influential positions become aware of your successes. This will show that you are a good leader and devoted o the company’s success beyond your own tasks and responsibilities.


Be a team player – Management always look at how employees work within their own teams and departments, as well how they  interact with other departments within the company. Individuals who can work within a team and have the ability to influence others is increasingly becoming a critical skill to advance up the corporate ladder.


Do whatever it takes to get the job done – Both your work attitude and aptitude are critical. Work hard and show off your can do attitude in order to be recognized and appreciated by the boss.


Continue with your education – Never stop learning and upgrading your current skills and knowledge to grow your status and credibility in your field of choice. Read, study, follow industry leaders via social media, and attend and network at industry conferences.


Work hard, work long, work smart – Nothing can paint a better picture than hard work. Be prepared to do more than your fellow employees, work harder and longer hours. Take on high visibility projects and treat everything with urgency. Work hard, work smart and get to be known as the go to person and the person who will get things done. Arrive first and be the last to leave.


Look further than your job description – Don’t limit yourself to your job description and contract terms. Perform your contractual and job responsibilities, and look further than your obvious and expected achievements.


Be a leader and take the initiative – Most individuals in companies are executors and follow instructions. It is those individuals who take the initiative and undertake tasks that are not asked of them who climb the corporate ladder a whole lot faster.


Understand your company’s mission and goals including your boss – Align your efforts with the goals and objectives of the company, make sure you understand your boss’s priorities and values. Once you understand your boss’s personal goals, do everything you can to assist to achieve these goals.


Understand and be aware of the broader company goals and objectives – Make sure you know which projects are being funded and exactly who is responsible and in charge of these projects. Align yourself with the more important projects and people to gain more attention. this will give you the opportunity to show off your expertise and create a good impression amongst the company’s most influential people.


Career management – choosing between a university or technical school

A predicament facing numerous high schools graduates when considering to continue their education is the choice between University versus a technical school. There are a number of issues to consider including cost, the amount of time required, one’s life situation, and career goals.

Before making any choices it is important for students to research and understand the differences between technical schools and the pros and cons of each with regard to their future careers. Career management and a thorough understanding of the two is essential for any high school graduate and will be beneficial any students career planning.

When confronted by this dilemma of making a choice to attend a university or technical school depends, in most cases,  on a few factors:

  • Time one has to dedicate to schooling
  • Current financial situation
  • An individual’s personal life circumstances
  • Your personal career goals and objectives



The major difference between opting for a university or technical school is that a bachelors degree at a university will require at least 4 years. Whereas a technical degree may be accomplished in only 2 years. The other major factor and difference between the two is that, in many cases, even though a bachelors degree is not intended to prepare a student for the job market, in general, there is a better chance of gaining employment and higher salary.

There are several excellent underlying factors – as an example, medical bills or family commitments – which makes investing a lesser amount of time and entering into the workforce at the earliest opportunity is just common sense. A technical degree can offer training in a variety of career fields which provide fantastic opportunities for employment.



Without a doubt the money necessary for a university education is yet another contributing factor which often may make a technical degree appear more desirable in comparison. More often than not technical school tuition is more affordable – and in many cases, a lot less costly – when compared to the cost of university tuition. Coupled with the time factor – two years of attendance as opposed to four – and the desirability could possibly grow substantially more.

Having said that, for an individual who seeks to acquire a university degree however simply can’t afford it, obtaining a technical degree in two years and having the capacity to work could possibly make it possible for individual to attend a part-time university or even the option to save a sufficient amount of money to cover the costs and attend a  university full-time, and possibly only work during the summer vacations.


Personal life circumstances

Regardless of whether a stay-at-home mom is considering entering the work force the very first time, a retired individual is thinking about a second career, an individual has come to be unemployed and requires a quick fix to enter back into the workforce, or perhaps an individual skilled in one area simply desires to broaden his or her horizons to open additional career opportunities, technical schools could be a better alternative.


Career Goals and objectives

But most of the reasons to choose between a university education and a technical school education are generally based on an individuals personal career goals and objectives.  The individual who wishes for a professional degree, for instance a law degree or an M.D., to become a teacher or administrator in a school, to attain a management position in any field, whose ambition is a theoretical understanding of the sciences, or perhaps who is enthusiastic about the majority of areas in the humanities, is far more likely to attend and required to obtain a university degree instead of a technical school degree to be able to pursue his or her career goals and objectives.

On the flip side, the professions that necessitate a technical degree may perhaps be best pursued as a result of attending a technical school. The individual who desires to be a chef, an auto mechanic, or a hair dresser most likely are not going to achieve this if they attend a university.